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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

100 Children and their parents vow to voice against child violence; also pledge to send’em school

By on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Human Right Monitoring committee held a Programme on  International Children Rights Day in Lucknow on Monday afternoon this week. On this occasion, a march was organised with the children who are the slum dwellers in Lucknow. The placards in the hands were displaying the juveniles discrimination.
Anshuman Singh, coordinator, said, “ The laws are here -- despite it, these children are the victim of violence.” He has said that they are neither safe in home, nor safe away from home. he added, “we, instead to know their feelings, try to repress their rights.”
Discrimination, violence, victimization, sexual exploitation and assault, children smuggling, child labouring, child marriage -- all criminal activities are affecting their pious future which is condemnable and a point of concern.
Madhuri Chauhan said on children protection, “Elders are aware of their rights. They know their social,economic, commercial rights. A little ripples in their rights they cannot tolerate and raise their voice against it; while the children rights are broken in routine.
Vineeta Tharu said, “ The parents claim for the child care; but, as they do the care, they seem that they are providing all the needful rights, which does not exist in practice."
She said, "The children are not aware of their rights in the constitution which have been conferred them. This needs a campaign under work mission to be carried out by the government. The guardians and the parents are awared about the children rights on 'International Children Rights Day'."

The practice of learning during the children's development plays important role. They make mistake which is a normal activity, but the punishment is a wrong step. They become unaware of the mistake; they must be upheld to do any work work with the better ways, but the violence against the children are against the rights of children, said Amit Ambedkar.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


By on Tuesday, November 21, 2017
The scientists have assumed the year 2018 may be the year of earthquake. According to Forbes report, this may be because of that event which reduce the rotatory speed of our earth for a while and restores its uniform motion. The scientists tell that the common people cannot feel it, but its consequences occurs in the glimpse of devastating quake.
The geophysicists are able to measure the milliseconds change in the motion of earth. Now they assume that this retardation in the motion is a big cause of intense earthquake after a certain interval.
A researcher’s team of geophysicists analyzed every earthquake which was intense more than 7 on Recter scale since 1900. They found in study that after interval of every 32 years had been growing in the number of earthquake in the world. This fact wondered them. They deeply investigated it and then they found in the record the growths of earthquakes were during the period when the earth’s rotatory motion had got slow speed. They found that this slow in speed was recorded every 25-30 years after, and recorded earthquake exactly after this event.

The last slow speed of earth in the past had been recorded and the numbers of quake came in the ending or 5th year. The year 2017 is the 4th year of this retardation and this prediction has been assumed that the year 2018th may increase the numbers in earthquake.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Google are to show 'Trust Indicator' to fight fake news

By on Saturday, November 18, 2017
Facebook, Google and Twitter like reputed companies have been attentive to prevent the propaganda of fake news through social media and internet. they have told that they are now the part of ‘The Trust Project’ against ‘Fake News’.
The operation of trust project has been started by the Sainta Clara University for applied ethics. It has intension of informing about the source of any news on social media. 75 thousand news agencies of America and European countries have supported this project. The American news website ‘theeconomist’ Washington Post, Mirror in Britain, German Press Agencies of Germany is in these said agencies.
According to the report, these agencies will show ‘the trust indicator’ in their news. As this indicator shall be clicked, the readers can be able to know the writer’s detail and source of news. The audience will be able even to know whatever they are reading is an advertisement, is a news, or is the opinion of the writer.
The renowned journalist, Sally Lehman, the director of Centre for Applied Ethics told on Thursday that GOOGLE, FACE  BOOK, Bing and Twiter have agreed upon over the use of indicators or trust indicators. Earliest 'Trust Indicator' will appear beside the 'writes-up' or the news to be uploaded on these platform.
America and Europe are facing heavy criticism for promoting ‘Fake News’. It is assumed that the Russian Agencies had published into the 'news feed and trading section of face book' such news during the American President Election which had played an important role in the winning of Donald Trump.
The matter then came more in limelight in the past days when the 3000 Russian advertisements related information was shared with the American Congress. Face Book has said that it has doubt that the Russian Internet Research Agency had used to maintain the atmosphere in the favour of President Trump’s election.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Union Government tightened rope on profiteering; GST benefits must be in access of people

By on Friday, November 17, 2017
That it is absolutely right felt, 'the government is slashing the rate of GST on many goods and the benefits of it is not accessing up to you'.
The government has also taken it in cognizance after several complaint that the companies are not providing the benefits of GST up to customers, and which is resulting of high rates on goods despite the slashing in tax rates. The government is now going to tight the profiteers behind the GST.
The Union government has approved to constitute an Anti-profiteering Authority on Thursday this week. There will be experts immediately in this group—namely, a chairman and technical members. This government authority will monitor those persons who are usurping the benefits of GST and evading giving its benefits to the customers. The authority will take action against such activities.
The slashed rates on GST have been implemented on many goods 15th November.
The Union Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said that the government cutting the rate on GST has freed various commodities from the purview of 28% GST and brought it into 5%. The provision has been implemented over the use of common people. The government has signaled by this step that it will keep its promise to make this benefits accessing to the common men.
Incase people felt that the benefits of GST are not being availed; they shall be able to complain to Anti Profiteering Authority. NAA will have an officer in secretary rank for the post of chief, and it will also have four technical members who may be from centre or of state. There will be a standing committee and a screening committee in the states.
If the customers feel that the benefits of GST are not being availed, they can complain it to its state screening committee; but the profiteering case should be in such manner that may have affected to the many people or it may affect the country. this can be complaint to standing committee. The investigation of grievance shall be done by the Director General of Safeguard under CBEC and will submit it to NAA which will take proper action.

If the complaint is found correct by NAA, it can order to reduce the rate; and incase NAA contemplates the matter serious, it can impose the fines. the registration of GST can be cancelled in the most serious type matters.

UPSC and UGC-NET can change its rules

By on Friday, November 17, 2017
The civil service examination conducted by Union Public Commission is going to cut the age limit of candidates. The format of the examination is also going to be changed. According to Rajsthan Patrika has reported that the union government is considering the Basawan committee report. The committee had been assigned the responsibility to review the format of civil service in 2015. The government has submitted its report to the government on 20th March 2017.

The university grant commission is going to change in NET exam after 10 years. A committee has been formed for the purpose. It has been reported that the committee shall submit the change report in the syllabus of all inclusive subjects.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Death blamed starvation in UP too; senior woman dies

By on Thursday, November 16, 2017
Bareilly is a western district of Uttar Pradesh where an old age woman died because of starvation this week. According to the report, the woman succumbed to her hunger. It is a wondering fact that the people are blaming the system failure in this incident.
This is the starvation death that has been reported in UP after the death of Santoshi from Jharkhand last month.
According to the information, the woman was down by illness since last 5 days. The husband of woman in this condition went to collect the ration from the government public distribution provision store. He was allegedly refused the ration. The shopkeeper refused to give the ration in the absence of woman. The shopkeeper said, “The ration shall be given after taking the fingerprint impression.”
It is alleged that the woman’s home began to face the food shortage for not being issued of ration; meanwhile the ill woman dies. The allegation is tossed that the starvation caused her death.
The victim woman’s family is very poor, as told here.

According to the SDM, the deceased woman was Antyoday card holder. He added the matter is being investigated. The new ration cards have been issued under Antyoday scheme which has provision of card holder to be head of senior woman in family. The beneficiaries of this scheme from public distribution shop have been added to the Adhar link.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

International Film Festival of India begins next week in Goa; 'Nude and S Durga' will remain absent

By on Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Ravi Jadhav, the director of film Nude has raised many questions over the removal of S Durga, Malyali film, and Nude, Marathi film in 48th international film festival in Goa to be held. He said, “When the government can protect the film Padmavati, why are such decisions being taken for our films.”
The ministry of Information and Broad Casting without informing to the 13 members jury has removed Malyali film, S Durga and Marathi film, Nude from IFFI. Sujoy Ghosh, the jury head, has resigned after this decision.
Sujoy has directed film like Kahani. Sujoy has expressed his wonder over the decision of ministry I&B. However he has not reacted any comment over the issue where Ravi Jadhav,director of ‘Nude’ and Sanal Shashidharan, director of 'S Durga', have loged their objection over this decision.
Ravi Jadhav has said over this decision, “As the selected movies ‘name wee announced and the name of our films was absent in the list, we got information about this decision from the media. Nude was an opening film of this festival and we all are wonder over the decision, but there has not yet any official information about the removal.”

He said it is absolutely wrong. We fill our form two or three months ago. We were waiting the final list. The cause behind the removal has not been given so far. he said, “that Mr Sujoy Gosh has resigned came to know. I say him 'thanks' for expressing his resentment over the decision taken.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

levels gap in salaries of both -- lower government workers and workers in private sector -- make preference of government job

By on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lucknow University organised four days symposium on Neo-liberalism, consumerism and culture where Sonalde Desai, University of Marryland, USA, addressed the conference in Lucknow last week. She said in her analysis over the rising demand for reservation.
The past decade has seen rising demands for reservation from a variety of relatively prosperous agricultural communities; namely, Jats, Marathas, Patels, and Gujjars. These demands and underlying frustration have emerged in a decade when the economic narrative tends to focus on high rates of growth and declining poverty.
How do we reconcile these two competing trends? Using data from the National Sample Surveys between 1983 and 2012 we find in this paper which shows that, before the adoption of neoliberal policies, Indian economy was dominated by large and medium farmers who were both numerous and able to earn a reasonable standard of living.
 However, the past decades have faced a decline in their economic power, which has turned once prosperous farmers into subsistence farmers.
 Simultaneously, there has been substantial increase in the incomes of white collar salaried workers and professionals, while job opportunities for white collar work has experienced only a modest growth..

Data from India Human Development Survey show that many agriculture base families find almost all avenues of upward mobility blocked.
Successive pay commissions have created a rising gap between the salaries of lower level government workers and the workers in the private sector – the levels gap of both side have made the preference of government job highly desirable.
However, downsizing of government employment makes this an almost impossible dream. Coveted modern occupations in private sector demand skills and credentials that are beyond the reach of most rural students.
Although educational attainment in rural India has grown, a vast proportion of rural students are attending the institutions that fail to equip them for the modern world.
 Not surprisingly, these blocked mobility aspirations come together into a demand for reservations in government jobs and institutions of higher learning resulting in political mobilization of agricultural communities.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lucknow university organised four days symposium on Neo-liberalism, consumerism and culture

By on Monday, November 13, 2017
Indian Sociology Council on 4th day in its address disseminated on the subject ‘Neo-liberalism, consumerism and culture’. Prof. Ravi Srivastva, JNU, prof. Sudha Par and Prof. Badri Narain, GB Pant Social Science Institute Allahabad, analyzed in reference to the consumption growth of Neo-liberalism, the deprived caste, the middle class awareness and the politics of backward and Dalits in Uttar Pradesh last two decade.
Prof. Ravi Srivastava analyzed the rate of production, the rate of employment and the rate of consumption, based on caste, religion, area in country and in Uttar Pradesh under Neo-liberal arrangement.

According to the professor, there were industrial production centre in the middle and the eastern UP during the 8th decade, but these industrial zones downsized after the induction of Neo-liberalism. These production centre have shifted to the adjoin areas of national capital fall in UP or in national capital.
The gap between the national production rate and the state production rate widened. The chance of employments in UP after the Neo-liberalism has declined. The educated and non-educated youths are escaping towards other states.
He told that the 20% of rural houses have increased in the circumference of poverty. If let it be seen in the wake of consumption, there is 20% decline in consumption in UP in comparison of national consumption rate in last two decade. There is a big economic disparity in comparison of villages to the city.
Prof Ravi assumes that the consumption level of the scheduled caste and the minorities have improved, which has caused the rise of middle class among them; but the disparity has grown among the groups of Scheduled caste and minorities.
Prof. Sudha Par analyzed the changing politics of Dalits and told that the regional political parties got the power on rising awareness of social justice among the other backward caste and the Dalits during the decade of 90’s; but the most backward and most-Dalit castes could not have been benefitted of Neo-liberal market and society, so they were attracted towards the inclusive agenda of the BJP and the RSS.
These castes which unite against a particular Dalit and a particular other backward race are intending to be more powerful as politically, educationally and economically. The most-Dalit and the most- backward castes because of ‘Maha-Hindu’ identity economic desires had got the BJP's majority reached in last assembly and parliamentary election.
The political unity arose on the inclusive Hindu agenda and rising of middle class among Jats on grassroots level in western UP. The political polarization occurred in the result of strong leadership in eastern UP.

Prof Badri Narain in his analysis told that the marginal-Dalits, Dahariya, Kamar, Kabutari and Sarwan – all joined the BJP in the hope of economic gain after the political ignoring.
According to Prof Badri Narayan, the traditional knowledge of castes is now become a cultural burden.
The 40 marginal Dalit castes of 55 Dalit castes have reached to marginal extent as politically and economically because of market and consumerism.
He assumes that these tribal castes are now the herbs’ gathering labourers for the Ayurvedic Company. The traditional knowledge of herbs used is going to vanish.
According to Prof Narayan, the fashion of ethnic Devi-Devtas in the most-Dalits castes and the most backward castes unlike former anti-religious thinking has now in high practice, which has resulted the intimacy towards the BJP.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Drugs Smuggling Racket Busted In Delhi;Three Arrested

By on Sunday, November 05, 2017
Delhi police has seized 438 kg high quality drugs. Police special cell has busted an international drugs racket. Three smugglers including one from Myanmar have arrested.
That the drugs smugglers used Delhi as a transit route has been proved again. DCP Pramod KUshwaha told the racket used to send the drugs to Dimapur via train through Courier.
The drugs had been taking from Dimapur and sold in Myanmar. The nexus between a citizen of Myanmar and the Delhi resident, Sumit, was maintained to smuggle the drugs; then they began to buy the drugs, Admarfin, in heavy quantity from Sunil.
Mr. Kushwaha told that the Admarfin is used in rave parties. The drug is carried from Himanchal to Delhi; then it is sent to North-East state. The consumption of this drug is in large scale there. He added the seized drug is worth 50 crore.

Friday, November 03, 2017

British Defence Minister resigns on moral ground

By on Friday, November 03, 2017
Michael Fallon, the British Defense Minister, has resigned from his post. An allegation of sexual exploitation has been capped over him. He has accepted this allegation.
According to media, Fallon, announcing his resignation, has tendered his letter to the Prime Minister, Theresa May.
He has narrated in this letter, “Many allegations against the MPs have been surfaced in the past few days. A few of them are about my past behavior. Many of them are wrong, but I accept that once I didn’t do behavior according my dignity. My behavior was below those standards which we have been implemented over our respected army and its leadership. Therefore I’m going to resign.”
It is noticeable that Fallon had accepted that he had touched his hand over Julia Hartley Brewer’s knee with the malevolent intent. He had apologized for it. However Brewer, herself, has surprised over Fallon’s resignation. It seems me that some more allegations are about to be come out. I have doubt that it’s a result of just my knee touch. And if it is true, it is mere a craziness. I think Fallon was better Defense Minister. I’m sad that the forward member of cabinet has been said good-bye in this way.
The sexual exploitation cases against the MPs and the ministers in Britain are constantly in limelight. Journalist Brewer has confirmed this report. After these reports, the British Prime Minister has emphasised to decide the code and conduct rules of MPs. he accepted Fallon’s resignation and replied: a thanks on ‘high ideology for general code’.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

NTPC explosion killed 14; more than 100 injured

By on Wednesday, November 01, 2017

A big accident occurred at UPNTPC power plant in Raibarely Unchahar on Wednesday. 14 people have been reported killed and more than 100 charred after the explosion in boiler pipe. It is told that the injured are under treatment. Seeing the injured in big numbers, the ambulance from the local and Raibarely has been called for help. The fire brigades are trying to extinguish the fire and the CISF has siege the plant.
The accident took place in the 6th Unit of 500 Megawatt at NTPC around 4 O’clock on Wednesday evening, according to the locals. More than 200 labourers were on work near this Unit when the accident took place. As the explosion took place, there were severe fires. None was in position to escape when this accident occurred suddenly.
The chief minister, Yogi Adityanath has expressed the grief over the accident.
The home secretary UP has been directed to provide every help in the recue and relief work.
The CM has said to the officer that the injured to be treated on the priority, and the needy to be sent immediately to Lucknow PGI.

The CM has announced to Rs 2 lakh each to next kin of deceased and Rs 50 thousand to the injured, according the CM office.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Congress turned HP into land of corruption and mafias: Amit Shah

By on Monday, October 30, 2017
Congress dubbed BJP, 'A cavalcade without the groom in Himachal Pradesh'

Mr Amit Shah, BJP National President, addressed a public meeting in  Chamba District Himanchal Pradesh on Monday.  Mr shah targeted congress government  in the state. he said that the state was chief tourist place of India, but the state congress rule of five years has turned it into the  land of the corruption and the mafias.
he also showed here a development vision; but alleged on CM, Virbhadra,  and added that he had begun many projects with the 'Bhoomi Pujan', but he did not inaugurated it.

Shah said the Vibhadra Singh government in last five years made Himachal No 1 in crime rate, No I  in mafia activities in mining and  No. 1 in corruption in several other aspects. All the corruption elements are going about their business freely under their patronage, he added.

The Vibhadra Singh government took a loan of Rs 20000 crore for the development of the state but that money was not used anywhere but siphoned off, Shah said.

The BJP President said its ironical that Rahul Baba is asking for an account of Modi government’s work in last three years at the centre but UPA govt. which indulged in corruption and scams of Rs. 12 lakh crore never bothered to explain their performance. We BJP people are not afraid of giving any details as we have done real work on the ground, Shah said.
he gave the clean chit to  the union government and said it has launched a new welfare scheme for the people of country, but the state government of Himanchal Pradesh did not let the benefits reach here.
he added the congress party always played with the security of the country.
He said, “We have given details of our work at the Centre to the people. Now when Rahul Baba comes to Himachal Pradesh next he should give details of the performance of the Virbhadra Singh govt. in the last 5 years in the state.”

HP CM, Virbhadra Singh, addressed 4 Public meeting in district Mandi on Monday. He said, "Whoever does the development, votes are given to them." The congress government has done unprecedented development during it 5 years tenure.
The state congress will again repeat in power for its development works. He also appealed to the public to vote for congress candidates. He taunted on BJP and dubbed it a cavalcade without the groom.
He said that many groups claimant on CM post in BJP can be seen clearly. He also claimed that the congress is together in the fray. He has hoped that the people of state will franchise its votes to uphold the development agendas of congress on November 9.

Investigative agency and law are to accuse someone on terror -- not by any political leader: Ahmed Patel

By on Monday, October 30, 2017
The most intimate and trusted lieutenant to Sonia Gandhi, MP, Ahmed Patel has knocked the door of Home Ministry. Ahmad Patel has sought through a letter to HM a fair inquiry in the whole matter.
Ahmad Patel said in his letter that the matter is of national security so there must not be politics over such serious matter. Ahmad patel surrounded the Gujrat BJP government and claimed its allegation is baseless.
Ahmed Patel said to union home minister through the letter, "The Home Minister should order a probe in this matter through the concerning investigative agency, and the accused must be punished.".
Ahmed Patel has said that it is the duty of the investigative agency and the judiciary to accuse someone on terror -- not of any political leader who, having called a press conference, alleged for it.
The Gujarat Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani, had slapped serious allegation over Mr Ahmad Patel, a Congress leader, on Friday last week. Rupani alleged that the ATS had arrested, which IS terrorist, from the hospital that was protected by congress leader Ahmad Patel.
He had said this terrorist had been intending to execute a big incident in Ahmdabad. The suspected terrorist, Mohd Kasim, was working where (Bharooch hospital) is under Ahmad Patel’s controlling. However Congress has clarified it that Ahmad had resigned in 2014 from here. Ahmad Patel has dismissed the allegations.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Chhattisgarh Congress condemns arrest of journalist over Minister's alleged sex CD case

By on Friday, October 27, 2017
A senior journalist, Vinod Verma, has been arrested on Friday early morning from his residence at Ghaziabad UP. The arrest of Verma has been done by Chhattisgarh police in connection with the allegation of blackmailing of a State Minister’s sex CD.
Mr Verma had telephoned on a companion of minister this week and sought the money. a case has been registered against Mr Verma in Pandari police station at Raipur in this connection. Chhattisgarh police on this basis raided a Delhi shop and seized the prints of 1000 alleged CD from the possession.
According to the police, Verma’s residence at Indirapuram Ghaziabad was raided by police after quizzing with the shopkeeper, and the police arrested Vinod Verma from here. Many CD prints of Minister's alleged sex scandal have been recovered from Verma’s possession. Even his Laptop and pen drive have also been taken in police possession.
Vinod Verma is the former BBC journalist. He has been editor to Amar Ujala Digital section. He is member of Editors’ guild of India at present and is working as freelance journalist now.
State Congress president, Bhupesh Baghel, has condemned this arrest. He said, “The Minister’s sex CD was surfaced last week. The CD is also available here. We are verifying it authenticity.  Any person's CD being found in possession of anybody is not an offense which has been capped over Mr Verma." The action shows that the BJP government is trying to vanish the matter.