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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

SP chief scolded doctor during talk with bus victims in hospital

By on Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr Akhilesh Yadav when he was talking to the aggrieved, was cross argued by a doctor.   It was his visit to hospital where a bus which had caught fire after the collision on Sunday last week in Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh and the victims were under treatment here. Mr Yadav scolded the doctor on Tuesday this week.
Don’t interfere here because of being a government servant. You cannot take the government favour. Your post is of lower officer… and is of much lower post of government servant. Maybe you are from RSS, or from the BJP.
You cannot say what he is saying… go of step back…go away… shunt out from here.
While the BJP took it like a misbehave of Mr Akhilesh with the doctors on duty and termed it a frustration of defeat in the election. The UP BJP spokesperson said, “He should have praised the doctors’ work, not to scold talking in arrogant way… it’s a high flow of Akhilesh Ji.”

Monday, January 13, 2020

RTI is not enough to disclose political fund?

By on Monday, January 13, 2020

The State Bank of India has denied to divulge the buyer’s name of  Rs above one crores denomination bonds who had bought to donate in election. It is important that the CIC central information commission had, two days ago, asked the Union Government who had demanded to keep the donor's’ name under electoral bond scheme to be classified.
Anjali Bharadwaj, the social worker who is carrying out a campaign for the accountability and the transparency, had asked four questions from SBI under the law of Right to Information Act. The questions are as follows: Since January 2, 2018 till the application filed date, how many bonds were sold; how much of cost price these were; the numbers of 'denomination bonds' under the price range worth Rs above one crore; and who were the buyers? The questions were queried from the 29 branches of SBI.
23 of the 29 branches replied. The bonds 11,770 of worth Rs 5936.7 crore have been sold. The 5463 bonds are worth of one crore denomination; namely, the gross fund of 92 per cent was donated from the bonds of Rs one crore. The six branches of banks have not yet sent their replies.
All the branches of SBI did not informed to having told the reasons of secrecy of doners and made reference to the sections 8-1(e) and 8-1(j) of RTI act. Anjali Bharadwaj said, “ When the government was drafting the electoral bond scheme, the first of scheme texture it had been decided that who bought the bonds would be out of the purview of RTI, but we are aware that in the final draft texture of the scheme it was not added. It has been removed. It is clear what we have asked the information – all are under the perview of law.
It is important that the CIC had directed to the government about to tell who had demanded to keep secret the donor's name through electoral bod scheme. The CIC had expressed it displeasure over this – that the filed RTI in this connection are replied half-baked. On Venktesh Naik, RTI worker who filed an appeal, Information Commissioner, Mr Suresh Chandra, had issued notice to the Public Information Officers of economic wing in finance ministry. The notice said why they should not be punished by the fines of not giving the information within the 30 days.
Anybody, organisation, NGO or corporate can buy fives separate denomination bonds for the election donation under the electoral bonds scheme launched in January 2018 by Modi government. These bonds are in the range of 10 thousand, one lac, 10 lacs and one crore. However there is no limit to donate the party under this scheme.
Amrita Johary, the social worker, is to say whatever the reasons by banks for not disclosing the names are not correct, she says, “it is clear in RTI law that if the asked informations are in the public interest, that should be given.” She adds, “the election is the play of money and the buyers of above Rs one crore are either big industrialists or the influential men who can affect over the policies of government – so this RTI cannot be ignored.”
The information collected through the RTI appeal by Anjali Bharadwaj tells that the maximum bonds had been sold by SBI’s Mumbai branch, which are worth of Rs 1879 crore. The 95 per cent fund for the donation were bought from the Denomination Bonds of Rs one crore. Then the chronologically were bought in ascending order from SBI branch Kolkata, Delhi, and Hyderabad. The 90 per cent of donation fund’s bonds Rs above one crore were bought from here.
According to the organisation, Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), working for the transparency in election, more than 12000 bonds of Rs 6128 crore so far have been bought. The 60 per cent of gross donation through the bonds in the FY 2018-19 was credited in the account of BJP.
There have been controversies on the electoral bonds issue. However the government kept on saying that this scheme was dutiful to prevent the black money in the election. There is to be heard the case in the apex court this month.However SBI is going to open another window to buy electoral bonds since Monday this week. There can be bought electoral bonds since 13 January to 22 January. The founder of ADR Jagdeep Chhoker says, “After the directives of CIC the banks must disclose the donor's’ name. They shall have to disclose the donor’s name; but they are suppressing the information—this shows that there is some bungling.”

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Bus caught fire after collision in UP kills 50 people

By on Saturday, January 11, 2020
More than 50 people apprehended killed in a bus when it caught fire after collision with a truck on Friday night this week.
According to report, a bus was running on GT road near Ghiloy village rammed into a truck and after this drift it caught fire.
The present eyewitnesses on the spot told about the incident that a private bus which had aboarded more than 60 passengers who were going from Gursahayganj (Kannauj) to Jaipur collide with a truck.
After the collision its fuels tank caught fire which trapped the bus into an intense flame.
Mere 10 of the passengers could anyhow  narrowly escaped and the rest of them were inside the bus; the screaming sounds for the rescue was coming out, but the bus was in flame before the people of near by areas.
District Magistrate and the SSP Kannauj had reached to the spot with the rescue team after the CM Yogi's immediate taking cognizance of this accident.
According to the report, CM Yogi has ordered for the every possible help of treatment and the other needful assistance to be provided to the victims who got in trap of this accident.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Federation of Ministerial Service Association UP led a march on call of Bharat Bandh

By on Thursday, January 09, 2020

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Congress has backed the called Bharat Bandh by the several Labours’ Unions on Wednesday. Even he alleged that the Narendra Modi government is making the Public Sector Units unhealthy. In his tweet he said, “Modi-Shah government has created the awful unemployment under the anti-public and anti-labours policies. The PSU companies are being weakened so that these companies could be termed salable to their crony friends.” He added, “I salaam those 25 crores working class who called Bharat Bandh in this protest.”
Against the policies of Modi government the main labours’ unions of the country INTUC,SEVA AITUC,HMS,AIUTUC AICCTU, LPF and UTUC called on a strike all over the country on Wednesday. There was a hope of 25 crore labours to be in this strike. Going on agitation of the Left and the Congress supporters with the labours’ unions there was reports of the rail and the road trafficing hindrance from the different parts of West Bengal. Many supporters of this strike marched on road several parts of the state. They gathered on rail track too to stop the rail traffic.
The labours unions alleged that the government through the new relation code bill is abridging their rights by bringing changes in the labour laws. The different provisions have made tough of going on the strike in the industrial institutions while the dismissal from the services is easy. The present system of labours is going to be ended as a whole on the name labour code.
The labours unions demands that the unemployment to be  end; the social security to be assured; every labours minimum wages to be sure Rs21000. The unions are opposing the privatization of insurance, defence, petroleum and the railway.

National Vice President, SP Singh from UP Rajya Karmchari Mahasangh,  State President from UP Rajya Karmchari Mahasangh, Kamlesh Misra, and the District President Lucknow UP federation of Ministerial Service Associations, Narendra Pratap Singh,  have led the protest march in support of called Bharat Bandh by the Labours' Unions.
The employees of  the different ministerial service associations participated in the march from Shaheed Smarak park to the office of Distrct Magistrate Lucknow afternoon this week.
 Mr Kamleh Mishra told the media person that the protest march was scheduled first to reach at LIC building  Hajaratganj Lucknow, but the district administration and the Occupier of LIC building both did not allow the gathering inside the campus, so the march ended at DM office Lucknow.
By protesting employees and the leaders have handed over the memorandum to the DM Lucknow addressed to the Prime Minister. the contents of this memorandum contains the 14 points employees' demands.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Government apathy over formal and informal labourers amplifies Left on path of strike

By on Monday, January 06, 2020

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Central Labour Organisation UP held a press conference at the CPI office campus Lucknow on Sunday afternoon this week. Many employees and labourers' leaders from the formal and the informal both sectors were present there and addressed the media persons.
INTUC leader, Mr Chandra Shekhar, told the reason why they are on the path of strike on Wednesday next week. the leader was to say that the Modi's government did not convened any meeting of Indian Labour Conference since 2015. He alleged that a committee the labourers problems redressal had been constituted under the leadership of Mr Arun Jaitly during Modi's first tenure did no work.
 the amendment in the labour laws has been done in the favour of corporate and the owners one sided. The advises of labourers' delegates were not added to the anomalous labour law.
the provisions of 44th and 45th ILC are not being implemented, in which the recommendations of minimum wages to the scheme workers (Aanganbadi, Mid-day-meal, Asha), giving them the status like a labourer, had been done.
 Mr Umashankar Mishra, General Secretary, Hind Majdoor Sabha UP, said that the Yogi government has tacitly forbidden of abiding labourers law. No inquiry is set up even on complaint. There is no compliance of labour laws. The labour department has been made the edentate or the inactive.
Other unions' leader said, "Many industries are not paying minimum wages. the minimum pay revision time in the planned industries like hotel, restaurants and the engineering is going on, but the government is in sleep."
 They added that the committee is yet to be set up. the state government is looked in apathy to implement a restriction of any organisation on complaint. the owners have full liberty to exploit the labours.
The leaders told that many peasants' organisation have declared 'Rural Strike' slogans to meet out their demands. They have pledged not to let move the vegetables and the milk from the rural areas towards cities.
Several women and the students Unions have supported this strike and are to join it.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Modi Cabinet approves NPR and Census 2021

By on Thursday, January 02, 2020
Modi Cabinet has approved for the updation census and the national population Register or NPR on Tuesday last week.
The census work shall begin in 2021, but NPR updation work, except Assam, shall commence in April 2020 to September 2020 in all the 29 states and the 7 Union Territories.
The Ministry of Home Affairs has granted the proposal of expenditure fund Rs 3941 Crore for the updation of NPR and for the Census, Rs 8754.
What is the meaning of NPR or National Population Register?
NPR is a register for the residents of India or the usual residents normally. The registration of Indian origin residents is mandatory under the NPR. It is also mandatory for the foreign citizen residents in India including Indian. The intention behind NPR is to prepare the identification of a mass database of people residing in India.
The first ever NPR was prepared in 2010 and its updation work was done by going on survey at the doors of every homes in year 2015. Now with the house listing phase in the population census in 2021 shall run under once again updating from April 2020 to September 2020. This shall commence under the provisions of Citizenship Law 1955 and Citizenship Rule 2003(Registration of Citizensd and Issue of National Identity Cards) at villages, Panchayats, Districts, and States and at National Level.
What means Usual Residents?
According to the citizenship rule 2003, a usual resident is that who is residing since past 6 months in the area or wants to live here more than 6 months. The database what shall be prepared under NPR includes biometric information with the population statistics. The Informations under this provision what shall be taken are; namely, Aadhar, Mobile Number, PAN, Driving License, Voter ID and Indian Passport Number. The sharing of Aadhar's Information has been given up on people's own will by the ruling of SC. The informations what are going to be collected under Population Statistics are -- Name, Relation with the Head of House, Names of parent, Spouses of married, Gender, DOB, Single or Married, Profession and the Educational Qualification.
 In the last NPR which held in 2010 had collected the information under 15 points, but had been collected no informations regarding parents DOB and the birth place besides the residential addresses. The NPR 2010 data collection work was done in the censul collection of 2011.
What is census?
The populations counting is done in the census work. It is done in every 10 years. The census is the 16th Indian Population counting in 2021. The first of census was held in 1872. However it is 8th of post Independence census. The data collection of census of 2021 shall be the first ever to be done through using mobile app.
What does differ in NPR and NRC?
The NPR differs from the NRC or the National Register of Citizens. NRC does not include the foreign citizens. The citizenship rules had been notified on December 10th, 2003. The NRC had been emmerged under this rule in which Indian citizens, who are residing in India or out of India, are to be inlisted in 1 register. The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, had said last week on Tuesday that there is no co-relation between NPR and NRC. He added even this that the NPR datas shall not be used in NRC, but the annual report of home ministry released for the year 2018-2019 that NPR is the first phase of NRC. However the Union Minister, Prakash Javedkar, has said that the NPR is the census registration, nor the citizen register.
            He added that NPR has no relation with the NRC. Many contradictory statements have been surfacing even from the Government.
Which of the states have denied implementing the NPR?
The West Bengal CM, Mamta Benerjee, have announced that she would not implement NRC and CAA in her state. Mamta Benerjee had said, “The NPR work can not be commenced in the state without the permission of state Government. The non-BJP ruling Government after CAA have announced for the non-cooperation in the NPR and NRC.
Why has been Assam held isolate from the NPR?
NPR shall not be applicable in Assam. NRC had been implemented in Assam and the illegal immigrants had been arrested under this act. The purpose of NRC is to return them back by identifying the illegal immigrants.
Why the NPR is being protested?

Many political parties are to say that the NPR can’t be seen different from NRC in the same way the statement about the CAA is that it should be looked as a complement of NRC. Ali Imran Ramj, MLA OF Forward Block, has contended against, “If you want to stop NRC, you have to stop NPR”. There has been hatching a conspiracy or strategy to dispose the duo works in the name of census. If any State Government is against NRC, it shall have to stop NPR. The then Home Minister for States, Kiran Rujuju, on 23rd July 2014 had given a written statement, “that the Government has decided to make National Register of Indian Citizens”. This will be done on the basis of NPR.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Difficult situation in economy; needs immediate reform

By on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The predicament of Modi government on economic front is not going to be lessening. Reserve Bank of India has said that the banks trapped in the debt (NPA) shall increase. The central bank has warned in its financial stability report released on Friday that the debt sanctioned to the real estate sector has increased the NPA to 7.3 in June 2019 in comparison of 5.74% of June 2018.
The condition of government banks on this front is much more bad because the NPA has increased from 15 % to 18. 71% in the matter like loan. Total NPA of government bank is being told more than 10 lakh crore.
From the past sometimes negative news is being prevailed constantly for the economy.
A few days ago IMF has said that Indian economy is in critical condition and it needs immediate stepwise refurbishing.
After this Arvind Subramanyam, former economic advisor of BJP government, had said a little something. The statement was: 'Indian economy is moving towards ICU.' Arvind Subramaniam has said it is not a normal economic bad condition, but the condition is too critical.
 He said that the primary gestures for economy either gives negative growth rate or it shows nominal growth.

UP Govt should drop the revenge policy -- be sincere to resolve carefully violence issues

By on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Even Uttar Pradesh like other states of the country has been on the altar of sabotages and protest agitations for the last 15 days of December this year. Last 15 days of the end of the year always be celebrated normally of festivals ceremonies and the occasions of leave enjoyment, from the courts up to schools, and the government servants are looked to be dealt with their due leave of the year.
There stands several chances of rebate on the purchasing of goods available from Christmas to New Year normally. It is time of overcrowd in the resorts, zoos and in the parks, but the NRC and the CAA sparked violence and the agitations on December 18 to 19 this year spoiled all the excitement, pleasant mind setup and enjoyment of this running period this year.
It had been the first time in Uttar Pradesh when violence arsons and brickbatting had been reported every area of the state and more than 19 people were killed; and the injured counts reached to the 500 including 282 police personals.
However no curfew has been clamped in Uttar Pradesh, but 30 districts of the state including Lucknow have been restricted or snapped from the internet services -- it can't be said less than curfew. More than 5000 crore trading have been affected from the internet services snapping in different areas of the state; lacs of people suffered the crisis of their bread and butter. Whenever the riots or the tension prevailed in the past in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, the curfew had been clampped mere in those areas; but the snapping of Internet in the old Lucknow aftermath of the violent protest, Hazratganj, Cantt, Indira Nagar, Aliganj, Gomti Nagar -- all the areas had to face such type of difficulties. The consumers more than 2.5 lacs of OLA and UBER during this period were deprived of the services.
The services of restaurants like Swiggy and Zomato were remained closed in the wake of the tension. It was first time since the metro started -- its services gave the Lucknow residents – punishment of halt taste during the violent protest.
How much the hatching conspiracy of miscreants behind these protests were successful, how much of propaganda and unawareness played role, how much the political parties like Congress and Samajwadi parties had contributed in sparking of violence and protests, before  going to review on all the questions there is need of looking into the lapses in the alertness of administration -- whatever contemplated during the protests!
It is first time when in the observation it surfaced that the LIU and the intelligence organizations’ inputs worked very weak for the preparation and the alertness in the wake of the protestors and the mass protest. There were seen the police force looked to be like the traffic controllers during the VIP passage on the road.
 The administration was failed in arranging the adequate Police Force in these places after the grant of permissions issued to 41 organizations in different places together in Lucknow on December 19.
Central Reserve Police Force were not deployed during this protests. the lapses in the preparation of administration on next day looked; consequently, the miscreants and goons kept on doing the sabotages and arsons. A little relief in Lucknow was that the schools remained closed in the wake of severe cold in the city on december 18; otherwise, the schools’ children in these violent protest could have faced much difficulties on December 19.
The Yogi government was failed on beginning to deal with the situations. The inexperienced officers, mutual communication gap, the laxity of officers in many districts and the snapped Internet Services for long periods without reasons – all things kept the government in confinement.
 If we say about the state capital, the restrictions over the internet services until evening of December 25 was not lifted in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit in spite of being situation normal. The functionaries in the administration were to say that Yogi’s government was in fear that the Prime Minister, Modi, could have been cognizant of the state’s situation which might have displeased him or it might have been a little mistake in the respect of state government.
 After the initial drawbacks when the state government took the drastic steps to control over the situation, the statement of head of state hurt deeply to the people's expects. The Chief Minister had issued a statement giving the warning to the outrage and violent mob. He said that there would be taken revenge by forfeiting the properties of rioterers. However the Chief Minister said, after correcting the statement, that the rioterers who were indulged in the arsons, the brickbatting and the violence had been identified through the CCTV camera footage.
 The adjustment of damages shall be done by forfeiting the properties of the accused, but very sharp reactions were observed on the word ‘revenge’ in the statement. Many Muslims’ organisation as well as the elites who said this statement was an undemocratic, and besetting CM in questions, asked how a head of elected government  could have talked of revenge from anyone. The political reactions on this statement voiced up. Samjwadi party chief said that as the chief of state talks about taking revenge, the talks of slogans ’Sabka Sath, and Sabka Vishwas’ should be shut up. Even the congress party had dubbed the statement a tarnishing the dignity of the democracy and the constitution, and asked the CM to apologise. Akhilesh  Yadav asked that who talked about revenge with the public, what good would that government be?
Now the government has begun its action to forfeit the properties of accused. A few shops in Firozabad Muzaffarnagar Bijnor Lucknow districts have been sealed. The state governments have arrested more than 925 people on the charges of the sabotages and the violence so far, and the cases have been registered against the people under section 313.
Moreover the 5558 accused in the past were taken in custody under detention. 120 of these are such people who have been arrested for the propaganda through social media.
If we talk about social media, the cases against 16761 posts in UP have been registered. 7573 twiters,9076 face book and 172 Youtubes profiles have been deleted yet. Identifying the people's faces, who were indulge in the arson and violence, are being advertised so that they could be captured. Several operations are being carried out in search of rioterers.
 The forthcoming days are the fiery ordeal to the state government. On the one hand it is to work to maintain the law and order situation, on the other the action is to be taken against the arsonists and the violent protests, and that the action must be in the purview of law, not of revenge is to take care of this view too.
However, OP Singh, DGP of state, have directed that there should not be any action without any evidence during the investigation and there must not be any torment of any innocents, but the backbiting began to overhear that the state police look much influenced to the CM’s 'revenge' statement.
As to confirm the revenge, the notices of recoveries are being served to the accused in many cities of the state, but the administration and the police have to take care that the time aftermath of violence is most sensitive. A little bit the conduct of government became uneven, the public’s resentment what is now seen against the rioters and outrageous may spurt against the revenge policy.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

We have no place for violence and fear in our heart: Priyanka Gandhi in Lucknow

By on Sunday, December 29, 2019

Pryanka Gandhi on the occassion of 135st foundation day celebration at UPCC Lucknow

Congress general secretary, Pryanka Gandhi Vadra, has compared the union government and the UP government equivalent to the British rule. She said on Saturday this week at UPCC Lucknow that those men have taken possession of power whom we had fought during the independent.
She said on the occasion of organized 135th foundation day program in UPCC, “There are crises in the country. The uprising voice against the government is tuning from every corner of the country. The government is intending to quell it by repression and fear. Whenever such problems were created, Congress stands-up to face the challenge. We have no place for violence and fear in our heart.”

She said, “Those men in the country whom we have always clashed historically are in power today. We are fighting with that concept even today that we had fought during independent.” She adds that the BJP makes law against constitution and then repress the protesters. The people’s murders were committed in many parts of the country including Uttar Pradesh and who could not be killed, were sent jail.
She said targeting the union government, “who fears, either that one shuts up the mouth of its enemy by violence or go back. The BJP repressed the public voice by the cowardice and violence way, now it is going back that we did not speak on the NRC, but we have talk about the NPR.’ Pryanka said that every religions and castes people became the martyrs in the freedom fighting of India – all the bloods of these are in the land of the country and none can separate them from the land.

Friday, December 27, 2019

India is not in normal economic trap of slowdown: Arvind Subramanian

By on Friday, December 27, 2019

The former chief advisor, Arvind Subramaniam, to the Modi government during the first tenure has given a premonition for the Indian economy.
He has said that India is not in normal trap of economic slowdown, but the situation is endangering very much. The main economic indicators’ growth rate either is negative or has nominal growth.
He was to say, “There is slowdown on every front from the investment to import-export. This slashed the people’s per capita income and the revenue of gaining to government too.”
Arvind Subramaniam is well-known economist in the world. He had been three years chief economic advisor for the first term of Modi government.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Police failed to control mob and to save public property

By on Monday, December 23, 2019

UP police Intelligence input failed in; violence spilt caused heavy loss of public property

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Protest against CAA reported the brick-batting and sabotages in Lucknow. The claim of police DGP that there was peace in Lucknow showed intelligence input failure on Thursday afternoon this week when the protesters crowd began stone pelting over the police at Parivartan Chowk. Many vehicles, whether the four wheeler or the two wheeler parked at the footpath or the side of the road including police outposts, were burnt in front of deployed violence controlling force. There is no official report about the damages of public property. when the sporadic vehicles burnt began, no fire brigade vans prematurely were deployed to safe there by water canons.
Fore incident noon was peaceful and the force when our correspondent recce the spot found alert. The police force was seen to face the entire casual situation.
First crowd march of Samajwadi Party was covered on Lalbagh road. They were shouting slogans: “Police Ke Dam Par Gundagardi Nahi Chalegi, Nahi Chalegi, Police Ke Dam Par Yeh Sarkar Nahi Chalegi, Modi Teri Tana Sahi Nahi Chalegi, Nahi Chalegi”.
The crowd including Ravidas Mehrotra, former MLA, had been arrested and was taken to Eco-garden Lucknow on Road Transport bus. They had banner in their hands showing ‘Give the employment or leave power. Save the constitution, save the democracy’.
Mr Vikas Chandra Tripathi SP(west), in the wake of crowd surge, he began to  announce the public at or near the Parivartan Chowk to leave the place immediately or they would be arrested.
According to the eyewitnesses, the damages of public properties can be assessed by the vehicles set on fire of many media centers including the reporters vehicles too seen burning and billowing the fume in the sky.
The outrage mob spilt the violence, the vehicles were set on fire in arson, and as reported from other part of the state capital. The panic were seen on the road when the protesters in Madehganj under Hassanganj police station were compelled by forces to leave the protesting spot, they turned violent and the police had to use the force to maintain the law and order situation.
The stone pelting mob mostly were teenagers, and the police shot teargas shelling when they saw the march of the crowds were aggressive and throwing the stones lying at roadside over the force.
No doubt many of them were in police clutch who, in mass inside Begum Hajarat Mahl park, were beaten up brutally. One of the police officer who got severe head injuries was rushed to hospital for the treatment when he came in target of projected stone by mob.
Mr Zaki Bharti, Sr Journalist, who was cured by stitching was also sustained stone injuries on his face while he had had cap his helmet too.
The crowd was inside Begam Hazarat Mahl Park and Saadat Ali
Khan's Maqbara. The first stone is suspected to be thrown from Saadat Ali Khan Maqbara, and that the crowd was on march towards Parivartan Chowk suddenly turned violent and began to throw the offloaded rubble heaped there meanwhile a man of the outrageous crowd was waving a white cloth was looked to be they were trying for peace. It is surprising a tractor had been brought loaded with the rubble that was near the bus which had gutted under fire.
Amid planned protests for Thursday against the New Citizenship Law and National Register of Citizens (NRC), the UP Police on Wednesday evening had issued a statement reiterating that the section 144 of the CrPC was imposed in the state and the city too.
Police had also issued notices to 150 people not to violate the provision of CrPC section 144. A statement in this connection Lucknow police had issued that the Thursday protests would be illegal because of no permission granted.
SP (West) Vikas Chandra Tripathi had said, “We are keeping an eye on people who may create trouble.”
Internet services 'WITHHELD GOVERNMENT' caused the news late

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

one more girl burnt alive after rape

By on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

symobolized picture
Murdering by setting ablaze a rape victim in Unnao has not yet got down that another brutal rape case of allegedly pouring kerosene oil and set on ablaze a teenager has been reported. The serious badly charred woman has been referred to Kanpur.
According to police, a teenager was alone in her home in a village fall under Huassainganj police station meanwhile her uncle barged into home, committed rape with her, poured kerosene oil on teenager, set her on blaze, and run away from the crime scene. Seeing the teenager’s fire the neighbours and her mother run toward her to extinguish it.
On information police reached to the spot where they sent her to district hospital and after first aid seeing the serious condition doctors referred the victim to Kanpur. The teenager first immediately rushed to district hospital for treatment was 90% burnt. Seeing her condition serious she was referred to Halet hospital Kanpur.
The victim’s father told, “My daughter, 18, was alone in home; her uncle, 22, in relation was having a malevolent gaze on her. On Saturday noon seeing her alone  he barged in home, and committed rape with her. When the daughter said him of complaining in family, he, pouring kerosene, set her on blaze.”
Circle Officer, Kapil Dev Mishra told, “ the victim’s brother gave his statement to police, an FIR has been registered against the accused.” District Magistrate, Sanjeev Singh and SP, Prashant Verma, reached the victim’s village after her referring to Kanpur hospital. They compiled the information from village people about this incident and assured the kin that the accused would be punished.
The PRO of SP told, “The FIR has been registered against the accused in this case. The teams have been made and the raids to nab the accused are going on. The case is under investigation.”
ADG, Sujeet Kumar said what the SP and the DM have given the statement is mine too. There was a panchayat for both (the accused and the victim). The houses of both are adjacent. According to locals narratives the boy and the girl both were present in the panchayat. 10 to 15 villagers were too present there. The girl was sweared.
He said that the panchayat was going on meanwhile the girl stood up and went to home from there and the people saw that the fume was billowing up. When there went uproar, the girl’s mother and two or three women reached the spot and saw the girl had caught fire. She was extinguished. As told that the boy and his parent were present in the panchayat during the mishap. The FIR has been registered, but this matter shall be deeply investigated to surface the truth of the case.
Dr Naresh Vishal told in emergency service in Fatehpur district hospital, "the victim's burn is 90%. Mere lower portion of legs are safe and remaining part is badly charred. The victim is now in Halet Hospital of GSVM Medical College.”