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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Rihai Manch pledged fight against undemocratic customs of BJP Government

By on Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Rihai Manch protest strongly against the forcefully forbidding of arrival of camping in Ayodhya from all over the country this week.
 Prof Ram Puniyani, Sandeep Pandey, Rajiv Yadav, Hafiz Kidwai and others – all had been intercepted on Raunahi, a border place of Ayodhya, Eastern district  which is 89 kilometer away from the state capital of Uttar Pradesh.
Rihai Manch has alleged: it appears correct that Prof Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s statement is about the taken decision recently for the absolute accession of Kashmir in india is a conversion of Indians into Kashmiriate instead of Kashmir’s into Indianism.
The citizen charter and the rights of people have been  stripped here; the public’s rights of expression have been fully ceased. The media have been restricted in Srinagar and the news papers’s printing is not being published. What is going on there is not clear to outsiders.
The Manch added: It appears that if anybody says his separate views on Kashmir  in other part of India, he shall not be allowed to speak and to organize any programme.
Manch said: Not only on question of Kashmir but also  two days communal harmony programme has been restricted to hold in Ayodhya appears that the people who have concept or views apart on other issues too from the RSS and the BJP have been restricted. The situation is like emergency. This indication for nation is not affirmative and if the people are not going to stand off against this, it shall endanger for their civil rights.
The people are confused over the decision on Kashmir. If the decision could be termed correct, the way that it was taken was incorrect. The union government can adopt the same pattern in the other states. The dictatorship of government must be protested.
No matter Narendra Modi have formed his government with full majority, the major decisions which affect life of the common people cannot be taken in arbitrary way. All these must be taken after confident consensus. The BJP must remember that it had secure mere 37.4% voters’ supports. The party cannot run it decision that it had a consensus of all people.

Mnach condemned that it is undemocratic to implement the RSS agenda in whole country ignoring the people thoughts apart from the BJP, and the posing voice suppression of protestors against it  is much wrong. We all have pledged to enliven the democracy of this country and will fight against the undemocratic customs of BJP Government.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Story behind hijacking of plane IC-814

By on Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Special

During the tenure of AB Vajpayee, an untoward incident happened in India-- all over the world had set every eyes on the incident. An Indian airlines plane,IC-814, had been hijacked. The government of India had to release 3 hardcore terrorists in lieu of freeing the passengers’ boarded on plane. The days were very hard for then Prime Minister, AB Vajpayee.
It was the winter of 24th December 1999. The flight IC-814 of Indian airlines took off from Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu, Nepal, to Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi. 180 passengers including crue members were boarded on plane. The plane was airbus A300, and as the plane entered into the Indian airspace at evening around 5 o’clock, the gun toting terrorists hijacked the plane and they took the plane via Amritsar, Lahore and  Dubai to Kandhar Afganistan.
The plane before going Kandhar was landed in United Arab Emirate and 27 of 176 passengers were released by hijackers. The most of the released were women and children. A Rupen Katyal, wounded man, who had been stabbed brutally, was also released; later he died.
There was Talibani regime in Afganistan then, and India was unknown of there genere; consequently the talk between the Indian officials and hijackers was hard. Taliban had been attentive to face any attack of Indian special task force on plane. The plane was besieged to protect by the armed militants of Taliban.
India had not recognized Taliban then and now it had no existence at the world level; consequently the Talibani officials in the wake of garnering its recognition among the international community’s had nodded to help deal with the situation.
The government of India had sent an official to Kandhar from its high commission office at Islamabad.
The hijacker had the demand of 200 million American Dollors and the releasing of 35 extremists, prisoner in Indian jails. the government including PM Vajpai, Home Minister, LKAdvani, and Foreign Minister, Jaswant Singh—all were considering over the terrorists demand, but they were adhere to their demands. The talks had been kept on and the days were passing.
Now the two days of plane hijack had passed; all the eyes were set on PM Vajpai. The renown Urdu journalist, Ashraf Usmani, had told a news channel that, during then, it was a big crises between the government and the terrorists of dealing with situation of mediation . PM Vajpai was informed in the mean time that Talibani obeys Mr Fazalurahman, Maulana and chairman of Zameyte Ulema-e-Pakistan, and his relation with Maulana Asad Madani was profound. Sending his messenger, PM Vajpai had requested Asad Madani to ask Fazlurahman for mediation. Maulana Asad Madni was very much humble to PM Vajpai so he accepted his proposal.
Asad Madni was the resident of Devband city in Saharanpur;consequently telephone department had connected an special phone line, which was used by Maulana Madni to talk with a Pakistani Maulana, Fazalurrahman and had requested to talk with Taliban so that the captive could be freed, but Maulana denied any talk with Taliban. PM Vajpai and Maulana Asad Madani both had failed with all the efforts.
The government officials and the hijackers were continued on talk, and now the government and the terrorists were on pressure. The government was not interested to accept any demand of terrorists, but the passengers life were on high risk. The terrorists were adamant on their demand; consequently on 31 December 1999 the talk resulted fruitful. The hijackers accepted the release of 3 prisoners and the negotiators were able to cease them upto these demands.
The foreign minister after the agreement had left for Kandhar with the 3 hardcore terrorists; he reached on Kandhar airport where Maulana Masood Azhar, Ahmad Zargar and Shekh Ahmad Umar Saeed were released. The captive passengers in plane IC-814 had been released.
Maulana Masood Azhar had formed Zaish-e-mohammad terror group in year 2000, which was high lighted after the attack on Indian parliament in 2001.
Ahmad Umar Saeed Shekh had been arrested in the case of wester tourists kidnapping in 1994. The terrorist had killed deniel perl and he had played vital role of line action in America on 9/11 attacks. Later he had been arrested by Pakistani officials in the case of kidnapping and murder of Deniel Perl in 2002.
Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar, after the release, was active in PoK to train the extremists. He was playing vital role in the training of anti-Indian terrorists. The hijackers of plane IC-814 had been identified. Ibrahim Athar, Bahawal, Pakistan; Shahid Akhter Saeed, Karachi, Pakistan; Sunny Ahmad Kazi, Karachi, Pakistan; Mistry Zahur Ibrahim, Karachi, Pakistan; Shakir, Sukku, Pakistan –surprisingly all were Pakistani residents.  

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Slughish Indian economy is not due to recession

By on Sunday, August 11, 2019

Kshitiz Kant
The pace of the Indian economy is slowing down; the talk among people had begun covertly about six months ago from today. The Demand was falling rapidly in almost every major sectors of the Indian market. The Indian statistics showed that unemployment was at the highest level of 45 years in the country. But, at that time there was an atmosphere of general elections, so such news was proving to be like a moaning on high trumpet in the political headlines.
After the general election, when the Modi government returned with a decisive mandate, it was expected by the market including economists that in its first budget of the second term would make some provisions that would accelerate the economic growth. It was expected that the economic environment would be somewhat happy after the government's second term budget came, but the opposite happened.
Weeks after the union Budget came, there were reports in the economic newspapers that instead of gaining momentum, the sluggish economy is looking towards recession. Then the stock markets started breaking down and market experts also said that the calling of recession was heard clearly. The government is clearly not talking about the difficult situation right now, but it has also got conscious. The PMO is constantly active on this issue and it is believed that changes in several provisions of the budget can be considered soon. Experts believe that it is no longer necessary to scrutinize very closely and a tick look at the business environment indicates a slowdown:
The automobile sector is in the grip of recession, this fact started from the stat-figures of May-June. According to the figures in June, vehicle sales in the country were at the lowest level in the last 19 years. But, the figures which came in July are more intimidating. There have been registered a record decline in the sales of all automobile companies. The most shocking figure among these is that of Maruti Suzuki. In July, there has been a decrease of about 36 percent in its sales. Maruti's figures are most important because the sale of its vehicles is not only a barometer of the automobile sector, but it can also give you an idea of the recent state of economy.
Maruti's sales had been falling since last April, but after the steep decline in July, it has started to terminate the services of its temporary employees. According to reports, up to six percent of such employees can loss their jobs. The automobile sectors have reached in such a condition that the units of more than 250 vehicle dealerships have been closed across the country. The declining sales of vehicles are also most worrying because this organized industries account for about 40 per cent of the sector. And the decline in sales is not only seen in cars but also in heavy vehicles like tractors and trucks. The finance companies whose entire business runs on auto loans are also affected by the continuous decline of vehicles sales. That is, if this series of recession continues in the automobile sector, then it will be made on the livelihood of the people on a large scale.
There are more or less similar situations in the real estate sector. According to one figure, about 12.75 lakh houses are ready in 30 major cities of the country, but they have no buyers. After the demonetisation and GST hit, the sector improved and as the builders got relief that they came in  more troubles due to non-sale of houses and increasing debt crisis. The government made some incentive gestures to the sector in the budget, but they seem ineffective at the moment. The real estate sector is a major source of employment for small workers, but here too people are losing their jobs due to the severe recession as the builders are reluctant to join the new project after the sale of houses comes to a halt.
The stock market's downfall since the Budget came in July is that it has broken the record of the last 17 years of falling in a month. The super rich tax which was imposed on the rich in the budget has the foreign investors hurried-up constantly for withdrawing their money from the Indian stock markets. Rupee of 11000 crores has been withdrawn from Indian equity market in July itself, which is the highest in the last nine months. Apart from this, the government has proposed to increase the public holding to 25 to 35 percent for companies (this will not allow promoters to hold more than 65 percent of the shares of the companies with them), the period of decline in the stock market has not stopped.
It is believed that due to the bad condition of the stock market in July, the investors have lost more than ten thousand crores. For some time, the stock market itself seemed to be giving a lot of returns to the investors, but now its situation is also vicious. The fall of market has also suffered a setback to the already running mutual fund market. The Finance Ministry and PMO have become active in view of the atmosphere of disappointment among investors. According to experts, there are indications that the some changes can be made in the decision of increased public holding of companies from 25 to 35 percent. And, there is also talk of removing super rich tax among the media, after which the stock market has seen some improvement.
There has been a lot of debate on the credibility of economic data during the last tenure of the Modi government. Independent economists were saying something else about the pace of growth, employment figures, etc. and the government's view was different. The latest such debate is about the fiscal deficit. But this time CAG has indicated this. It says that the government has shown its fiscal deficit of 3.4 per cent with the help of off budgeting (money from an item which is not in the budget proposal but is part of the government's liability). But, if the debt of off budgeting is also added, then this deficit can reach 5.9 percent. This figure is quite shocking on carrying a period of fiscal discipline after economic reforms. Off-budgeting support is taken by all governments, but that the adding this reaches to this level of fiscal deficit is scary. The reason for this is that before investing foreign investors also see, among other things, how the government's fiscal control situation is? IMF and World Bank reports are also based on this to a large extent, which make positive or negative assumptions about the economic situation of the country all over the world. According to experts, this is why the government has done this juggling of data. In the economic situation leading to the recession, such a large figure of fiscal deficit can make it more serious by reducing foreign investment.
If we look at the revenue figures with the fiscal deficit, our worries can increase further. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has set very ambitious targets of revenue collection in this budget. If the government wants to achieve this target, it will have to increase it by thirty percent in the next nine months. But, in the first quarter of this financial year, revenue has increased by only six percent. This is another indicator of the poor state of the economy. Now if the government misses its target of revenue, it will not be able to control the deficit. And if it takes more strict levy of tax, it will also adversely affect investment and industries due to that.
If both of the Modi government tenures are compared together, this is the first time that the giants of the corporate world are vocal against the economic policies of the government. Rajiv Bajaj, chairman of Bajaj Auto, while stressing over the government's policy on the auto industry, said that when the auto industry is in crisis, the government is talking about electric vehicles. When he posed questions about the vagueness of the policy, his father Rahul Bajaj spoke on the whole scenario of the economy, "There is neither demand nor any private investment. In such a situation, where will the growth come from? -- it will not drip from the heaven! ' Rahul Bajaj is counted among the pro-Modi industrialists, in which case his statement shows that the atmosphere of despair in the corporate world has deepen. After Bajaj, HDFC Bank Chairman Deepak Parekh also said that the economy is sluggish and the debt crisis remains, because of this, the recession is clearly visible. Earlier, Larsen and Toubro chairman AM Naik has also expressed concern about the economy. When the corporate world of the country is also criticizing the Modi government for its economic policies, it tells the seriousness of the situation.
There is no good news from the small industries of the small cities, with the stock market, the falling data of growth in the core sector and the atmosphere of despair in the corporate world. The Association of Workers in Surat diamond industry has released a list of 13,000 people who have become unemployed in the last few months. Tata Motors has stopped working at its plant in Jamshedpur due to the slowdown in the auto industry. With this, all the surrounding units which supplied their products to Tata Motors are on the verge of closure. Due to the increased in import duty on gold, the work of jewellery workmanship is also reduced in the cities like Meerut and there are reports of less work in almost all industries with local identity. In defending, it can be said that there comes a time in the cycle of the economy when there is a slowdown in economic activity. But, it was a good time with sluggishness and there are no signs of improvement. So it is clear that this is not a recession due to the economic cycle.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Imran Khan says 'War like situation'

By on Saturday, August 10, 2019
Government of India has replied: it is time to close the interfere in the matters of India and seeing the new reality.

Imran khan, prime minister of Pakistan, has accused india of creating 'similar war conditions' like the post Pulwama attack. He added that the India is trying so to divert the world eye on the Kashmir issue.
According to the media report, Imran Khan, talking to a media group on Friday, has claimed that India is trying to create the conditions like post Pulwama incident so that it could divert the attention of world from the happening in the valley.
The Express Tribune writes Imran’s statements, “the danger is real. We shall have to reply on such situation and we have seen the beginning of war among the countries of the world in this way.”
The Pak PM added, “It appears that india has taken swift steps upon the special representation on Kashmir issue by the mediation proposal of American president. The war is not mere option, but the Pakistan need to tell the world what is going on in Kashmir.”
The Indian government over the Imran Khan’s statement ’war like situation’ has replied. Indian government foreign spokesperson said that it is time to close the interfere in the matters of India and seeing the new reality.

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Continuing of political dialogue in J&K is need of hour: Dr Karn Singh on J&K

By on Thursday, August 08, 2019

Dr Karn Singh, now the congress leader and son of former king of J&K, has reacted over the removal of most provisions of article 370 and the division of this state in two union territories.
He has said through a statement, “I am not against the decision has been taken by the government on article 370 although I shall accept that we all are dazed over the sudden decision taken.”
He added, “I welcome the status of a union teritory given to ladakh. As I was Sadr-e-riyasat, I had said about restructuring of state in 1965. The political powers shall be shared perfectly now in J&K after new delimitation."
Dr Karn Singh in this statement has told the continuing of political dialogue in J&K is the need of the hour. He has said that by sidelining of two regional political parties terming them anti-national is not a correct step. According to Dr Singh, “the workers of these parties have also sacrificed. More over all these on several occasions with the national parties have played vital role to form union and the state government. In such condition I appeal with the government to release these leaders earliest and maintain the political talk with them.” He added that on all condition there must be maitainted all the communal harmony here.
However Dr Karn Singh is not a first leader in congress who has endored the government decision taken on the J&K. Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia, Milind Deorah, Dipendra Singh Hudda, Janardan Dwedi and Bhubneshwar Kalita –all have affirmatively expressed on the government decision.
The government, two sections of article 370 that provided J&K the special status, had abolished this week and also introduced a bill for restructuring this state into two union territories together. The bill passed in parliament lower house on Monday and next day in upper house.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

lest it be late to people to be aware: Congress

By on Thursday, July 25, 2019

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, after losing the trust vote of Cong-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka, has targeted on ruling BJP in centre.
She said in her twit, “The BJP shall reckoned once that everything cannot be bought – there cannot be enforced the totalitarianism; and every lie is exposed eventually.”
The people of country have no ways till then except to face the systematic dismantling of the institutions which protect the people's interests and the weakening of democracy, she said in her second twit.
the alliance of his party with the JD(S) became the victim of hatched conspiracy of selfish elements in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi, former congress president, had said.
He said that the alliance was being constantly targeted to destablise from the day first. Facing the political uncertainty for the past two weeks HD Kumarswamy government in karnatka lost its power after the floor-test in Karnataka Assembly on Tuesday.
The 16 MLAs had withdrawn the support from the coalition. The BJP second largest party is going to form its state government. The BJP party leaders after the legislatures meeting can meet with the state governor to claim the formation of its government. If no abrupt changing comes, BS Yedurappa is going to be 4th chance CM of Karnataka.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

PM breaks his silence on Jharkhand man killing; says, "mob lynching case is painful for me'

By on Thursday, June 27, 2019

'the silence of powerful voices over the mob lynching case is shocking', Rahul Gandhi said on Jharkhand killing

“The silence of powerful voices among the BJP ruled union territories and states government over the mob lynching case in Jharkhand is shocking”, said Rahul Gandhi.
He also dubbed Tabrej Ansari’s killing by mob in Jharkhand  a blot on humanity.
On Tuesday he added on Twitter,"the killing of this young man in Jharkhand by a crowd is a blot on humanity. That the police tyrani took this man under custody, and they kept him there dying for the four days is also a stunning exactly like the silence of powerful voices of BJP ruled Union territories and state governments."
The 24 years Tabrez Ansari, a man from the District Khasrava, Sarai Kel of Jharkhand was caught by a crowd in the case of theft last week. Exactly after it Tabrez was tied in a pillar and was beaten brutally; consequently he succumb to his injuries under police custody.
The incident came in spot-light when a video of this incident became viral where Tabrez was seen forcefully being chanted 'Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman'. The people were continued beating him and hooting for his being chanted Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman.
The Police have arrested many people in this connection, and the two  police officers have been suspended for this neglygency. An inquiry has been setup through SIT. However the Police have stated about the video that it might be tampered. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has break a silence over the death of this young man in mob leaching case happened few days ago in Jharkhand. PM Modi has said that he is very hurt with this incident.
After the address of President Ram Nath Kovind in Upper House PM Modi giving the reply on President address he had said,"the incident of mob lynching is incorrect." I am sad on the killing of young man... and everybody must be. The accused must be punished... whatever can be done through Judicial process should be tried on accused.
The PM also said,"but for this incident all the people of Jharkhand to be reckoned accused is incorrect." The Jharkhand is a possession of mob lynching as told: Whether it is good for us to tell the accuse to the whole state on the basis of this incident- then no gentle will be there for doing better. The politics shall be flourished if we confine everybody identicaly here, but the situation can not be normalized.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


By on Wednesday, June 26, 2019


 Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Bury the Dead is an expressionist and anti-war drama by the American playwright Irwin Shaw. It dramatizes the refusal of six dead soldiers during an unspecified war—who represent a cross-section of American society—to be buried.

Each rises from a mass nameless grave to express his anguish, the futility of war, and his refusal to become part of the "glorious past".
First the Captain and the Generals tell them it is their duty to be buried, but they refuse.

Even a Priest and a Rabbi try to convince them to no avail. Finally they bring in the women who have survived them, wives, sister and even mother. None succeed in the end.
Mr Surya Mohan Kulshresth, the former director of BNA, is well known personality in the field of playwright and the play ‘Bury the dead’ (Dafan Karo) which has been staged in Hindi at Bhartendu Natya Academy Lucknow on Tueseday this week.
No doubt the artists of this play performed the characters exactly like western excerpt, but the story runs around the present scenarios in the world whether it is a happening of Middle East or a cross border terrorism base killing of our army personnel.

The story touches the heart when it shows the hurt armdmen's pain by injuries they had sustained by bullets during the battle or clash in the war zone. It also gives a message to the society where it enjoys all the perquisites of life, the army men’s desires remain unfulfilled; for a while the dead army personnel recall all the event of their lives from childhood unto the end at the eleven hours.
 The whole world fights war for its political goal; for the purpose of securing the capitalist interests; or for the economic controlling power.
An aggression is being created among the society in the back of nationalism and religion terming the war, terror, and violence correct.
While it is to test how near is to the present scenario shall have to see in the theater, but the artists in the every scene staged well there was no fallacy during the performance.