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Monday, March 19, 2018

BJP vows to regain by 65+ formula in 2019; indicates to oppositions to look forward results like BSP.

By on Monday, March 19, 2018

Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
The BJP has shown the symmetrical image to the excited opposition by the results of the by-polls. The state president of party, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey has said, “The results of by-poll held at Gorakhpur and Phoolpur is unexpected for us; we are ready to work on new strategy after a deep review and pondering.”
The apathy in overconfidence for the win among the party workers and lower turnout in polls are the cause of such unexpected results; consequently our voters did not franchise their votes.
Dr Pandey added, “The opposition got the relaxation of two heaves.” Akhilesh Ji save yours duo! Because it will convert into a heave of sigh during 2019 general election.” it’s true that SP was in fray and the BSP to send its candidate in Rajyasabha had supported SP; but why are the congressmen bouncing while their candidates' surety have been confiscated it looks beyond the comprehension.
The BJP will field its candidates in fray 65+ formula at booth level. Dr Pandey said that the sister, Mayawati, after being discarded constantly by the public has supported to save the cracks on the ground forgetting the guest house incident.
BJP has already presumed that the BSP and the SP is ally of each other. The political stresses of paternal aunt-nephew have exposed the correlation. Once again bargaining of distressed Dalits by SP's goons has been eventually done by the Sister with the SP.
This incompatible alliance is opportunistic merely. The lower turnout that has resulted in the favour of Bua- Babua may extend them a moment of pleasure. The results as it was against the BSP in the parliamentary election 2o14 shall be the far-reaching results cipher even in the favour of SP and Congress.
Dr Pandey has said that the continuous public welfare works by Modi and Yogi Governments shall create atmosphere in the favour BJP in 2019. The SP and the BSP stifling atmosphere over Uttar Pradesh have been ended by the works done like the farmers’ loan waiving, the chance of new employments, the full stop over the corruption and the control over the crimes.
Now Saifai’s prince, the son of Congress and the daughter of wealth including all the opposition are in trap of infatuation and in great pleasure. Leaders of more than 20 parties have declared assuming themselves the self-made-national leaders after the results of two parliamentary elections. The BJP shall be in fray with the 65+ formula at booth level and more than 65% votes shall be in the favour of the BJP at every booth. This strategy of BJP shall open the knot of all alliance.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh visits his parliamentary constituency in Holi Milan Samaroh

By on Sunday, March 18, 2018

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Lucknow at Rajajipuram: photo by Kshitiz Kant
Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Union Home Minister and MP from Lucknow, Rajnath Singh was the chief guest at a Holimilan Samaroh organized at St Joseph Inter College Raja Ji Puram Lucknow on Saturday afternoon this week.
On this occasion he addressed a crowd to participate in this Holimilan Samaroh. he said, “ It's first time to me such programme which Saraswat Ji has performed -- I saw; but the talent which he has cannot be imagined by me. It's sure that he has got bless of god. I am to congrat Saraswat Ji first for his talent richness before going to greet you.”
 He added, “It's the programme of Holi Milan, however I think on every occasion to ensure my presence in Lucknow during every Holi; but Holi Milans have been organising for the past 18 years at my Delhi residence.”

 He said, “At my Delhi residence, many people from adjoining areas Haryana, NCR, and other part of Delhi reach there to celebrate Holi.”
 He said, "Some closeone said me that many people would reach at my Delhi residence and would go back from the door without meeting with me was not correct so It was too hard for me to evade from the Holi Milan crowd at my residence on that day, although I had decided to reach here on the organised Holi Milan and It is in our 4th Assembly Constituency where I am present. I congrats to the people on the pious occasion of Chaitra Navratri."
He added that the BJP government was formed in centre because of  support and confidence in the year 2014. What did and what didn't the government do? The discussion by opposition can be done merely on this issue, but I claims that none of our ministers has been caught or contemplated in corruption cases during our 4 years tenure. None can suspect on our PM's intention.
Whether anyone may be how much learned educationist or be a knowledgeable man of international issues he cannot be able to even deny that the India's image has emerged at international level.
It’s first time post independence that not only Indian but also at the international level economist have begun to say that the Indian economy is growing rapidly.
All these achievements are not less; our GDP is too growing rapidly than other countries of the world. Even the experts say that our gross domestic production development rate shall reach into two digits, or it may be 10, within next few years.
Whatever the exception are spreaded that should not adversely affect over the morale of our party workers.
 He said, " So far as it is the question of border security or the security of country... brothers and sisters, India has not been any tendency of dominating and never tried to invade over, or capture to, any countries of the world... but if any one tries to trespass into and weak to our territories or borders of our country to capture, I assure with confidence... that we will protect to our mother land from inside and going even outside to the borders as per need. "
 He added, "Some banks fraud cases surfaced recently. Nirav Modi, Choksi, and Malya who have escaped to abroad... opposition began to say that the BJP government helped them to escape from the country... I want to ask... who was behind them to lend these fund? The discussion of NPA whatever is going on today... is the discussion of due to the recommended loans. This is the first government which has introduced an Fugitive Economic Offender Bill in parliament... meant who fled from the country after having economic offence... their movable and immovable assets and wealth shall be seized by the government."

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Police are now able to maintain confidence among public: BJP

By on Saturday, March 17, 2018
Imagery photo on current statement by Shubhra Singh.

In a statement, Dr Chandra Mohan, BJP’s spokesperson, has told the media that in the leadership of Yogi Adityanath, the BJP government is constantly tracking the remedy to make strong the police system in the state. The entrance gate and the every corners of the police station shall be in the access of CCTV footage, which will support to monitor the behaviour between the police force and the aggrieved person.
     Dr Chandra Mohan has said that, working under guidelines, even the office of DG police has taken an appreciable step for policemen health check up. The kin of police personnel shall get charge free benefits of these health camps.
     The policemen would be able to work with earnestly and he assured that this step would emerge as a reform in the system of the law and order. Many reforms have been implemented in the police force after the BJP government came in power.
     He added that the police have been made friendly accountable with the citizens; while the police have been freed for sternly urging on criminals. The consequence is that the police are now able to maintain a confidence among the public and the criminals are in fear. To make police system more sensible and empowered, the government has directed to deploy women police personnel in police response vehicles of UP 100, which will help the victim women on the spot.
     He said that the CM, Yogi Adityanath, is self monitoring the law and order of state together with solving the problem of police personnel. The police personnel are not only working with the high morale, but also coping with the dedication to control the crime; this is the reason why the law and order is swiftly being maintained in the state.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Akhilesh Yadav: the win is unique in social justice

By on Thursday, March 15, 2018
When SP spokesperson, Rajendra Chaudhary, was asked about Naresh Agarwal joining in BJP, he reacted by coming in front of  Akhilesh's poster:  photograph  by The Bunt Line a day before by poll result declared.
Whether the SP's win is the cause of public denial to the BJP or is the surge of SP and BSP Alliance. The votes in the favour of SP have resulted into the candidates' winning  in the fray by SP in Gorakhpur and Phoolpur parliamentary by-poll.
The crowd of public meetings held by Akhilesh was seemed to be diversion of faith from the saffron. The personality of Akhilesh Yadav is adjustable among the youths. Many Dharnas and demonstrations during SP government were staged in Lucknow and the hearing and talks between ministers and the public got the time of meeting. The funds in the tenure of SP were utilized in the state development.
Gram Panchyats got fund, but it was not spent during the one year tenure of Yogi. Maximum time of one year Yogi’s Government passed to investigate to reform the system which was in running earlier smoothly and the public contacts after coming in power had been in communication gap until six months; mere those who were close to the government were also waiting. The building construction materials rate suddenly had begun to soar and its rates still didn't decline.
The terms and conditions of fund utilization have been toughen, which caused it remained in accounts during one year of this government.
The illiterate and rural public began to feel something is not going right.
The 64% UP rural population have been analysing yet what is UP SUMMIT? The functionaries of government spent huge fund in this programme, but the effect of SUMMIT could not be assimilated among these rural people and nor the advertising of SUMMIT was able to disseminate the benefits in vernacular language.
 As the parties thinkers plan to allure the public; in the same way, the public always remain consistent to plan the system change according to them and it is true that the public become always the winner in this knotty wrestling.
Let’s see the reaction of political leaders
The BJP‘s UP state president, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, reacted on the result of parliamentary by poll in Gorakhpur and Phoolpur Allahabad, said that the result is unexpected. We will review the result. We accept the mandate. He added that the low turnout  in votes percentage was also the cause of adverse results.
 He said the BJP would first review the adverse result and then it would remove the flaws and would gather to work for the election-2019 and would toil  for 2019 and  adding together in better ways to all the groups of the society for new challenges  would work with the party workers' strategy.
The CM of UP, Yogi Adityanath, says, “the over confidence of party was the chief cause for this defeat and we will review it deeply.”
He added, “We were failed to understand effects of tie-up between the SP and the BSP which is incompatible alliance and is the part of bargain for the Rajya sabha election.” the SP is supporting the BSP candidate in the forthcoming Rajyasabha election to be held in the state.
The OBC-Dalit-Muslim votes in Gorakhpur played a big role to win this election. These votes were divisive earlier into small parties like Nishad and peace party.
Nishad party is domineering in the community of this area while the peace party is also popular among the Muslim.
Keshav Prasad Maurya said that the capacity of BSP to transfer its votes in support to the SP candidate is the consequence of SP win in the constituency.
This bypoll win shall unite to make an overall alliance among the secular parties at the national level before the parliamentary general election.
Sonia Gandhi tweeted, “congrats to the winning candidates in this by poll. The result shows that the much resentment against the BJP is among the voters and they shall franchise their votes to the non-BJP candidates who will be able to win. Congress is ready to rebuild UP… this is not possible in a night.”
Dr Sanjay Nishad, Nishad Party;Akhilesh Yadav, former CM; Mohd Ayub Peace Party; behind Praveen Kumar Nishad elected from parliamentary seat Gorakhpur; UP, Nagendra Pratap Singh Patel MP from Phoolpur UP Dr Lohiya Auditorium Lucknow
The SP president, Akhilesh Yadav, said the win is unique in social justice and said thanks to the BJP

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Faizabad Girl's murder suspected many others

By on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shibbu, the lone accused, has been sent for jail in the teenager murder case under Mawai police station in Faizabad last week. The mere accused in this murder is Shibbu, but the villagers are not ready to accept this murder was committed by Shibbu merely.
The spot where the teenager girl’s dead body found is showing the field crops in the dishevelled condition. This show what had happened on this spot before murdering her. Police is still searching to ascertain other accused involved in this case except one while many high profile men of the district have assured the deceased family for the justice.
 According to the villagers, Shibbu is from poor family and he has been the companion of other friendly boys oftenly.
They says, these boys of Shibbu’s team barged in a home of a teenager village girl four months ago and made her victim of gang-rape.
The villagers solved this crime by the compromise because the accused of this incident belong to the rich family and had her married(Nikah) in a poor family of village.
However this victim girl has to staying in her paternal home today.
Let the statement of this villagers accept, lest the killed teenager girl should have been targeted to make her victim by Shibbu’s wicked-team.
Gang-rape attempt in this case is a big discussion among the villagers. Shamsher Singh,SO, has assured the aggrieved family for the justice and investigation is continued.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Yogi,CM UP: Public have denied to these bargainers

By on Monday, March 12, 2018

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, franchised his vote for the by poll in Gorkhapur parliamentary constituency. The situation was peaceful during first hour of polling and he franchised his vote in (Nagar Chhetra) Urban Area Girls’s primary school booth No. 250 in Gorakhpur on Sunday morning.

He reacted with media and said, “The people of state have denied the alliance of these bargainers.”

The people are going to vote for BJP for its better administration and the development and consequently BJP  is to bag its grand slam victory in this election, he said.

He added that the power of BJP is the need of the hour for the better administration and development.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Teenage girl murdered: parent say this killing -- 'rape and murder'!

By on Saturday, March 10, 2018

A teenage girl's body recovered from a field in district Faizabad under Mawai police station on Friday this week. Savitri, age12, resident of village Ramsamuzh, near Manga village, had gone for collecting the leaves of garlic and after late, she didn’t return back. Sibbu, resident of Chandra Mau, told girl's kin on an anonymous mobile call to lift their daughter from Ramzan’s tubewel.
Saroj, her sister in law, and Gayatri went to the spot where they found that Savitri was half nude condition lying there; then Sibbu fled from the spot. The kin of girl tried to wake her, but no reaction was seen in the body. They call to inform on 100 number and the girl was rushed to home, but she had died.
An FIR has been registered against Sibbu. Police has taken the body in custody and sent it for postmortem to the district hospital. The SP Rural, and other officer reached to  spot and began to investigate this murder. Dr Anil Pathak, District Magistrate reached to spot on Friday noon.
The tension in the village has been reported and the PAC forces have been deployed in the wake of prevailing situation to maintain law and order. District magistrate and the local MLA both to the saddened family have assured to take stern action against the accused.
A murder case has been registered in this connection, but the deceased teenage girl’s kin expressed apprehension that  eveness of wheat crop on field showed the spot facts of rape and murder was committed there.

Friday, March 09, 2018

UP State congress celebrated Holi Milan Samaroh

By on Friday, March 09, 2018

The state congress party workers have organised Holi Milan Samaroh for the social harmony, fraternity and unity among the people at Nehru Bhawan Lucknow on Friday evening this week.
Mr Ram Krishn Dubedi, former minister of state, other party activists and many participants from Hindu and Muslim communities were present on this occasion. Irshad Ali, Chairman of congress committee labourers cell, was the convener of this traditional programme of state congress committee.
Guzhiya, as sweets and the crispy Namkin were distributed to all the participants and each of among the people hugged one another. Many elite person and advocates and office bearers of state congress committee were also present here.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

AIDWA organised programme on International Women's Day

By on Thursday, March 08, 2018

Suchit Bajpai;Lucknow
The AIDWA organized a meeting of women on the eve of International Women Day at the state office premises in Lucknow on Wednesday this week. On this occasion many cultural programs were presented.
The AIDWA’s district secretary,  Seema Rana; district president, Suman Singh; and State President, Madhu Garg -- all these told the history of struggles and sacrifices and said here that the day is symbol of women labourers’ struggles and sacrifices, but the market is hatching conspiracy to accumulate this historical day.
Calling them to fight for the rights of employments She alerted the poor women to stand against the politics of hate, which is vitiating the attention of people from the real issues.
Seema Rana said that the leader of revolution, Lenin’s statue, whose party had first conferred the rights to the Russian women to cast their votes and the women were the first gainer in the world, was demolished by the BJP workers in Tripura. AIDWA condemned this vandalism.
On this occasion the women who were present in this programe discoursed their views on three phase of exploitation. The concept was highlighted by the women's statement on one labourer, one woman and one citizen.
A poster was launched here printed by the slogan ‘Nahi Chalega Koi Bahana, Haq Hai Mera Rashan Pana’(no trickster is allowed, the provision is our rights). the state level demonstration shall be organized on the issue of Ration from March 28th, 2018.
The overcrowded women were present in this programe.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Periyar's statue targeted in Tamilnadu after Lenin's in Tripura: violence reported

By on Wednesday, March 07, 2018

That the statue of Periyar, a renowned social reformer in Tamilnadu, has been vandalised became another cause of brawl; while the demolishing of Lenin Statue in Tripura, a communist state since past 25 years recently has lost the election and the BJP led capitalist came in power, became 'an apple of discord' in the state.
Some unidentified person threw petrol bombs on BJP office in Koyambatoor after this incident. The incident was executed early in the morning. The police began the investigation. The office was close when the incident took place, so there has been reported no damage.
It is to notice that the Periyar's statue, a well known social reformer in Tamilnadu, was first targeted on Tuesday. The incident, after a facebook post by the BJP leader, H Raja, had taken place. Mtthukumaran and Francis, two people, had been arrested in the matter of vandalising the Periyar's statue. Mutthukumar is the activist of BJP, as reported. The hammer had been used to break this statue.
Sabotage, arson, manhandling,clash and violence after the BJP’s wining of election in Tripura, a North-East state of India, have been reported. The CPI(M) has dubbed responsible BJP for this violence and in reply, BJP said it’s not their instinct to win by violence.
CrPC section 144 to maintain law and order has been imposed in many areas of Tripura in the wake of violence report. The statue of Vladimir E Lenin had been demolished with the help of Bulldozer in the sub division Belonia of Tripura district. Another statue demolition report came in light on Tuesday this week.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Yogi's curse on criminals torments innocent family

By on Tuesday, March 06, 2018

 BY Kshitiz Kant
 A teenage boy was shot dead in an encounter by the police on Republic Day this year in district Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh, and his family members are staging Dharna at Laxman Mela Maidan in Lucknow for the justice in protest against this execution.
Mukesh  Kumar Rajbhar, 17 1/2    resident of village Mutkallipur district Azamgarh UP working  as domestic helper to the bandit queen, Seema Yadav,  was  allegedly lifted from a shop Kanpur by UP STF on 26th January this year.

Actually police had quenched its failure by Mukesh Rajbhar's fake encounter, claimed Seema Yadav.
What is story according to Seema Yadav told the media?
In January this year exactly before this execution, two motorbike borne assailants had attacked prison police guard who had succumbed to his injuries.  The police was on back foot after this incident. The police was not able to nab the real accused; but after this encounter, the police was in position to maintain its credibility and appreciation.
 According to Seema, the encounter is fake. Mukesh Kumar Rajbhar had been working for the past 9 months as a domestic help (14 months old baby care and her property dealing work) on salary of  Rs 6000 per month. His perks which he earned helped his parent’s livelihood. He was from a poor family; even there is no cemented roof on his house today. Police told him carried bounty Rs 50000, but he had had no such heinous cases of crime.

Seema Yadav, a bandit queen and now a social worker, also claimed, “When police lifted Mukesh Rajbhar from Kanpur Rural on 26th January morning, how is it possible to have looted the petrol pump on 27th January in Azamgarh? Seema told, “On 26th January Mukesh had gone on to a walk for my baby after hoisting the National flag around 9'o’clock morning of R-day. Police lifted Mukesh from there on a black car and shot him next day in an encounter.”
While the bunt line tried to contact Seema Yadav on phone, but it was switched off.
Police to media
A police spokesperson said the personnel fired in self-defence after the criminals, who were on a motorcycle, fired at the police team that had intercepted them during routine checking.
 He was a history-sheeter with eight criminal cases, including those pertaining to theft and murder, registered against him in several police stations in the district and carried a bounty of 50,000, police said.
A police constable was injured in this exchange of fire, while the accomplice of the deceased criminal managed to flee in the darkness. The police recovered a 9mm pistol, three live and a used cartridges and a motorcycle, as police claimed.
According to reports, acting on a tip off the police had started checking drive near Chhatwara turning at the incident night. The encounter took place near Haluadih petrol pump around 11:30pm when police tried to stop two suspicious looking persons on a motorcycle. They opened fire in which a constable Udaybahan was injured. In retaliatory firing one of the miscreants also sustained gunshot, while his aide succeeded in fleeing from the scene.
Mukesh Rajbhar’s name in most notorious criminal list was not enlisted till 22nd January, and the statement of police that mobile phones were used by the prisoners in the jail seems to be ironical because the communication systems are not allowed in the jail. If it is so the matter is worth to be investigated.
The encounter is of late evening on 27th January. In a press conference, SP Ajay Kumar Sahani, told to the media, “the police, when Mukesh Rajbhar had shot at Maan Singh Yadav, a jail security personnel, outside at his government residence in the jail premises on 22nd January, spotted the criminal by concluding through many mobile phones which they had seized during a search operation in the jail."
SP had announced the bounty worth of Rs 25 thousand each, but the matter was the prestige of police department so the reward was increased up to 50 thousand each.
He had also disclosed that Dharmendra Pasi, in jail and resident of Devara village under Raunapar police station, was chatting on mobile phone 22nd January. Dharmendra's phone was snatched by Maan Singh this noon while he was talking.
Meanwhile frowned Dharmendra, with the help of another Krishnanand Vishwkarma, a local resident of Kharihani village under police station Tarawa, said to Mukesh Rajbhar to teach a lesson to this jail security constable.  
On same day, Mukesh Rajbhar hatched the conspiracy with Akhilesh Yadav resident of Mohiuddinpur village under Gambhirpur police station and shot at Maan Singh. Aftermath of this incident, a police search operation carried out in the jail and 18 mobiles with 5 SIM cards were recovered. The call details of these reveal the involvement of Mukesh Rajbhar.
Police allegedly recovered the mobile phones and SIMs inside the jail, but the administration has yet to contemplate it to be looked into while the premises remains ban for the use of prisoners.
How many cases of murders and loots had been registered in the district or other police stations have not been yet disclosed; but the media in April 2016 had published a list of notorious criminals of UP; namely it had 20 which had not enlisted the name of Mukesh Rajbhar.
The village head of Mutkallipur, Jitendra Kumar, said about Mukesh Rajbhar, “The boy was not a history-sheeter or no such criminal activities he had ever done in the district. The auto lifting case on 18 August 2016 had police registered against unidentified person and then Mukesh, 16, was booked under sections 411, 379 and sent to jail by Azamgarh police picking him from Bazar in the past. The day when he was allegedly killed was not present in the village.”  Village head also admits that Mukesh was present in Kanpur 366 kilometer away from Azamgarh.
The boy was teenager and only earning member of his family. His family members have claimed that he had no skill how to drive the motorbike. Yet his son was booked for auto lifting.
Mukesh Rajbhar’s family is continued to stage a Dharna under Rajbhar Adhikar Manch demanding CBI investigation in this matter.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Peace Party organised Dharna in protest against discriminatory attitude of UP Government

By on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Suchit Bajpai;Lucknow
Peace Party has staged a Dharna at Laxman Mela Maidan on Tuesday this week. The matter is the incident that took place on 26th January this year at Kasganj Uttar Pradesh.
Mohd Ayub, the Peace Party President, has said in his memorandum addressed to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, “The miscreants who had hatched the conspiracy to make nuisance on 26th January, Republic Day, in an organized celebration, had caused the death of a boy and the injuries of many others.  The police and the local administration came in action aftermath of incident. 
It is very sad that in the presence of police the shop, the houses and the four wheelers of Muslim community in this area were burnt which is most endangering and is condemnable act.”

Dr. Ayub added that the giving of assistance merely to the family of Chandan, but not giving ex-gratia to the injured in the riots and no disbursing of economic assistance for the damages of the shops, the houses and the four wheelers of the Muslim community -- all activity have exposed the religious discrimination of this Government, which is condemnable and is against the law and constitution of the Country. 
Not even that on the nodal acceptance of government, police and administration arrested the innocence people of Muslim community in numbers under section of treason. Mr. Ayub has requested with Governor and demanded that the riots should be investigated under the monitoring of judge High Court Allahabad.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Cartoon of the week: by Subhra Singh

By on Monday, February 26, 2018
The cartoon shows the concept which affects the public life and its adverse impact over the meagre loans borrowers from the banks.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mob lynched tribal man in Kerala

By on Saturday, February 24, 2018

A shameful killing case has been reported from Keral. According to the media, a man was beaten up so ruthlessly that he succumbed to his injuries. Not even that, many people kept on taking selfie. The two people have been arrested in this matter and five others have been detained.
The matter is of Thursday this week. A tribal man, name Madhu, 27, was allegedly an accused of theft. The crowd tied the man’s hands and legs and began him beating. After it the crowd handed over this man to police moribund condition. The local police was taking him to nearby police station meanwhile he began to vomiting on his way to police station. The police rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.
The chief minister of Keral, Pinarai Vijayan, has expressed his grief over this barbaric incident. He wrote on face book: there no place of such incident in the civilized society. The chief minister took it serious and has ordered to take stern action against the accused.

The reports reveal that Madhu was mental retarded. And he used to come ever at anon in the city. According to the locals, the complaints of stealing the stuffs from the many shops had been imposed over him. The police taking all facts in cognizance is investigating the matter.


By on Saturday, February 24, 2018
Ranjeet Rai; Faizabad
First theme park of eastern UP is going to be established, which will have global level water park, Fun Park, amusement park and 50 rooms resort. The cost is Rs 40 crore on this project and will extend on the land of 25 acres. The main attraction place shall be a lake of 1000 meter square area which will be men built first big lake in India.
Moreover 100 feet high hydraulic lift water slide shall be here, which has not yet in any water park established in UP. There will be a theme village of Ram’s Ayodhya.
Tennis, Badminton, Sports ground and gym shall be in this park. There shall be first centre of Yoga centre, meditation, naturopathy. The MoU between UP Govt and JRP builders was agreed on 21 February.The 1000 people shall be employed here.