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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Third journalist murdered in September

By on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Journalist and his mother's bodies found dead in the house when an acquainted knocked the door

Journalists Gauri Lankesh, after then Shantanu Bhowmic and now, a senior journalist in Punjab has been killed, the case of assassination surfaced. According to Hindustan times, Journalist KJ Singh and his 92 years old mother both were found dead in their home. Police says that Mr. KJ Singh was murdered by the throat slit while his mother was strangulated to kill. The police superintendent, Kuldeep Chahl, confirming double murders, said that the police is investigating the intention behind this murder.
Journalist, KJ Singh, had been editor in The Indian EXPRESS, THE TRIBUNE and The Times of India in Chandigarh. According to the information, this double murders was surfaced when an acquainted man came to meet him and knocked from outside the door was not replied. Some stuff from his home has been reported stolen including his car.
Meanwhile on direction of captain Amrinder Singh, CM of Punjab, police has formed a special team (SIT)for this double murders investigation. Sukhbir Singh Badal, former deputy CM of Punjab and president of Siromani Akali Dal, expressing his grief over this incident, appealed the administration to nab the murderers earliest.
The third journalist has been targeted this month and was killed. 5th September when Gauri Lankesh, 20th September when journalist Shantanu Bhowmic in Tripura were killed.
Bhowmick, a journalist working with a local television channel, was covering a clash between the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) and the Tripura Rajyer Upajati Ganamukti Parishad, the tribal wing of the CPM, in Mandai when he was hit from behind and abducted.
Later, Bhowmick was found with serious stab injuries and was taken to Agartala Medical College and Hospital where doctors declared him 'brought dead'.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lucknow ghetto-dwellers have no sanitation, no drinking water, no home, no education, even no electric connection

By on Friday, September 22, 2017

The capital  Lucknow is still in Uttar Pradesh as the "Takht of the Deccan" which people call "the settlement of Natuvan"
‘Natuvan’ means ethnic which expresses about people of a community,  billow of fume by kindling the wood under the bees-hive, expel them, and then extract the honey oozed by it, but here the meaning is about mere a poor community.
Scheduled Tribes Tharu community in Lucknow is living as a bonded laborer and slaves for four generations.
Due to fear, Tharu community does not complain about their problem
September 20 Lucknow: a village about 25 km away from "Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly", which is known as 'Banthra'! Banthra Sikandarpur, located in Sarojini Nagar assembly area, is a settlement.
The place is known by the people as "the settlement of Natuvan", in the name of "slum settlement".
On 18 September this month, I trekked the villages in the morning of 6 o'clock.
On reaching there, I noticed in this slum dwelling that after working hard to break a community, even after spreading the siege and rotten garbage from the waste, to live life among the smelly deodorant, is forced!

Ramesh Tharu, who lives in Sikandarpur Basti, told, “I’m from Tharu community of Scheduled Tribes and working as a bonded laborer, a slave with four generations here.”
 He told, “I’m aware of my problem; if I complain, the people of the village will kill me and flee from here or they can set our habitats on fire.”
 So the community people say under Thakur’s henchmen fear, “Do not complain.”
Ramesh told, “Till today, the community people have not been given government accommodation, the land they live on has been forbidden to make any kind of construction whether they are permanent or temporary any living in their community. Pension is not available to senior citizens, widows, and disabled.
Ramesh said, “People living in Una's community have 'valid Aadhaar card' along with a valid 'Voter Identity Card'.”

He says that his ID has been printed on ST / SC and he actively voted in every election even after his scheduled caste certificate is not made, due to which he is deprived of government schemes. The village head is not making rations cards of their community and even if some people are issued, then they do not get ration. Not only this, all the people living in their community are laborers, but their job card has not been made, due to which they cannot file in the employment criterion under MNREGA.
Ramesh said that there is no hope for anybody in his community and he does not have an Agnewadi center. Ramesh also told that he has no arrangements for medical facilities. If there is a disease, then there is no government hospital nearby.
If there is a need, then do have to take medicines from private doctors; women of their community are taken to the government hospital Sarojini Nagar in the motherhood stage, and then go to the doctor for treatment and medicine to pay the money.
Kamla Tharu, living in the same 'Settlement', says that when most people enjoy rain, these people have to be deprived of food and the rain water fills the cottage in the cottage, due to which the people are often ill.
As a result, they are deprived of sleep and food because they do not have cots, they sleep on land and make food by kindling the wood on the 'earth made furnace.'
Divyaunga 'Usha' from both legs of the same community told that there is no lavatory in her entire premises due to which she has to go for two kilometer away by her broken wheel chair, even after her and other dwellers do have to hear the racket by the farm owners.
Usha also said that eight years ago her cottage was set on fire, due to which the whole habitation huts gutted into fire; consequently the government had given only 2000 thousand rupees as compensation!
Due to poverty, she had to leave their studies. Even after living in the capital, she does not have electricity, so buying kerosene oil from the market; she uses the diary "lanterns". There is no clean water for drinking purpose. The water which is water of 300 family populations is very water contaminated, which are not potable, yet they are forced to quench their thirst by drinking this.
This is an incredible but Sikandarpur  Banthara area is a witness.
Our constitution provides free and compulsory education rights for children between the ages of 6-14. Under the Right to Education Act 2009, there should be a toilet arrangement in the school premises, but unfortunately, schools of 6 to 9 (Lala Bikhari Lal Kanya School ) does not have toilets. The girls studying in the school  either go back to their homes or go away in the open; this is why the girl students leave their studies -- even the teachers do have to go to the toilet in the open. There is no proper bench, chairs and electricity in the school.
There, in the elementary school, Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe children are forced to sit outside the last or final line or some are denied admission or return by referring to the second day. It turns into months and years; even it is quote that the students of other community avoid to take drinking water which has touched by this community.
Unfortunately, there is a serious violation of the basic level and they are being deprived of the respected standard of living as a fundamental right.
It is an unbelievable one, but the witness of the state capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Sikanderpur area, is a witness.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Visa rules for foreign workers entry toughen in US

By on Thursday, September 21, 2017
Trump Administration in America is constantly following to make path tough for foreign skilled workers including Indians. Trump Administration is challenging H1B Visa application. US President Donald Trump, following through his effort for foreign skilled workers entry, makes by the scrutinizing in applications tough. The data given by News Agency Reuters has clarified the whole picture.
According to Reuters Trump Administration H1-B1 Visa is regularly challenging the applications. The challenges round of these applications have increased in Trump administration competing to the Obama administration. US citizenship and immigration services have given data which shows clearly. According to the data, this year 85 thousands challenges and requests for evidence have been filed.
USCIS releases Requests for Evidence. Whenever it is released, the applicants do have to submit the new evidence in the favour of their applications through which they are enabled to confirm that their applications are authentic to achieve the H1-B visas. These applications in numbers have increased 45 percent this year in competition of last year and the increase of this is mere 3 percent of H1-B visas.
According to the news agencies, these challenges are responsible for the late issuing of H1B visa. The maximum RFE has been issued in year 2017 after 2009.

The puzzled lawyers in the H1-B visa added cases say that a new trend can be seen in the trump administration. According to them, the entry level workers have been challenged in Trump administration. It is against the visa rules, according to them.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review meeting held by BJP on economic front

By on Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Surrounded by constant shocks on economic front, the Modi government is going to start the discussion on ways to overcome from this bad impact. The finance minister Arun Jaitly is to hold a meeting with the higher officers of financial matter. There is going to be discussed the review of current economic situation and the remedies to accelerate the rate of development. However it was reported that the meeting was to be presided by PM Modi.
In the recent days the government has to face the constant blow of economic front. The opposition has stood responsible the decision of demonetization after declining the GDP 2.2 percent especially in first quarter. The government has been failed to generate 2 crore employments promise, the opposition said. The government is on target owing to rise in petrol and diesel price. There will be a discussion or brainstorm on the remedies to accelerate economic again after overcoming all these questions in this meeting.
The first quarter of this financial year resulted a shocking statistics to the government. The decline in GDP was recorded exactly 2.2 percent. The GDP of this FY in first quarter falls to 5.7 in comparing of 7.9 in this quarter. This opposition said it was an affect by the demonetization and said that Dr Manmohan Singh had warned during demonetization that the GDP would decline up to 2.2 percent which proved true. Congress has dubbed that the economic policy of Modi government failed.
The big question is here how the government may go ahead with the affirmative statistics because the general parliamentary election is to be held in 2019 and the government has 17 months remained.
The GDP growing rate declined constantly in 6th quarter. The economic review two had expressed in its prediction that this FY economic growth rate 7.5 percent would not be achievable. The industrial growth rate has also declined to its lowest in last 5 years. The impost is also facing many challenges. The current account loss in first quarter (April to June) has increased 2.4 percent or 14.3 billion Dollars. Exactly the trade loss growing has increase CAD.
During the election campaign mod had asserted to generate 2 crore employments every years, but this has proved damp squib so far. however the government had started the project make in India skill development program with exaggerating claim, but the employments generating statistics is not growing ahead of a few lakhs. When the skill development minister, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, was toppled from his post recently, the failure in achieving target was assumed cause behind it. This question may prove very tormenting for the pair of Modi-Shah emerging in the election turning.
As PM Modi had announced demonetision in November last year, he said that the black money stashed would surface or the money stashed in black cashbox would be scrap. Modi added that it was a few months difficulty and a shining India would emerge, but resulted what? RBI deposited more than its earlier money; namely, black and fake currencies were deposited in the economy. Moreover the government had promised to bring back the black money from abroad but the government has not achieved any big success.
The government had imposed GST on mid-night of 1st july in a ceremony, and accepted it as a tax revolution of post independent  india. the 3 months are going to be completed, but the business men are still to be registered with this system.Mr Subramaniam Swami, well known economist and MP, posing question over it says: how to file GST, what is its system -- all have created an atmosphere of lawlessness.
the statistics of the effect over business is to be shown. if it is negative, it may create a problem to the government.
The rising prices of petrol and diesel are growing difficulty to the Modi government. The government had implemented dynamic price system quoting that the slashing in price would benefit immediately to the public, but since last 3 months the rate of petrol raised up to 7 Rs, the benefit is a mirage. The public on social media are in grudge. the people queried why did not bring it in the range of GST.

Dharmendra Pradhan, petroleum minister, clarified about it and saved the dynamic system. the reason behind this system  is questionable because the oil price in world market was 107 dollars per barrel in 2014, the rate of petrol and diesel in delhi was respectively Rs 71.41 and Rs 60 per litre. Now the rate in world market 54 dollars per barel, the rate of petrol price is Rs 70.39 in Delhi today and the price of diesel is Rs 58.74/litre.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

MP's follower vehicles paid no toll tax

By on Sunday, September 17, 2017

Newly appointed state president and the former Union Minister, Mahendra Nath Pandey is under controversy. When his cavalcade reached under toll passage during Agra visit, none vehicles which followed him paid toll tax. As the correspondent asked about the toll tax, Pandey was incensed and then he said, “I’m MP and am toll free.”
A video tweeted by ANI: Pandey can be seen speaking to correspondents, “did you have no other question? When the correspondent asserted repeating their question, he said, “I’m MP, and I’m toll free.”
Mahendra Nath Pandey was state HRD minister in Modi government. Pandey has been recently appointed UP state BJP new president. He has taken charge from UP deputy CM, Keshav Prasad Maurya.
 It is noticeable that Mr Pandey may be free of toll tax payment,  but none vehicles of the cavalcade paid toll tax there , which is clearly violation of implemented rules and regulations; while the Union government is serious about reform the taxation system.

One more freedom icon is no more...Arjan Singh, first Indian Air Chief marshal passed away

By on Sunday, September 17, 2017
The air chief in the age of 44, the leading to more than 100 fighter planes’ fly past over the red fort on the occasion of India’s independence and the officer bedecked with 5 stars in air force, Arjan Singh, is well known for discipline. once he had to face court marshal.
Yes, it is court martial which has to face when an armed personnel breaks army rule. The time had to face when he had violated the air force rules.
It was the time of post independent era when the British had its command. The young Arjan Singh flew fighter plane over a home of Kerla in February 1945 at very low height. Exactly after this action he had to face court martial for the violation of air force rules. He had also been accused of endangering civilian life. However he had pursued it rigidly. Whatever he had contended there in his defense, he was acquitted from court martial.
According to a Post on a news paper, he was deployed at Kannur cant air strip. he flew aircraft and reached over the corporal house; he flew the plane at low height. Many rounds over corporal home he carried. In such condition not only corporal’s kin came out on the road, but the local residents also came out; the traffic had jammed. The seeing of aircraft then was a pride, and the local residents had seen air plane exactly once earlier.
The bruisers were not pleased with this conduct while it was joyful for the people and the report was sent to higher official and Arjan Singh had to face court martial. However the trained pilots were in short numbers then
.Facing court martial, Arjan Singh said arguing that he did so for fostering confidence. None other, this trainee pilot was the person, Dilbag Singh, who became Air Chief Marshal in future. Dil Bag Singh had been the air chief Marshal since 1981 to 1984. He was the second Sikh Air Chief after Arjan Singh. Dilbag Singh was appointed as a pilot in 1944.
Arjan Singh is well known for his never flinching valor. he has an armed family back ground, so he had an intimacy for armed force since his childhood. His father was trusted lieutenant as ADC to divisional commander. His grandfather, Major Hukam Singh was in cavalry during 1883 to 1997.
Arjan Singh was felicitated as‘Diamond Man’ by then Union Home Minister, Y.B.Chavhan, for his excellent services rendering during Indo-Pak war in1965. he added that he is efficient and rigid for his work with a great leadership.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Indian origin Doctor killed in Kansas, USA

By on Saturday, September 16, 2017
An Indian origin doctor has been killed by sharp edge weapon in Kansas, USA. Achut Reddy, resident of Telangan a new state in india, has been reported killed. A patient has been arrested on the ground of prima facie suspicion in this matter.
57 years old reddy’s murder cannot be denied the possible reason of hate crime. The person who has been arrested named Umar Rashid Dutt, age about 21 years. It is noticeable that it was second incident of an Indian man's murder this year in Kansas.Sriniwas Kutchi Bhotla, Telangana man, was shot at here in February this year.
Tod Ojail, local police lieutenant, told to media that Dr Reddy was attacked at his Psychiatric clinic on Wednesday evening around 7 o’clock. As the manager stared this, he tried to catch him. Dr. Reddy got chance to escape from the spot. Even he tried flee from there through the back door, but the assailant, followed him in rear alley, attacked again.The emergency medical help could access to the doctor that he succumbed to his injuries.

Many bore marks of sharp edge weapon attack were seen on the body. Dr reddy had added Yoga in the treatment process some time ago. Many colleague doctors and patient had expressed resentment. The police also assume it the reasons behind the murder although the police is investigating i

Friday, September 15, 2017

Shroud mystery in Ryan school murder case: Why CBI?

By on Friday, September 15, 2017
Accused Ashok Kumar after arrest
The intention behind the murder of 7years old Pradhumn is unclear now which raise the suspicion over the management which claims the name international, but the standard of school was in the hand of layman perhaps either or some foul play appear here.
If the bus conductor was afraid of the slain little boy’s scream… and intentionally wanted to physical abuse him, why had he chosen that place to trap Pradhumn? While he could have easily targeted him at other safe places during transportation, he transits the children for school.  Whether conductor had bad character, or the story is baked in this way. The sudden plan to abuse... and then murder after failure are not true story. It is two commitments here, which is possible after a hatched plan. Ashok told the babe had seen some his bad activity there specially at toilet... any bad lone activity which was grave in nature could consequence a murder is not believable under CCTV footage. Then who were there inside the campus at the hour of incident to whom he had seen? And whether the bad scene was going on there with murder knife that day? Any way cell phones in campus were used, but if police failed to siege all the mobiles availble there, now it is late.
Another doubt: as the information spread, Ashok had brought Pradhumn out from the toilet, and with other staff he rushed him to hospital, but no blood marks were on his shirt. There were no blood stains over Ashok’s shirt.
The toilet in the presence of police was cleaned. Why did police help the management? Both know the accused persons except Ashok; and the police helped the management to destroy evidences shows the hand of powerful man behind the murder.
Prdhumn’s bag and water bottle both were cleaned after the incident; who and why did it?
The number of students' presence failed to hear the scream at the time of murder; while teachers and children use the toilet every minutes.
Suddenly the school's CCTVs were not working. Then whether it is an effort to save the real accused.
The accused Ashok confessed that he tried to physical abuse the boy. When he began to scream, he, afraid of exposing, attacked on throat by knife. The clothes of deceased have been sent for forensic investigation.
Bombay high court has given relief to Pinto family on advance bail. the relief has the validity till Thursday. the relief was till Tuesday earlier. the family have filed advance bail plea at Bombay high court.
Bombay High Court gave interim relief to the pinto family. Grace Pinto, Augustine Pinto and Ryan Pinto are on immediate relief.
Pradhumn’s father, Varun Thakur, demanding CBI inquiry, has said that he is not satisfied with the police investigation. He has still to find the reply of this question: from where did the bus conductor bring the knife? And why he went to bath room to clean the knife?
Two higher officers of Haryana police reached to Ryan school, they will record the statement of top management.
Bombay High Court will hear advance bail application of Pinto family this afternoon.
Ryan Group reached Supreme Court for Pradhumn murder case hearing to be out from Haryana. 
The counsel who is trying Pinto case in court has alleged facing protest.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Negligence in state-run hospitals in BJP-ruled states: Congress

By on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Each day, 1043 children die in the state and for reasons eminently preventable. In Uttar Pradesh alone, more than 1000 children died between January and August 2017 due to lack of medicines and shortage in oxygen supply. 290 children had their lives cut short at Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College in Gorakhpur in August. 213 were in neonatal ICU and 77 in the encephalitis ward. Most notably, Uttar Pradesh has the highest Mortality Rate for children. 64 infants under one year and 78 children under the age of five years die in a year out of 1000 babies, shows the NFHS report of 2015-16. The infant mortality rate (IMR) of UP, India’s most populous state, is now worse than 2013 when it was 50 per 1000 live births.
The state government's rationale? Encephalitis has taken lives before.
If lack of oxygen is the cause of deaths, facts are twisted, and the media managed. The state continues with business as usual. The BJP supporter looks on, untouched and unperturbed.
n Jharkhand, 52 infants died at Jamshedpur’s Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College hospital in the August 2017. In fact, 164 children lost their lives in the same month in the last 90 days. This year alone, 660 children have died in Ranchi’s Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences.
Then, In Maharashtra, deaths of infant and children totalled 21,985 in the last two years - 17,944 infant deaths and 4,041 children. As per the latest report of NFHS, at least 64 children below the age of six died every day in Madhya Pradesh and its infant mortality rate is worse than what it is in some African countries. The MP Health departments report stated that 116 malnourished children died last year. Ministry for Women and Development report revealed that 25,440 children in the age group of 0-6 years lost their lives due to diseases like diarrhoea, measles, in the year 2016.

Dawood's property freezed in Britain

By on Thursday, September 14, 2017
The British government has given a big jolt to Dawood Ibrahim. The property which belongs to this Mafia has been freezed here.
Dawood is the accused of serial bomb blast in Mumbai during 1993. The PM Modi had made available the evidence to the David Cameron government against Dawood during Britain trip in November 2015.
PM had requested Cameron government to confiscate the properties belong to this man.
According to the report, Britain has taken this fresh action on PM Modi’s request. Dawood is understood among the rich gangsters in the world. Forbes magazine had dubbed him most rich criminal in the world in 2015.
The wealth of this man was told worth $6.7 million. The 45 crore properties have been included in the present. Dawood Ibrahim’s criminal business runs in Europe, Africa, more than 12 countries of South Asia.

Monday, September 11, 2017

JNUSU(Left) left behind all

By on Monday, September 11, 2017
The top University in India and also famous in abroad, JNU, held election for its students union; and the Left Unity candidate, Gita Kumari was the winning candidate for the union president post. She secured 1506 votes; where ABVP candidate bagged mere 1042 votes. 3 more candidates in central panel are also elected from the Left Unity.
It is noticeable that Gita Kumari is the candidates of AISA. The AISA, SFI and DSF were in fray jointly. United Left has bagged the post of vice president, joint secretary and general secretary – respectively, Simon Joya Khan, Shubhanshu Singh, Duggirala Shrikrishn.
ABVP (RSS backed) candidates countered to United Left on all seats of central panel including union president post. Nidhi Tripathi, (ABVP candidate for president) was on second position.
The BAPSA (backed by SC politics) was not much trailing in the campus during this election. BAPSA well performed in this election; they were supported by united OBC forum.
ASIF's president candidate, Aparajita Raja, was stay behind. NSUI (Cong backed) was far behind. Farooq Alam obtained satisfactory votes as an independent candidate.
Votes Obtained
Name of Candidates
Geeta Kumari
Nidhi Tripathi
Shabana Ali
vice president
Simon Zoya Khan
Durgesh Kumar
Subodh Kumar
General Secretary
Duggirala Srikrishn
Nikunj Makwana
Karam Vidyanath Khuman
Joint Secretary
Shubhanshu Singh
Pankaj Keshri

And the Voice Stopped....!

By on Monday, September 11, 2017
The senior and renowned journalist of Karnatka, Gauri Lankesh, has been assassinated. According to report, the assailants reached to her Bangalore home; shot at and fled from the spot. Police told seven round bullets were fired – two of these were shot on chest and one on head.
The resentment or grudge prevailed in whole community from the politics up to journalists against the assassination of Gauri Lankesh. The chief minister of Karnatka, Siddhmarraiya, has said that he is shocked with this incident.
He texted and said, “There’s no words to condemn such heinous crime.” he said that Karnatka has lost a progressive voice and he, a friend. The accused will be in police dragnet.
The progressive voices had been murdered exactly in the same way like Dr MM Kalburgi, Narendra Dabholkar and Dr Govind Pansare. Gauri Lankesh, 55, had the stance against right wing.  She was convicted for her writes up against the BJP’s leader in two matters of defamation. She was out on bail.
Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President, has targeted over the RSS and BJP for the murder of renowned journalist of Karnatka, Gauri Lankesh.
He said, “If someone criticizes the concept of the BJP and the RSS, he is pressurized; thrashed; and eventually, he is even murdered.”
 Rahul Gandhi posed the question over the PM Modi’s silence on Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder and said, “PM Modi is a complete Hindutwa leader.”
His words mean a duality. His activists get a message and rest of the world understands others. Rahul Gandhi, vice president of Congress said that he has talked with Siddhmaraiyyah and demanded the arrest of Gauri Lankesh’s murders earliest.
Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, said Rahul’s statement over Modi is a shame.
He said, “He is PM of India, not of a party.”
Nitin Gadkari said over the allegations on BJP, “It is a baseless allegation. We have no relation with this murder. The law and order is the responsibility of state.”
Anti-right wing politics journalist, Gauri Lankesh, was assassinated in a firing at her Bangalore home on Tuesday this week.
This follows the murder axis of Dr MM Kalburgi, Narendra Dabholkar and Dr Govind Pansare, so the facts are perceived interlinking each other. The trio were the anti-right wing politics.
The CM has said on Wednesday this week, “ Gauri Lankesh’s murder is the part of organized crime.”
 Two person involved to write on face book against Gauri Lankesh is being quizzed.
After the talk with the State Home Minister, the responsibility has been assigned over DG police to hand over the case to CBI, said the CM.
Sadananda Gowda, Union Minister, has demanded to hand over this case to CBI; meanwhile the Union Home Minister, has directed to ask the report from state government over the murder of Gauri Lankesh.
The traumatic BJP is in pressure now. After the demonetization, the resolution of better days have crossed 3 years, and 2 more years are to be very crucial in the wake of BJP’s reformation policy among population. 
However, what happened after the killing of Gauri Lankesh — the public mood fully was diverted toward this murder, which made among the people skipped all the reactions of past drawbacks of governments of States or Union. Let us see the drawbacks.
  • The arrest of Haryana BJP president's son in the case prowling a girl.
  • The victory of Ahmed Patel in Gujarat Rajya Sabha election despite siege.
  • Many children died in Oxygen shortage at BRD Medical College Gorakhpur.
  • Many rail accidents in the country.
  • Supreme Court decision on right to privacy.
  • Dera supporters' violence erupted owing to Haryana Government laxity.
  • The RBI’s report over the demonetization.
  • The development rate of economy slumps to its lowest level in the past 3 years.

Any way the killing of senior journalist is shameful and is the attack on democracy. We condole this killing, but the question is here that an armed personnel can face the assailant; what about a journalist whose life be in danger always for following his job? The journalist always battles to extract the content from the executive, the legislative and the judiciary in this democracy. The trio systems try to defend it from Media, but meanwhile the ecology give birth a killer to control the voice.