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Monday, March 18, 2019

Dearest Parrikar is no more

By on Monday, March 18, 2019
Simon Michal; Goa 
The chief minister, Manohar Parikar, is downed by his health and the BJP hierarchy began to think about the political change on Sunday. The BJP said in order to the situation and over the deteriorating condition of Parrikar by illness that the government in Goa is stable. it appealed to the supporters not to notice rumors.
The state media co-ordinator of BJP, Sandhya Sadhle, issued a statement and said, ‘our leadership in Goa and in Delhi are powerful; is stable and we have began to think political reshuffling.” she added, “we will deal with the situation prevailed successfully. Do not notice any rumors spreading through social media.”
Vijey Sardesai, Goa minister, had met with the CM Parrikar at Dona residence. Sardesai had said that Parrikar’s health was deteriorating, but his condition was stable. However Sardesai, in the wake of  Parrikar’s downing by health, had absolutely denied any political change. a BJP leader(Name is not disclosed here) told, “ the BJP MLAs have been instructed not leave the state in any condition.”
Congress claimed to form government in Goa on Saturday. The party said that Manohar Parrikar’s government has lost its majority in Goa Assembly after the death of Francis Desuza, MLA.My dearest Parrikar is dead!
Now CM, Manohar Parrikar, is no more. He had been suffering from Pancreas cancer. the statement issued and informed from CM office exactly one hour before of his death message that Parrikar’s health deteriorated. in a tweet from CM office told, “Manohar Parrikar’s condition has worsen. Doctor are trying to recover him.” Parrikar was in hospital since Saturday.
The majority of politics in Goa for the past some time centered on Manohar Parrikar's health. Frequently it was heard that he could resign. However the BJP dismissed these reports in the same way and said that there was no question to reshuffle the leadership. The Goa government had said before the Bombay highcourt that Manohar Parrikar was fit to work for the state inspite of being suffered by Cancer. The Advocate General, Dutta Prasad Lavande cited the case of APPLE Company’s co-founder, Steve Jobs. He contended that Steve Jobs was suffering from Pancreas cancer and he had performed many bigger achievements in spite of being suffered by Cancer.
An independent MLA who is supporting the BJP brought out some peculiar story. The MLA told that Manohar Parrikar wanted to resign from the CM post for his ill-health condition, but the BJP’s hierarchy was not agreed upon it.
the BJP’s top leadership was in  doubt that if Parrikar out from Goa leadership, there might be difficult carrying government ahead.
In the Assembly election 2016, 17 seat secured by the Congress; 13, the BJP; 3, for Goa Forward Party; and 3, for Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party.The BJP imncluding the GFP, the MGP and some independent MLAs -- they all formed the government in the leadership of Manohar Parrikar.
The government was formed on the condition of provided that the CM of Goa would be Manohar Parrikar. Nitin Gadkari Union Minister had accepted it that he, on condition of Manohar Parrikar to be the Goa CM, would clinch the MLAs support. Manohar Parrikar was got from the Union Defence Minister post resigned and was sent to Goa.
PM Modi had brought him in his cabinet after Parrikar’s resigning from CM post in Goa in the year 2014.No one was his option in Goa actually, which could be accepted tacitly. Mr Sripad Nyke to be Goa CM was a difficulty among the supporting MLAs. that there was another problem for Sripad Nyke was him to be elected within 6 months after resigning any BJP MLA. The 13 MLAs BJP was not interested to take such risk before parliamentary election

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Bheem Army Chief is to contest Parliamentary Election from Varanasi

By on Saturday, March 16, 2019

Mohd Ahzam; New Delhi
Bheem Army founder and SC&ST leader alias Ravana is going to fight upcoming parliamentary election from Varanasi constituency.  In a Hunkar rally, he announced at Jantar-Mantar New Delhi about his appearance in fray. He added, “Whoever has the concern about the Bahujan Samaj, they are here today. I shall never let PM Modi reach to the power in the upcoming General Election. I am confident that I am going to do it.”
PM Modi was the winner from Varanasi parliamentary constituency in year 2014, and he is to go file his nomination from this seat in the upcoming election. Still in this connection there is no official announcement issued yet from the BJP.
Chandra Shekhar Azad had organized a rally in Meerut last Sunday and he had decided to reach Ghaziabad through Muzzafar Nagar by road, but  motorbikes in numbers rose than the scheduled and allowed numbers during his march which caused the allegation of breaking Modal Code of Conduct so he was arrested.
Meanwhile Azad got ill so he was rushed to a Muzzafarnagar hospital and Priyanka Gandhi, General Secretary Congress, met with Azad, she said she knew him already and is fan of his fervour. She, Congress General Secretary, also appealed this meeting not to be count a political.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Priyanka Gandhi addressed her maiden political speech; targeted Modi government for employment

By on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

P Gautam; Gandhinagar
Congress National General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi, has addressed a rally in Gandhi Nagar Gujarat Tuesday. It was her maiden speech in public after in active politics. She preached the voters about their vote’s value on one hand in Gandhi Nagar Gujarat; she targeted even Narendra Modi on the other.
 She said, “Whatever is going on in the country hurts me seeing this. The hatred is being spread today. The institutions are in trouble. The talents are being placated, but mere public of the country can bring the change now.”
She added the people shall have to be aware in the upcoming days. I think that your awareness and votes is a big weapon, the weapon which cannot hurt to anybody; but make you strong. In the upcoming days the election is to be held. Many issues like employment, women security, and farming are to be posed in this condition. You will have to remember that what the important issues are for the Country. Together even you have to check that who will fulfill your issue."
Even the Congress General Secretary, targeting over the Narendra Modi led Government said, "They who had promised to deposit Rupees 15 Lakhs in each bank accounts of Public after bringing back the stashed black money in abroad during the election 2014, who had told the priority of women security and had even promised to generate 2 crore jobs every year, the false promise man shall pose even same issues."

Monday, March 11, 2019

9 Reasons you are coughing up blood

By on Monday, March 11, 2019
Suppose if you coughed and saw a few drops of blood spots in sputum, what will you react then? And a pile of blood spilt over there, you will be fearsome, is it or isn't?
Mostly we begin to console or to make us idiot in this situation. Conceptualizing our self like that the bleeding is mere unsolicited trickle makes us more lazy then -- exactly when a few drops blend with the cough. We leave this incident for the future waiting unless it repeats the coughing up blood (haemoptysis) again; the ignoring of this may cause a big fallacy and may be endangering result to our life.
The wait in such condition may prove costly. If you eschewed from appearing to make your proper check up, we slip the chance to go to out doctor taking it minor incident; we lose the chance to catch the warning of chronic lungs diseases like TB or cancer.
I say that if a little oral blood spits, let it understand a red bell and ensure your meet with the doctor on this issue. You make sure your check-up on his consultation then. Mostly the Doctor shall suggest you a few blood tests and chest X-rays.
If it keeps on bleeding, constantly keeps; then the condition is emergency for you. you must leave your all work and rushed to your doctor. You should not lose your time for domestic treatment or for other remedy.
The endangering situation is then if the quantity of bleeding in 24 hours has been up to half kilogram, the condition becomes more endangering. This may claim your life so you must rush to a reputed hospital’s ICU. During the bleed oozing blood may enter into another breathing lung vein which may cause a panic when other lung of body shall stop working. You must be aware of what do and what don’t? If you bleed
1.    Ensuring the colour of blood – is crimson red, is brown or black? If you tell your doctor about the blood colours, the doctor shall ensure the bleeding is from the stomach or from the lungs. In the both conditions, the tests shall be different absolutely. The blood from the lungs, mouth, gums and neck mostly be red; and unlike it, the bleeding after mixing with the acid from abdomen become brown or black.
2.    Ensure the blood is with the vomiting or by the coughing. This happening's confirmation is difficult task, but tries to rummage it again. Remember it that if we find a few food particles with the blood, we shall admit it that the blood is by the vomiting. The bleeding shall be count oozing from the stomach. Unlike it if the blood looks blended with the cough, prima facie it shall be count oozing from the lungs. Your aware notice of bleeding may help your doctor to diagnose your ailment.
3.    It is important to tell your doctor about the blood quantity exactly. This shall help if you shoot this scene by your mobile camera.
4.    If you bleed you must tell your doctor which type of discomforts you feel when the bleeding starts. But when the panic is created after the bleeding; consequently we forget to tell what discomforts we felt during the bleeding. Recall it and tell everything what you have faced. If you felt chest pain after the bleeding, this may be the symptoms of pulmonary pneumonia embolism. if it is bad smelt cough, sputum and phlegm, the abscess in the lungs may cause this blood. The quantity and the colour of phlegm and the smell – all thing must be noted and tell it to your doctor.
5.    There may be other causes. Tell your doctor the chronic ailment because it may correlate you’re bleeding. If you had been treated ever for the TB or ever treated for cancer or ever bleeding for other reason, this may correlate with the blood came from.
6.    Never meant the blood in coughing is TB. There may be other causes apart from the lungs ailment. Even this may be because of heart diseases.
7.    Remember it that the blood in coughing may be of different causes. After thorough test this may result a simple ailment or it may be acute serious type of ailment. The disease of bronchitis may bleed and the TB in lungs, cancer, pneumonia, the abscess in lungs, and the valve in the heart disorder—all causes bleeding of serious disease!
8.    Whether the test can determine about the blood from which rupture it has leaked and which type of ailment is? it is not always possible. Medical science has its limits. In spite of the entire test, let it understand that the 30% of the cases remain undetectable of the body spot that the blood would have leaked from which hemorrhage, and which disease had downed you? This is not the limit to deem the doctor idiot.
9.    Do you know that such bleeding may be sign of kidneys ailment? Yes, the collagen disorder related diseases SLE which affect simultaneously the joints, skin, hair and kidneys – this may cause the bleeding!
The whole talks conclude on the two things to let you learn. First, the bleeding may have many causes and second, if the doctor suggests you go for many tests, follow it immediately. The kidney test, the costly blood test, the citi scan of chest, the eco-cardiograph of heart – all may include. All these are not the idle test. Every doctor is not dishonest. These entire tests shall help to confirm the disease. The oral bleeding may be a warning of a serious internal disease. The warning must not be ignored

Sunday, March 10, 2019

PSP demonstrates in front office of DGP UP against loots, extortions and murders in state

By on Sunday, March 10, 2019

The state president of PSP, Mr Sunder Lal Lodhi, staged a demonstration with the party workers in front the office of the DG police UP Lucknow against the loots and the murders in the state including the state capital of UP on Saturday afternoon this week.
In its party memorandum, he demanded
>Taking the recent incidents in the state including Lucknow, the PSP asked to take the immediate preventive actions against the happening of the murders of farmers, youth, traders, and lawyers.
> The FIR of public should be lodged in the police stations without any torments.
>The loot case of RK Jeweller, jewellery businessman in Alambagh, should be exposed, The booty should be recovered. The murderers should be executed in the encounter. The compensation of Rs 25 lacs each to the next kin of the killed during the loot should be sanctioned by the government  .
>The business men and the jewellers should be issued the arm license; provided the force protection; and patrolling in the business area, be alerted.
>The police must maintain the proximity with the elite persons of the area and hold a meeting at least once in a month with them.
>The atrocities to fetch the hush money from the auto rickshaw, e-rickshaw and tempo drivers should be stopped.
>That the government lands with the collusion of land-grabbers are being captured should be stopped immediately.
.> The cases registered against the opposition parties’ leaders during the agitation should be removed.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

4 more security personnel killed in valley; Abhinandan Varthaman released from Pak captivity

By on Saturday, March 02, 2019

4 security personnel have been reported to be killed in an encounter with the terrorists in Kupwada district Jammu and Kashmir.  Two deceased are of the CRPF security personnel and other two of the J&K police.
The sporadic firing from the both side were going on and the opposite side stopped its firing which the security personnel's believing about all the terrorists dead when a lull prevailed on the battle site. The personnel began to creep towards the terrorists hiding, but meanwhile a terrorist began indiscriminate firing over these personnel.
The security personnel have said the two terrorists have been killed. A tip off regarding their presence were informed this Thursday exactly then the Langet area of Kupwada was besieged and a search operation carried out there. During the search operation the terrorists began to fire over the security personnel. In the retaliatory action the security personnel began firing too.
The local youth made their gathering after they got the encounter continue going on information. The 4 youth have  also sustained injuries in the clashes between the security force and the local youth.
On the other hand, Abhinandan Varthaman, wing commander who was captured in Pakistani territory for his ejection from fighter plane MIG 20 hit by Pakistani fighter jet has been released now and handed over to India. The people are cheerful and celebrating after his release.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Politicization of army attack on terrorist bases in Pakistan causes big concern among opposition parties -- and strong confidence, in BJP

By on Thursday, February 28, 2019

Congress including 21 opposition parties of India appreciated the action taken to foil the attack by Pakistani army after the Indian Air Force destroyed the terror camps in Balakot Pakistan. Together these parties said that they all are with the armed forces and army. The opposition parties alleged that the BJP leaders after Pulwama attack politicized the martyrdom of security personnel which is an issue of concern.
The parties have held a meeting on Wednesday. The congress president, Rahul Gandhi, read a joint statement of opposition parties which condemned strongly the organized terror by Pakistan. The joint statement says, “All the leaders sit in the meeting condemned strongly the terror attack in Pulwama organized by Pakistan in single voice. They paid tribute to the martyrs and vowed their unity with the army and the armed forces in the final battle against the terrorism.”
The opposition party leaders have said about the alleged political advantages eliciting from the Pulwama attack, “The place of national security is higher than selfishness of political parties. There is no place to fulfill the political aims in the matter of national security.” The parties have alleged, "We express our regret over the disappointing attitude of PM not to call all party meeting after Pulwama attack.”
On the other hand, the senior BJP leader, BS Yeddyruppa, has said the Indian air strike over the terror camp in Balakot, Pakistan shall give the electoral advantage to his party. According to Yeddyruppa, this non-military action of Indian Air Force shall help to win 22 of the 28 seats in the forth coming parliamentary election in Karnataka.
The BJP leader said on Wednesday, “The election stirring is turning into the BJP favour every day. The action taken against the terrorists’ bases by going in Pakistan territory has evoked a wave in Narendra Modi favour in the country. The result can be seen in the parliamentary election. The Youth are in excitement. This will support us to win 22 parliamentary seats in the election.”

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dharna staged against UP police apathy to arrest accused

By on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Block Pramukh Asoha, district Unnao, 50 Kilometer away from state capital Uttar Pradesh, staged Dharna at Gandhi Pratima Sthal Lucknow against the alleged attack done over him by a local goon including his accomplice under Krishna Nagar police station on Thursday last week.
Mr Raj Kumar Rawat, 40, resident of Lucknow, was heading to Unnao, boarded on his Innova(4 wheeler), Thursday morning last week meanwhile the way laid goons intercepted his  vehicle; broke the window glass; dragged them out and began to beat them brutally.
Mr Arvind Kumar alias Neetu Bajpai allegedly threatened him to resign from the post or face the dire consequences.
As he denied complying on to desire, they allegedly fired at him; but the fire missed so he escaped narrowly. He and the future of his family is endangering after this incident, he claimed. Even he claimed his Rifle was also snatched.
Mr Rawat said, “The FIR at Krishna Nagar Police station was registered after a long hours waiting when our other supporters, village heads, gathered after hearing about the incident at the police station."
According to Rawat, Rifle has been recovered and SHO had assured that the accused would be arrested within the 12 hours, but ironically they are wandering openly.
According to police, the FIR against the accused person have been registered under section IPC 323,427,395 and 506,307 and under SC ST Act 3(2)(v), 3(1)(dha). No arrest has been made so far.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What next! Indian fighter jets crossed LOC

By on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

claimed destroyed terrorists training camps running in PoK

A boom sounded in a predawn attack. It felt of an earthquake. We did not slept since then, 5 minutes later; we came to recognise it was an explosion.
Mohd Adil, resident of Balakot, Khaiber Pakhtunwala province told to BBC about the Indian fighter jets attack. he told he saw in morning many big potholes at the attack targeted spot there. Many buildings have gone into the damages although the Pakistani security has taken the area in their control.
That the training camps which were being carried out in Pakistani territory have been fully destroyed in the Indian fighter jets heavy bombing on Tuesday in a predawn attack. The attack is believed to be the answer of action of Pulwama terror attack of Jammu and Kashmir.
India, confirming these attacks, told it important. The foreign secretary, Vijey Gokhle, said that the responsibility taker of Pulwama attack, Jaish-e-Mohammad, the terrorist organization, was planning more fidayeen attacks, so the action was taken against him.
The flurry of India’s action is also in Pakistan. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Quraishi has said, "India has violated the Line of Control. Pakistan has the right to give proper answers for self defense." He has told it an action of provoking.
The discussion over the incident is also going on in Pakistan social media. Some people have questioned their government and the army. Fahad Javed tweeted, "They (Indian aircraft) entered our airspace and our army did not shell at them. Now you are only firing on Twitter.”
A Pakistani journalist, Ahmad Nurani, has tweeted, “I condemned the Indian attack over Pakistan last night. I am against the war, but I rely over the Pakistani army that it will retaliate with its full strength today against India’s action. Now it is the question of Pakistan and Pakistani stature."
On the other hand, A few Pakistani have quipped over this matter. A user named with Khurram KTS, tweeted, “the first information about the air attack came through the Indian agricultural minister. Find it lest he had thrown tomatoes!”

Monday, February 25, 2019

None of former governments had intention to do good to farmers: PM Modi

By on Monday, February 25, 2019

The scheme ‘Pradhan Mantri Kissan Samman Nidhi’ was launched by PM Modi in Gorakhpur, an Eastern district of Uttar Pradesh, on Sunday this week. This is the budgetary scheme which was brought in LokSabha during the last budget session of this government. The crore of Kissan(farmers) shall be benefitted with the Rs 6000/- annually under this economic assistance scheme. The transaction of Rs 2000/- shall be processing of amount transfer into the account of farmers with the launching this scheme.
Modi said, “The former governments which were in rule – none of them had intention to do good to the farmers. They made the dearth among the farmers for every small things, our government is toiling that the farmers be given all those resources which double the income of the farmers.”PM added that every penny of ‘PMKSN’ is to be given by Union government; mere state government has to make the farmers list honestly and is to hand over to the centre.”
The PM said, “The state governments which are not going to give us the inventory of farmers of their states, I want to tell that the curse of the farmers of that states shall ruin their political career.”
He added that the loan waiving is an easiest way, but the loan waiving mere benefit those famers who had taken the bank’s loan. Who think about those crore of farmers who had taken loans from other medium instead of bank?

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Your country protects man responsible for this crime: Arun Jaitley

By on Saturday, February 23, 2019

“Pakistan is riding a lion; and the lion also does not leave its master too.” he said in the economic times global business summit organised at New Delhi, “Pakistan has not eliminated the terror of its ground so far; consequently, now we will use all the methods to bring such a sly nation to the right path. It’s not the battle of a week or two weeks – it has to fight on many fronts together. We have to take it in this way that it could finally go in our favour.
Arun Jaitley's signal was on the action taken by the Modi government against Pakistan after the terrorist attack on the convoy of the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. The 42 security personnel were killed on February 14th, this month. The PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan, said after this attack, “India, give us the evidence to take action.”
Arun Jaitley replied and said, "The evidence is needed then, if there is no lead about the pledge of offence, but the man who is taking responsibility for this crime has taken protection in your country.”
It is noticeable that the Pulwama terror attack’s responsibility has been taken by JeM; its master mind, Masood Azhar, is in Pakistan. Jaitley said on this, “The man is in your country who accepts the crime and taking credit for this attack.  No more need of evidence to provide in such condition.”

BJP is playing politics over Ram Mandir Construction: Harish Rawat, former CM Uttarakhand

By on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Mr Harish Rawat, Congress General Secretary and former CM of Uttarakhand, has given an important statement for Ram Temple Construction in Ayodhya. He said to Media, “If the congress government comes in power at the centre, it shall effort to construct Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.” Together it even he added, “His view needs to be viewed as the concept of congress party.”
According to Harish Rawat, “The BJP is playing just the politics over the Ram Mandir Construction, while Congress had tried seriously earlier on the two occasions to construct it in Ayodhya.” He added that the Union Government should assist as a facilitator for its construction.
Congress General Secretary targeted Narendra Modi government on Pulwama terror attack and he said, “The BJP delineates PM Modi today as a nationalist, but I object it and want to ask whether I and you all are not a nationalist? I understand that the every citizen of India is nationalist.”

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lucknow Christian College organised tribute to Martyrs

By on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
42 security personnel were killed in a terror attack when the convoy was going by road in a bus on Thursday this week in Jammu and Kashmir. This incident sparked resentment among all over the country. 

Since then there can be seen the crowd taking tri-colour in their hands shouting slogans against Pakistan and they are demanding to punish the terrorists who are involved in such barbaric act and also demanded from Government to maintain the peace in the region taking every needful steps.
 In tribute gatherings of students from Lucknow Christian Degree College which reached marching from the college premises up to Shaheed Smarak on Monday noon this week.
 When our correspondent asked about the reason behind this march, the students expressed their views in different ways.
 Mohd Mahtab including his classmate students of Christian College organised this march, led by lecturers and told the correspondent that our first demand is from government to find or investigate the possession of 350 kg of explosive which was used to blow up the vehicle of convoy; second, punish them who are involved in this barbaric activity; third, maintain the peace in this region anyhow and assure us there will be peace in the country because Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of our country and its security is our responsibility.
 He was shouting slogans with the college students "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" and martyrs be immortal--they were shouting slogans against Pakistan too.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Two days fruit,vegetables, and flowers' 50th exhibition ended in Lucknow

By on Monday, February 18, 2019

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
The two days State Fruit, Vegetables and Flower exhibition 2019 ended after the awards distributing ceremony held at Governor House on Sunday this week.
Mr Ram Naik, Governor Uttar Pradesh, expressed his thanks to the participants and the guests arrived on this occasion and said that this exhibition is organized every year for the purpose of showing the diversity of horticulture crops at one place to the common.
The peace, beauty and harmony of flowers in Indian Culture have always been recognized and it has an important place in our religious, cultural and other ways of routine life.
He added that the horticulture has an important role in agricultural sector and these crops are transforming into commercial way because of giving the maximum income, employment and nutrition from per capita sector.
Mr. Sudheer Garg, Principal Secretary Horticulture and Food Processing, in his welcome speech to the governor, has said that the main reason to organize this exhibition is to apprise the common people with the development, new varieties and its technicalities of production in the field of Horticulture, and  to achieve the ecstasy amid the precious boon of nature in the shape of flowers seeing the extreme busyness of the city life.

Special Secretary Food processing, Mrs. Sandeep Kour, paid her thanks and gratitude to the Governor and the guests who arrived in the exhibition and told that the winners in this competitive exhibition achieved 108 Chal Vaijanti and cups including cash award.
Dr. Raghuvendra Pratap Singh,  Director, Food and Processing Department UP apprised that fruit, vegetables and flowers are the integral part of our daily life.
Gratuity of our nutritive need, religious and on the other occasions all these are going to be important in the present environment.
The flower production in the protected farming is now establishing in the commercial entrepreneur.
Director added the every effort has been done to organize this exhibition in the attractive and sanguine way. It is confirm that the people seeing this exhibition have been awakened with an impetus for the flowers, vegetables and fruit production.
 He said 1512 participants in this organized exhibition took part and shown 5407, which is the 40% more than the last year participants.
The Governer House was the top winner in this competition. Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh from Santosh Garh, Mirzapur, was the winner of specific fruit,"Dragon fruit." Mr. Apporva Rai, from HAL Lucknow, got the award for his excellent exhibit “ Rose”.
The school children, Prashant Singh, Nishant Patel, Rishmit Kour, Anvi Kesharwani, Redia Tripathi, all were announced excellent in Artful Flower Arrangements exhibit. Jan Sikshan Sansthan Lucknow got the award for the texture prepared by flowers. Abhay Krishna lieutenant General, Lucknow, has been declared winner of the shanties (Grah Vatika) and many others were the winner of their performances in this competition.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Advantages of election budget to BJP; Review

By on Sunday, February 17, 2019

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
The 15 days of Modi Government’s interim budget have passed. The announcements of alluring the farmers and the middle class in this bluffed interim budget have been comprised. The favouring campaign from PM to Ministers is constantly being carried out. The intellectual class is siding the view of the BJP favour that the announcements made in the  interim budget can take the election benefit from the farmers, working class and the middle class; but, what the Modi Government, seeing election, has made the announcement, is all these to make some big advantages in the election?
3 announcements in this budget can be said important in all. the first of these is Rs 6000 annually to be given to the farmers of the country. Second, the amount up to Rs 5 lakh taxable income shall be tax free. Third, the working classes of non-organised sector have been given Rs 3000 pension scheme. if let the budget be understood as Modi government’s election budget, it is hovering around these schemes.
As if let it be seen in election way, the Modi government is in the big concern of farmers. The concern of it has grown after the defeat in the Assembly election held in the 3 states. Trios are the agricultural based states, and the election issues here regarding farming have its own tune. How the farmers’ loan waiving announcement by congress ,how much its effect emerged, may be the thing of a separate analysis, but this has created a trouble almost for the BJP.
The BJP to recover from the side effects of this has announced to pay Rs 6000 annually to the farmers, and to appear it on the ground, it has been implemented from December 2018 sidelining all the traditions instead of the next financial year.
The Modi government is in effort that the two instalments of the Rs 4000 of Kissan-fund should be anyhow transferred into the farmer’s accounts before the election. The bureaucrats are toiling to transfer this fund into the accounts of 12000 crore farmers. But the money transfer in their accounts, the farmers shall need their papers of land and to fight from the corruption at the Tehsil level. May the Rs 500 influence so much any farmer that he will franchise their votes in the BJP favour. In addition to it, the land distribution in the villages is like in this way that  on being alive head of family, his son or other close relatives have been farming on this land after mutual allocation; while the land become in the name of single man. Either the money shall be credited to this account in such condition, or all the farming men shall be out from the Kissan- Nidhi-Scheme on being land more than two hectares. Whether the government has estimated so or not, but the discussion at village level has begun. It is clear that even if the cash payment scheme to the farmers provides some election advantages, the arithmetic of two and two shall not result so – four! As the BJPs strategists are thinking. The states where the government is not BJP led, the hurdles are tougher there..
The cash payment scheme to the farmers is not so hefty amount; the state of Telangana pays Rs 8000 per annum to the farmers and the government of Orissa is carrying the scheme of Rs10000 per annum to pay the farmers.
It is not clear so far whether the farmers of these states shall be benefitted from both the schemes, or the centre and the state both shall decide some shares in the funding. If the farmers of both the states receive the benefits of both the schemes, it is possible that the cash payment schemes to the farmers may get the momentum in the states before the parliamentary election. The experts view that non BJP government in the states may announce some big schemes for the farmers before imposing of model code of conduct in the states in spite of being economically weak.
The political-economic expert view that such schemes for the farmers may work as a catalyst in view of the election advantage, but it cannot be its base suddenly. The farmers can be influenced by the cash payment schemes, but that they let leave the other equation for this purpose is impossible to be so. For example, the middle agriculturist sects in the Uttar Pradesh and in Bihar are carried out besides farming even from other factors like cast-ism, and that the social equations can be effected just by Kissan-fund looks impossible.
The middle class got almost a little relief in the income tax, but the happiness of service class has now redirected what they got hearing the budget speech by the finance minister Piyush Goyal. That the income upto Rs 5 lakhs were assumed tax-free is basically the 'taxable income' up to 5 lakhs. As soon the experts clarify the concept of this concession, the hope of service class, whose taxable income goes over the 5 lakhs, went on nullifying.
That the finance minister had giving example told how the Rs 10 lakh earner could save the income tax is possible then when you had borrowed home loan, the health insurance and the maximum saving of income. it is clear that frequently it is not possible. In such condition, the earners of up to Rs 7 lakhs shall have to pay the income tax on old rate.
It is a technical thing, but middle class is the BJP supporters commonly. This class becomes unhappy with the high tax and their voice echoed very much in the communication medium, but mere this thing cannot change the voting pattern. The service classes have mix reaction over the concession in the income tax. The experts admit that the rebate on the taxable income up to Rs 5 lakhs shall be more beneficial for the small businessmen who will increase their taxable income up to Rs 5 lakh showing high expenditure. The service class shows themselves neither happy nor sad.
Third, the bigger scheme is about the pension for the non organised working class. the people after 60 years age shall be eligible to get Rs 3000 per month pension if they pay the contribution of Rs 55 per month. Such schemes always have been difficult to applicable among the non organized working class. Experts admit that the pension scheme after 60 years age among the non-organised sector in the wake of political benefit does not attract very much. How shall this be implement is not clear so far, so it seems that it shall not motivate the people.
The announcements of interim budget are election backed budget, but this announcement looks not effective much on its own strength in the election. Yes, if any political-social equation gets the help of these, the thing is different.