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Monday, December 09, 2019

Priest is to leave temple under mafia threat

By on Monday, December 09, 2019

Krishn Pradhummn;Lucknow
A public temple priest in Lucknow staged a Dharna in protest against a few local domineering men  at Eco-garden on Monday afternoon this week.
According to priest, he is serving in Shiv Shakti Temple since long, and said allegedly that a few local residents of Ashiyana, retired from the UP Police, are trying to dispossess him from the temple.
Mr Anand Kishor Ojha, temple priest, added that Ravi Kant Tiwari, Banwari Lal Dixit, Narendra Thakur, Vinod Agrawal -- all are tormenting him to disposes anyhow from the place. He said many times he was abused, manhandled and threatened of dire consequences.
He alleged that he had given application to the local police station where no action has been yet taken against the accused.
The temper of these people now, after the local police laxity in this matter, is more rampant over the priest. The priest says: 'He suspects that they can hatch a conspiracy of murdering him to hold the temple property. They have created many time nuisances there.'

Sunday, December 08, 2019

France on the move of strike -- protest against new pension scheme

By on Sunday, December 08, 2019

The protest on the proposed pension reform in France has got the momentum. The unions on Saturday protested strongly Government’s pension reform scheme. Countrywide all the public transportation including Metro services remained abrupt due to strike. The unions have warned that the protest shall have been continuing next week too.
The protest against the latest pension reform scheme in France began on Thursday. The effect of strike was so intense that it refreshed the memory of 1995 spring when the government had to withdraw its social policy after a three week mass protest. The strike had badly affected the metro and the rail services. Only air services had been minimum abrupt. The Thursday agitation was joined by about 8 lacs people. Many tourist places of country including Eifle-tower have been remained closed.
The strike has become a challenge to the president, Emanuael Macro’s pension reform scheme. The thousands of people were on the crossroad and the significant transport services were at a standstill. Macro is desirous to implement universal pension scheme in the country, which will make the private and the government employees’ identical pensioners, but the employees are to say that there are flaws in the provision that they would have to work after 62 years retirement.
There are 42 different pension schemes in France for the public sector and the private, however. The retirement age and the benefits are different. President Macro has also faced already the challenge of ‘Yellow west’ agitation. In France, this movement against inequality shook the government last year.

Ban on porn websites is the need : Nitish Kumar, CM Bihar

By on Sunday, December 08, 2019

Dhananjey Prasad; Patna
Mr Nitish Kumar, CM Bihar, terming the porn websites responsible for sexual exploitation of women has appealed to the Modi government to get it banned. He said in Gopalganj, Bihar, on Friday that all the platform should be banned where porn video clips have been uploaded. The browsing makes men maniac and executes such incident of rapes.
According to report, he was on visit to Gopalganj district on last day of first phase of ‘Jal Jeevan Hariyali Yatra’ and he is going to make a campaign of all Bihar with the message of fighting from the climate change and environment protection.
Mr Kumar, addressing a rally here, let know the brutal rape and murder of Hyderabad. He was to say, “The unfortunate happening is going on… Hyderabad,Bihar and UP – all the states are in the trap of such happening… I have always expressed my objection over the adverse effect of technical and social media while the benefits of it cannot be denied”.
I have been apprised about the porn websites… the miscreants do the brutalities with the girls and the women, filmed it and upload these heinous crimes. The men who looks it becomes the maniac of sin naturally. I appeal to the youth to keep themselves away from such videos. Mr Kumar has said that he is to write a letter to Union Government demanding the restriction over the obscene websites.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Deadly attack on businessman in Lucknow

By on Saturday, December 07, 2019

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
A man, 48, shot at in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday afternoon this week. According to eyewitnesses, Mr Naveen Gupta, a cigarette distributor, was carrying cash to deposit  in the bank that the motorbike-borne three unidentified assailants intercepted the scooty of Mr Gupta near Shastri Nagar crosssection in Lucknow and pumped at him 5 bullets of which 2 missed and 3 pierced .
Mr Gupta was heading toward Shastri Nagar cross-section, and a few meter before from the place the chasing assailants' motorbike intercepted Mr Gupta and began firing over him, told the eyewitness.
Mr Gupta who sustained bullets injuries was rushed to trauma centre KGMU Lucknow where he is being treated, his condition is said to be stable.
The police reached the spot immediately under  Police station Vajeerganj  and eyewitness provided the assistance to Mr Gupta carrying him to Medical University.
The spot where the incident took-place is situated at the border areas of three police stations, and this crime has been committed under the Khalabazar police station.
DIG Lucknow range also visited the place aftermath and the investigation is going on.
Still there is no information about the motive of the murder attempt of this businessman, while the police is constantly trying to find the clue through the CCTV footage clamped in the area.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Another rape victim burnt alive in UP

By on Friday, December 06, 2019

Uma Shankar; Unnao
It’s a sensational, but true.  An incident of brutality with the rape victim of her burnt alive happened on Thursday morning when she was going to appear before the district court for hearing in Unnao, 50 kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh.
This 23 years old women, as she exit from her village, faced 5 men were waylaid, who stopped her, poured kerosene and set her on fire. She kept on screaming for help walking upto about 500 meter from the spot, according to eyewitness, who saw this crime scene, called police by dialing emergency 112.
Her condition is said to be serious after suffering of 90% burning, first she was rushed to a specialized treatment hospital in Lucknow later she was referred to Safdarjung hospital New Delhi by air-lift.
The victim woman had filed an FIR against two men, who are the resident of her paternal home in Unnao, accusing them of raping her and making a porn-film. The police had lodged the FIR in the adjoining district Raibarelly after the intervention of a local court in March this year.
“The earlier lodged FIR says that one of the two accused was in an illicit relationship with her during 2018 and was exploiting her physically assuring her a marriage proposal. Later he refused to get married and raped her with another friend,” told a senior police officer after this brutal incident.
"One of the accused was sent to jail. He was released on bail on November 30. The two men set the 23-year-old afire to take revenge," he added. The police claim to catch the other accused, who had been on the run, they had seized his property and put out lookout notices against him.
Amid attacks by the opposition parties over the incident, the state government has told the police to ensure "maximum punishment" for the accused. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also sought a report from the state police and has promised to fund the woman's treatment.
The government is affirmative to take a preventive measure over such incidents by the needful revision of IPC and CrPC.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Apex Court concludes; Chidambaram to be released on bail

By on Thursday, December 05, 2019
Image result for chidambaram
P Chidambaram, senior congress leader, has been released from Tihar jail late night on Wednesday this week. He was in judicial custody for the 106 days in INX media money laundering case. He said before media , "No charges could have yet been framed against me inspite of being kept in prison till today." However , he said that he did not want to comment in this matter.
The Congress party workers welcomed the former Finance Minister after his coming out from jail . His son was also present there .
 The Apex Court has granted bail to P Chidambaram in INX media money laundering case turning Delhi High Court decision on Wednesday Morning. According to report, the court has asked him to submit a bail bond of Rupees 2 lakhs as well as the two warranties.
Mr. Chidambaram have been arrested on August 21 in the INX media corruption case and was granted bail on october 22 meanwhile Enforcement Directorate further arrested him in Inx media money laundering case on october 16 this year. When he went for relief in Delhi H C against this coercieve action, his appeal was dismissed on November 15.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Health outsourcing and contract employees staged dharna

By on Thursday, November 28, 2019
Outsourcing and contract based working employees of the many government hospitals and the Medical colleges of Uttar Pradesh were staging dharna at Eco Garden on wednesday afternoon this week.

They were shouting slogans in a protest against the dismissal of 4031 staff nurses and the issuance of of notices to the working employee under UPHSSP scheme, which have created a fear of deadend in the prospect of their future. A sword of loosing their jobs swung which brought them on the verge of agitation.

In the dharna a crowd of employees and their office bearers were talking about the crises what they were facing are the employees' lowest pay, insecure services, no leave and the dismissal from the services.

The state president Mr. Ritesh Mull told media person that on the one hand Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, after the agitation in October 2018, had formed a pay commission and also had assured about a service rule to be constituted for the outsourcing employees, but there is no such order has been issued so far.

Mr. Mull added that on the other hand the Government is going to dismiss the working employees under UPHSSP scheme in forth coming 30th November.
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Monday, November 25, 2019

India Lost a Big Chance of Economic Growth: Dr Manmohan Singh

By on Monday, November 25, 2019

The former Prime Minister has written an article on the current economic scenario in renowned news paper last week. The writes-up was in limelight among the people. The only things of this article had been in discussion which was targeting PM Modi directly. Or to say, “ the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s attack on Modi government or Manmohan Singh premonished Modi government that the economy cannot run by PR or headlines”. However Manmohan Singh had said in this writes up that his statement in this article should not be taken as of mere leader of opposition because the talk is based only like a student of economics and as a citizen of India.
Manmohan Singh is former prime minister and the senior leader of congress party, in such condition the article shall have naturally a discussion of political side, but his write up do have an economic importance too.
The conclusion of the article can be analysed in this way point wise.
Losing confidence on every step
Mr Singh said in his write up that “the unemployment in the country is at its maximum during the last 45 years of any tenure. the GDP growth is the lowest since last 15 years. The banks NPA is at its highest. The electricity production is lowest in the last 15 years and the consumption rate is the lowest of last four decades”.  He adds that All the data tell just the condition of economy, but the government’s working system is in the origin of economic problem. “The economic condition of a country shows the image of its social position too; and how the relation floats for the economic growth between the society and the institutions, he said,      is an important factor, but this government has lost its credence for this purpose among the people. Many entrepreneurs have told me that they are fearsome of government agencies.”
Manmohan ratifies that the atmosphere of fear and doubt is a constant element of Modi government working system. All the leads to this system are working under the fear, which could have been helpful to the growth of economy in the absence of fear. He gives example that the bankers are afraid of giving the loans lest they to be the target, and the entrepreneurs’ investing are afraid of government agencies.
Write-up says that the situation is so that media, regulatory agencies, investigative agencies all are constantly losing their confidence among the people, and they fear if they shall be implicated intentionally for the tax payment; where will they go for relief then. This factor is affecting entrepreneur and the businessmen because they are not in mood to take any risk. Such prevailed behavior on large is damaging the economic growth.
Even he adds in his article that from the famous economist, Adam Smith, upto now all the economists agree that the mutual confidence and the strong social networking both are the important factor the economic growth, but the running government is fail on the both fronts. The social networking’s cracks and the lacks of mutual confidence are one of the big reasons to the current economic crises.

Contemplating all the projects and the schemes of former governments doubtful

The running government contemplates doubtful all the policies of the former governments. He writes that Narendra Modi government feels or it tries to show that the every policies of the former governments had some foul intention. Such as the loans were given in the tenure of former governments are contemplated doubtful and were to benefit somebody's.He thinks that this government resort the way doubt on every issues and then itself displays as the protector that it is going to correct every former action taken.
Manmohan accepts that the result of these is that the government has adopted the attitude way like an ideal police on policy matter, which emerged a suicidal step like demonetization.

According to Manmohan Singh, contemplating to everybody doubtful and repeatedly speaking theory of ‘Good Governance Vs Bad Governance’ are not correct for economic health. The criticism of policy matter of every former governments breaks the continuity of policies which eventually affects over the economic health.
Policy makers are confused to speak  the truth
Manmohan Singh accepts that the established intention to term the Modi government’s administration better than others is affecting all the system of executive body. The article is indicating that instead of knowing reality by hearing the government’s officials and the policy makers the government expects from all the system that the policies of this government they tell better  and clean than former governments.
The analysis of Manmohan’s write-up tells that the atmosphere in the government is so that the gentlemen connected to the policy making evade speaking the truth. Either they keep silence on several issues or they follow the path of government.
If we see apart from the article, it appears rather correct. The well known economists during the two tenure of modi government did not agreed upon with the Modi government. Arvind Pangadhiya and Arvind Subramanium like economists after leaving their post had criticized the Modi government on several issues. Moreover  Raghuram Rajan, Urjit Patel, Viral Acharya like economists whenever warned the modi government, they faced the BJP leaders and the ministers' slipshod speaking. These leaders were never forbidden so in this way the working with the government Policy makers are jitter to speak the truth.
‘Stagflation’-- or so to say declining consumption; yet the price hike is going up!

Manmohan Singh’s article emphasis over the working system of government, the economic aspects of social establishment and the policy vision, but he talks purely on the issue of dearness. He thinks that the consumption is stagnant and the unemployment is constantly rising both conditions are worth of reviewing in the wake of retail price hike. He told the constant price hike in edible items are endangering situation. He use the economic word for this purpose ‘stagflation’. The stagflation is the situation when there is no increase in demands; the retail price hike is going up.
 According to Manmohan Singh, if an economy is under the trap of stagflation, it cannot overcome easily from this crisis.
However, it also has been metioned in this article that there is no such situation in India, but there is the need to enhance the consumption by the monetary policy and by social policy the private investment should be promoted. The meaning of social policy is that they should be taken in confidence all the sharing men who are responsible for the economy. The fear and the doubt shall be away then the economy shall accelerate.
India lost a big chance of economic growth
Manmohan says that the slowdown in economy is the self-called recession. He accepts that the India had big chance for the slowdown in china’s economy that it could accelerate its economy well. He says that if the government had overcome from the fearsome atmosphere and would have shown the policy alertness, India had a chance to enhance its exports.
Dr Singh accepts that the slowdown in china’s economy, slump in price of crude oil and majority mandate in parliament—all had provided such a chance to the government which comes once after generations. Incase the chance could have been taken seriously, there were causes to create  employment at large scale and it could reach at the doorstep of new economic reform. Dr Singh giving the advice to the PM says that the entrepreneurs and the businessmen should be taken in confidence taking out them from the fear and doubt. Moreover there is need to make a confidence among the society because all these things shall  bring out india from the economic slowdown.
 Writer is the former Prime Minister of India and matter has been translated and compiled by Editor-in-Chief 'THE BUNT LINE'

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Liberation journalists, UP Police and they -- a knotty wrestling!

By on Saturday, November 02, 2019

The people working for journalism in UP are perplexed over the several incidents one after another in the past days. Many cases have emerged of big criminal charges registered against the journalists said one after another in the state like Noida, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Jhansi, Balia. They have been arrested under gangster act.
Many of these, in the prima facie, appear that those who have been accused are not innocents. The framed charges, over the quantum allegation and sections of criminal proceeding, may fluctuate; but the lawful action cannot be absolutely declined.
The five journalists who have been arrested under gangster act on august24 in noida have been accused that they all through their portals and news channels were using for propaganda against the police administration and officials.
In the preliminary enquiry even such facts have emerged that they used to raise illegal money by squeezing to some officers, and a few officers were the share holders of this booty. The assets bought by this money have also in police scanner.
Even the same charges against two journalists in the case of illegal mining in Banda district have also been framed and duo neither can be said innocent, nor can they said that they were on ethics to maintain journalism so the UP Police have taken such action against them.
Actually the dignity of journalism must be on the verge of review now because the journalists in UP are seen as a filthy. There are hundreds of such men. An army of alleged journalists are working for the news papers, news channels and news portals in the most district of the state and the courage of professional middlemen on the name of journalism is high in the state capital of UP. Many of such alleged journalists of Lucknow are that when a birthday party or marriage ceremony of their baby or wife is organized at their own home, the presence of top leaders, secretaries and higher officials can be seen there. The photograph of such occasions on social media works as a catalyst to promote their middlemen profession easily. Many of these might have been journalists in the past, but they are now political leaders and run their middlemen services on the name journalism.
It is unexpected to see at the list of accredited journalists in UP. 1200 journalists name have been enlisted here today, but a few years ago there were mere 200 names in the lists.
The name of rape offenders, petrol pump owner and contractors are in the list of accredited journalist list. the layman leaders of political parties, the builders and the contractors are also in this list. No matter there are tough rules to get the state level accredition in journalism, yet it is so possible. If the recommendation is poured from the high level, there is no hurdle to issue the accreditation.
The purpose behind this accredition is that there can be set the frequent visit to the chief minister office and the secretariat without any obstruction. If a vehicle pass is issued, there shall be toll free passage, the open domineering of solace over the district officers, the maximum concession in journey and the rent free home in government coloney etc which reveals that all these people have no relation with the journalism and many of journalists are working serious journalism without accreditation in Lucknow while for the middleman working there is need of accreditation.
The scum face of journalism is not a sudden appearance; what has been observed in the political scenario declining in the recent years is the result of, and has affected it rapidily. As Akhilesh government left power, Yogi had announced that his government would remove all the waste on the name of journalism, but after  two and half year of its tenure the list has increased 25%.
But the accreditation to the ineligible journalists or being police action against the middleman profession working on the name journalism is not the indicator of bad journalism in UP. There has been even several difficulties for the dedicated journalism. The yogi government is also involved in its own tune  . The certification can be found from those litigations which have been established against the journalists in the different district of state. These cases in the first sight can be said that these were established with the malafide intention to maintain the unsolicited pressure over them.
 The example of ‘Mirzapur Namak Roti’ case cannot be denied,  which hurts to journalism.  Mr Pawan Jaiswal, Journalist, had exposed the serving of midday meal to the school children. Mr Jaisawal’s report had exposed that in a primary school at Mirzapur district, the children were served bread and salt in place of Daal and vegetables. The district administration, taking cognizance of this incident, took action against the responsible person, but when the matter reached at high level, the administration lodged FIR against Pawan Jaiswal for hatching conspiracy against it.
The seriousness of case can be better understand from the absurd statement of district magistrate that if he was a journalist of print media, how did he shoot video clip from mobile phone? CM Yogi says instead to take action against the district administration, “yes, there are corrupt people in state media. The action against these fellows is the needful.” However UP DGP says that the department does not harass the journalist. The matter is under investigation and the law shall bring tardy justice.
The functioning style of Yogi government in this case was criticized. The incident where took place the guardian of  did not send many days their children for study in protest against harassment of that journalist. From the journalist Associations upto the political parties in the country—all condemned the government; in the wake of the resentment PCI shall send an investigative team to Mirzapur. Mr Sharat Pradhan accepts it an endangering premonition and says, “If the government thinks that it will suppress the truth by harassing the journalists, this is its big blunder. The steps shall hone the writing of journalists. The social media shall be a medium of bitter truth highlighter.”
The statement of Sharat Pradhan is not mere of Mirzapur case, but it has been constantly seen for the past few time. An FIR had been registered against five journalists in a village of district Bijnour alleging them mere for compiling of fake news because they had published a news that a Dalit community had been barred from taking water from common resource. In the same way an FIR against a journalist had been registered when he published a news without number plate of Scorpio four wheeler of a police station head officer in Azamgarh district.
Another journalist (Urdu) in Lucknow had published a news over Moharrum preparation, which annoyed the administrative official in the state capital so that one morning all the officers reached to the home of that journalist to threaten him.
None can object from this thing that any journalists can be allowed the fake, about blackmailing or supporting to the disharmony, news;  but to do so should be in etiquette. It is correct that everybody today is a journalist in the era of social media. Everybody has the right to express himself and people going out from this purview can be contemplated under legal action through the administration, but the administration has also must introspect or review the dealing with the wrong doer under legal extent. Yogi government should understand that media is whistleblower like a presure cooker’s. it displays the resentment of public against government. Now the government prevents this whistle working, the cooker shall burst. The government of Uttar Pradesh has remained the half of its tenure. If it act to maintain the constructive works of public interest instead to quell the truth, the state shall elevate and the government shall be better to maintain its confidence among the people. Otherwise the real journalist shall have been working in its own tune.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Haryana voting turnout is highest where UP is recorded lowest.

By on Monday, October 21, 2019

The voting in Haryana and Maharastra Assembly poll is going on. Prime Minister Modi has appealed the people to participate to franchise their votes in large number PM has said that there are many states where bypoll is also going on so the people make this democratic festival successful by franchising their vote in large number. 
1169 candidates are in fray for the 90 assembly constituencies of Haryana where 1064 are males and 104, women and 1 of them are transgender candidate.
1,82,82,570 voters of Haryana shall decide the fate of these candidates of Haryana where 97.7 lakh males and 85 lakh females; moreover 724 Non Resident Indian and 1.07 Lakh service voters have franchise their votes.
In Maharastra 3237 candidates are in fray for the 288 assembly constituencies where 3001 are males, 235 females including 1400 independent candidates. 
There are 8,97,22,019 voters are franchising their votes in the state; of these 4.68 crore males and 4.28 crore females. 2,634 transgender voters are voting for the fate of the candidates. 

According to report the influence of PM Modi's appeal has been seen in Haryana where 61% voters franchised their votes; in Maharastra the voting turnout was 55%; but in UP bypoll it was 27%. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Murder of HSP leader shaked people in state capital of UP

By on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Two unidentified assailants brutally murdered a national president of Hindu Samaj Party in day light at the party office in Lucknow.
Mr. Kamlesh Tiwari, 35, was attacked when the disguised themselves as two party workers came to meet with him on Friday afternoon this week.
 The party office is run by in his residential building at Khurshed Bagh area under Naka Police Station. In the presence of his kin inside residence Mr. Tiwari was on discussion with some familiar men, unknown to the family at the hour of murder, meanwhile the talk on her wife was making tea for these person; and another attendant boy who was there was sent for buying a cigarette, but the boy returned shortly with.
This assailants submissively said Mr. Tiwari for cigarette, but he denied and asked he would like chewing Pan Masala.
One of them again said to bring Paan Masala and gave Rs100 to the boy for this purpose.
The boy followed through the instruction and as he returned he found that Mr Tiwari was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. The shocked boy screamed and call for help and then rushed Mr. Tiwari to KGMU but he was declared brought dead when he was carried to the trauma center with the help of his kin.
8 stabbing bore marks on the body, one on throat slit, and one embedded bullet-- all tell the story of this gruesome murder in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh.
The motive behind this murder is still unexplained and the police is constantly combing all the nearby CCTV footage.
According to report, two assailants after executing the murder fled from the crime scene at Khurshedbagh residence where his party office is situated. The UP DGP, OPSingh said the murderers were with Mr Tiwari more than 30 minutes. He said it looks that some well familiar have executed this incident. The statement came after investigating through CCTV footage.
SSP Lucknow, Kalanidhi Naithani told the correspondent that 10 teams had been deployed to nab the accused and unearth this murder mystery. He said it appears that this incident is the consequence of personal enmity. The weapon has been recovered from the spot. The resented people overcrowded there after spreading the message of murder. The shops have been shut down in the wake local tension.

Mr Kamlesh Tiwari was the member of Hindu Maha Sabha. He came in limelight as he had given controversial statement against Paigamber Mohammad. The statement created a big annoyance among the Muslim sect after that he had been arrested however he was out on bail.
The demography of the area is diverse where Aminabad Bazaar is one of oldest market centers in the city of Lucknow along with Chowk, Nakhas and Hazratganj. Presently, it is famous for traders and shops involved in both wholesale and retain commerce. Khurshed Bagh is the adjoining area of Aminabad. Aminabad has been a business center for traders, merchants, craftsmen and artists since the 18th century.
Mr Tiwari’s involvement for promoting Hindu Samaj Party and domineering in local area may also be one of causes to this aftermath. While sources told that he was not involved in any unlawful activities in the area except advocacy for Hinduism.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Dr Manmohan Singh: Don't accuse -- evaluate cause of economy slowdown!

By on Saturday, October 19, 2019
The former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh has reacted over the statement of Nirmala Sita Raman, Union Finance Minister who had accused Dr Singh for present Banking crises.
The present government has a whim of accusing the oppositions on every problem. Dr Manmohan Singh said, “ I saw the statement of finance minister Nirmala Sita Raman just now, I am not to react over the statement, but I shall say mere before to treat the ailing economy it must  be well known what are the disease and what are the reasons? The government has a whim of accusing the opposition; consequently it is not able to find the remedy of reving up.”
The statement of FM, Nirmala Sitaraman, that the most worsen condition of nationalized banks of India was during the regime of PM Manmohan Singh and the RBI governor Raghuram Rajan. She said it in an address to a programme of Columbia University in USA. She was to say that her priority is to save today every nationalized banks. She was to say, “ the loans were sanctioned on politicians’ phonecall during the tenure of Raguram Rajan, as governor of RBI.” According to FM, the capital are being allocate now to the banks to overcome from the damages occurred.
The Goldman max, global company, working for investment management said that the present economic crises in India are bigger than the crises during 2008. The company has reduced the economic growth rate to 6% this financial year. The company says that the reasons of present crises are the declining in the consumption.
The chief economist to Wall Street of Goldman max, Prachi Mishra, said in Mumbai, “ the consumption declining in india has begun in January 2018. The continueously export and the investment in the Indian economy have been slumping for the long time, but the decling consumption is a new cause to worry.” She adds that Many of the experts are assuming that such declining in consumption is due to the crises of NBFCG, but NBFCG crises had started in August 2018 with the matter of IL&FS, and the consumption declining had begun to decline much earlier of this incident.'
She has also said that the consumption declining has reduced one third of gross growth  and the sluggishness in present economy has been going on last 20 months back. She looks it a big challenge than the demonetization and the financial crises of 2008 which were for the short term. However Prachi Mishra has expressed her hope of economic growth in second half yearly. She has told its reason is the cheap monetary policy of RBI.
The statement of most prestigious agency of world has come at the time when the India’s growth rate of 6 year in the qarter of june has come to the lowest 5%. Moreover the RBI has reduced economic growth rate to 6.1% for FY 2019-20. The international Monetary Fund and World Bank have also reduced the economic growth rate of India. The Indian economy got a recession in 2008, but the reason behind it were  assumed global. The economy got a speed earliest in 2008, but the present economic sluggishness has been maintained for the past 2 years and although there are no indications to get rid of this crises

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Bones of enemy of China shall be smashed:Xi Jinping

By on Thursday, October 17, 2019

‘The bones of those who are to divide China shall be smashed’ is the statement of Xi Jinping’s warning when he was on visit to Nepal.
On talk with the Nepalese leaders this week he said if anyone of the China does the guidance of freedom, he shall be quelled. He was to say, “any outside power approves such efforts, that country in the sight of china shall be looked like fell into daylight dreaming mere.’
The some Tibet's resident of Nepal were protesting during Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal. They were demanding the liberation of Tibet. Moreover there is a big agitation on high for the democratic reforms nowadays in autonomous province Hongkong. The statement of Chinese president is seen correlated to these incidents. The Nepal said that Tibet is an internal issue of China. It assured Xi Jinping that it would not get any such anti Chinese activities run from the earth of Nepal.
Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal agreed on many bilateral issues between both countries. There is one to lay rail line up to Kathmandu where China shall prepare many projects related to the basic infrastructure in Nepal. Nepal is now intending to reduce its dependency over India by this treaty with China.  Nepal has accepted the ambitious scheme of China – one belt one road while India is opposing it.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Peaceful Kashmir attacked by grenade -- injured five!

By on Sunday, October 13, 2019
The five people injured in grenade a Saturday attack at an area in Srinagar, state capital of J&K. the attack took in a high security zone near Lal Chowk Sri Nagar.
According to police, it was a terrorist attack when grenade was hurled over and exploded in the noon at Hari Singh High street market away short distance from City Centre Lal Chowk. Five of the people were injured and the windows were shattered of a car parked in the intense explosion range.
 The injured were rushed to the nearby hospital. The most markets were remained shut down while that the street vendors (Rehadi) had been on their selling resulted a presence of people there which trapped them in this grenade attack.
The 14 people had been injured on 5th October when the militant grenade attack was done outside the deputy commissioner office. 14 people including traffic policeman and a journalist were injured. The intelligence input says that more attacks may be executed such same pattern in the overcrowded areas of the other districts

Sunday, October 06, 2019

NSUI demands stern action against Chinmayanand

By on Sunday, October 06, 2019

National Student Union of India UP central zone organized a mass signature campaign taking the demand for releasing the victim, for the stern action under section 376 against former Union Home Minister for state and the BJP senior leader, Chinmayanand  at Lalbagh crosssection Lucknow this week.

The NSUI is carrying out this campaign in protest against the arrest of rape victim girl, resident of Shahjahanpur, and the BJP MP, Chinmayanand, is the accused in this connection. Aditya Chaudhari, spokesperson to NSUI, leading this campaign with mass of students.