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Sunday, April 22, 2018

present scenario is endangering democracy: Yashwant Sinha

By on Sunday, April 22, 2018

Yashwant Sinha eventually quits the BJP

Yashwant Sinha has been accused by opponents, and by other political observers of trying to promote nepotism by nominating his son Jayant Sinha as a successor to contest from Hazaribagh overlooking the interests of many other loyal party workers, though he tried to justify the nomination of his son as a party decision.
Now, the loyal to the party and worked 24 years as an administrator and then during 36 years as a senior political leader of present ruling party in the centre and states, Mr Yashwant Sinha have resigned from the BJP. Many elites say it a result of his distress and humiliation. Anyway why he took this drastic step we must look into his statement what he has said before his resignation.
He said on Saturday, “I’m retiring from all the party level politics. I’m breaking my all the relations with the BJP.” he told that the cause behind this step was told the present situation of party.
He alleged the BJP’s policies and NDA government is weakening the institutions of country, which is endangering to the democracy.
He added, “The supreme institution of country is parliament, but what situation is it facing today. I’m talking about budget session, rather winter session too; which was of ever shortest term in parliament for the purpose of election in a state.”
he dubbed the centre responsible for the uproar in house during the budget session.he said, “ I’m telling with the confidence that the union government did not let run the budget session under preplan.” the government was very please because the opposition had served the notice of no confidence motion.
he posed the question over the role of Lok Sabha speaker, Sumitra Mahajan. He said that if 50 MPs had given in writing, the saying that the counting of MPs in the favour of notice cannot be done is a kidding of democracy.
Mr. Sinha posed questions over the change in the working system of judiciary and election commission.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

University campus lacked medical help; emergency need caused death

By on Saturday, April 21, 2018
Suchit Bajpai;Lucknow
A girl, 22, student of BEd 1st year, resident of girls’ hostel room number 218, committed suicide at DSMRU on Thursday evening this week. Parul Singh committed this attempt by hanging herself from the grill of windows.
The door of her room was bolted and other girls tried the door to be opened, but getting no response, they called the care-taker and guard outside the room.
According to the students' witnessing, they told to PRESSMEN that the guard and the care-taker both showed no hurry even though they were aware of some foul. The students told that the guard and the care-taker forbidden to comply the help till the arrival of hostel warden.
The girls, broken the door, got entry into the room anyhow. They found Parul's hang by her scarf. The girls got her down and check her breathing that was reviving.
They call the ambulance to rush her to the nearby hospital, but the  ambulance service did not reach the spot; so they all rushed her hospital B-HOPE by other means of transport where they were told the case was serious.
The girl had need of Oxygen. The girl was referred to Era hospital, but the girl succumbed to her suicidal attempt when this life distance could not be covered by the vehicle at the hour of her need.
The cause behind her death is not clear yet, but the resentment among the students sparked after her death. The students staged a Dharna at University gate. They were shouting slogans against the university administration. No suicide note was recovered from the spot.
The outrage students used stones and damage the university property, the administration told The Pressmen; but the students denied these allegations and said it false framing. This vandalizing has been done by unidentified persons. The students are protesting against the laxity which caused a death in the absence of treatment at campus level

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Is govt planning to discontinue Rs 2000 notes, asks TMC MP

By on Thursday, April 19, 2018
Trinamool Congress leader Dinesh Trivedi today asked the government to come out with the "real reasons" behind the cash crunch across the country, including whether there are plans to discontinue the Rs 2,000 denomination notes.
"I feel that the real reason for the cash crunch is because the government has perhaps decided to discontinue the Rs 2,000 denomination currency notes," Trivedi, who is a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, said here.
Demanding an immediate statement from the government on "the truth behind the cash crunch", he told PTI that "the people have a right to know and you cannot hoodwink them in a democracy."
Asking whether the printing of the Rs 2,000 notes has been stopped, the Lok Sabha member said "the government should not hide facts from the people" and added that he has himself not been getting this high value currency note from the banks over the past few months.
Referring to the demonetisation exercise in 2016, Trivedi said the Rs 2,000 denomination notes were brought in then to match the quantum of money that had gone out of circulation due to the scrapping of the old Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currencies.
Several opposition parties had yesterday questioned the cash crunch, with Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asking whether there was a financial emergency in the country.
In a tweet, she had said "Seeing reports of ATMs running out of cash in several States. Big notes missing. Reminder of #DeMonetisation days. Is there a Financial Emergency going on in the country? #CashCrunch #CashlessATMs."

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Congress silent over Mecca Masjid acquittal case

By on Tuesday, April 17, 2018
BJP slams Congress over decision

Whether it is a shrine or a mosque, if a blast during prayer went off it clearly shows there happened some terror related activities.
NIA court has announced its decision over Mecca Masjid blast case. There had an explosion occurred during the Friday prayer in the year 2007. The 5 accused persons, one of them was Assemanand, have been acquitted from the NIA court. The 9 people had been killed and 58 injured after this explosion 11 years ago on 18th may 2007.
The political attack began over the congress with comments on the acquittal issue. Sambit Patra, BJP spokesperson, targeted congress on this issue and slammed, but the congress appeared in defensive mood on this issue.
 On Monday, Sambit Patra said in a press conference that the congress is doing double standards politics. As the court had announced its order over 2G spectrum matter, the congress was very please after the decision; rather on this decision it is talking about the review. Patra has posed the question that the way congress had made the allegations, whether Rahul Gandhi shall apologize with the country by candle March.
The last week congress had organized nationwide candle march over growing the cases of gang-rapes and murders of the women in country.
AIMIM leader Assauddin Owasi has alleged that all the accused had begun to overturn from their statement since June 2014. NIA did not work through correct way; rather they were not let done it correctly – if it keep on going so, what shall be with the criminal justice system in country?
As the decision was announced, the congress appeared on back foot as per its strategy. Ashok Gehlot, senior leader of congress, was in meeting for the rally preparation with the party’s general secretaries and executives, which is to be held on April 29. he came before the media to give detail after the meeting, a question was asked with Ashok Gehlot about blast in Meccaa mosque, he said mere, “it is the government’s discretion whether it would appeal again in this case or not. it is the court decision so we have to comment nothing in this matter.”
Ghulam Nabi Azad was to brief to the media over Kathua gang-rape, but Media asked over Macca-mosque case. he replied mere this much that there was an option of apex court to government. Repeatedly questioning of media, Azad kept on getting rid by saying that the question was answered.
The party general secretary was in party headquarter then, but he refused to comment over this issue absolutely. Sushil Kumar Shinde and P Chidambaram both assumed silent to be better.
Congress is evading commenting over this issue shows that the congress party is sidelining from the allegations of pro-Muslims was the real reason behind this silence

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Oneday National Conference on Interdisciplinary Ideology on Aspirations for the Nation’s Better Future’ organised at BBAU

By on Sunday, April 15, 2018
Yogi Adityanath, CM UP and chief guest, on the occasion of 127th birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar, presenting memento to the Vice Chancelor, Prof RC Sobti at Atal Bihari Auditorium in Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar University Lucknow on Saturday this week; photo by KSHITIZ KANT

Abhishekh Tripathi; Lucknow
Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Lucknow organised one day national conference on Dr. Ambedkar’s Jayanti for ‘Interdisciplinary Ideology on Aspirations for the Nation’s Better Future’. The programme was held at Atal Bihari Auditorium in 3 sessions at University campus on Saturday this week.
121 intellectual participants had registered in 74 groups their names in this one day national conference. On the behest of Vice Chancelor of university had constituted under the notification issued on 19th March 2018 a programme organizing committee of more than 111 and students volunteers who have toiled to corroborate this programme.
Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP and as chief guest, inaugurated this function by garlanding to the statue of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar and lit the lamp. The welcome address was delivered by VC, Professor RC Sobti, the guest of honour of this programme was Dr B Singh, director ICAR Indian Institute of Vegetable Research Varanasi and on this occasion the Keynote speaker was Prof PC Patanjali, former VC VB Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur.
Here the introduction of theme this national conference was given by Prof Priti Saxena; keynote address was given by Prof. PC Patanjali and address by guest of honour was given by Dr B Singh.
CM Yogi released souvenir and book and presented the memento. he addressed here to the audience and assured to the VC to grant the fund for the construction of girls hostel and play ground.
 The conference has covered the following 5 thematic clusters. The indicative sub-themes of conference with the 56 disciplines’ abstracts were invited 9 on Law, Social Sciences & Humanities; 18 on Management, Commerce and Entrepreneurship; 9 on Agriculture And Food Sciences; 6 on Engineering, Technology, Health And Medical Sciences; 14 on Pure & Applied Sciences.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

People are frustrated and angry with gang-rape and murder: Congress

By on Saturday, April 14, 2018

A woman was raped in Unnao district, 50 Kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh, and her father died in police custody -- both the incidents are in limelight; while the brutal murder and gang-rape report of 8 years old girl from nomad community of Kathua district in J&K has also stand a front of protest around the country; rather the opposition parties are constantly targeting to the BJP and its allied parties.
On the behest of congress state president, Raj Babar, the congress activists organized a candle march in Lucknow Hajratganj area on Friday evening this week. The overcrowded march ended at Gandhi Pratima Sthal Hajratganj Lucknow.
The crowd expressed the condolence and paid their tribute to the deceased by keeping 2 minutes silence.
They also prayed with God to confer an affirmative mind set-up to the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the government of J&K for taking stern action against the accused persons.
Mr Krishn Kant, congress spokesperson, has said in a statement that the national-wide candle March programmes have been organised. The union and the state government both have been failed to provide the protection to the women. The BJP shouts slogans ‘Beti Bchao, Beti Padhao’; now is being asked by the public that ‘Betiya Bachengi, Tabhi To Padhengi’ (the daughters shall be safe, then they will be able to go school).
He said that the public now began to hide their daughters. That the high court had to direct the BJP government to take action is very shameful situation to the democratic elected government.
Besides the Unnao rape in UP, the gang-rape and brutal murder case of 8 years girl from the nomad community in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, is in limelight.
The incident had resulted in widespread anger across Jammu and Kashmir. Following protests by members of the opposition, the state government handed over the investigation to the Crime Branch of the state police.
The chargesheet by police filed in this matter reveals the brutality committed with the girl. According to the media, the charge sheet says that the girl was restrained in a temple.
The drugs were administered her to quiet during this period and then rape was attempted many times. Asifa, 8, was from Bakarwal community. It is a nomad Muslim community.
 When the horses were being grazed by her near home, Asifa was abducted from from Kathua district of Jammu on 10 January this year.
 Sanji Ram, a retired officer of revenue board, had hatched the conspiracy to commit the offence, according to the chargesheet filed by J&K police and crime branch.
According to the report, Sanji Ram had hatched this conspiracy to maintain a fear among Bakarwal community, so that they go away leaving the village forever.
He proposed this work his nephew who is school dropout. The 8 persons have been chargesheeted in this case so far. 8 of them are: Sanji Ram, his nephew, son Vishal Jangotra, nephew’s friend, a police sub-inspector, a head constable and two special police officers. 
The accused nephew was told earlier underage, however the DNA test found his potency age 19 years.
 The chargesheet reveals that he had asked to Sanji Ram’s son, Vishal Jangotra, on phone if he was interested to couple with someone, he could have reached to Kathua. Vishal was then in Meerut.
There are allegations over the police that they tried to destroy the evidence of this crime, and had taken the bribe from the accused in lieu of concealing the whole matter.
According to chargesheet, the temple where the girl was confined is known, Devisthan; and Sanji Ram is manager of this temple. After carrying the girl in temple, she was drugged to keep quiet and gang-raped repeatedly.
She was restrained by nephew in the temple on 14 th January, before the strangulation. This was done so that another accused was intending to rape the girl. On 17th January, Asifa’s body was recovered afar forest from Devisthan.
Whatever the result of investigation comes, but it is confirm that the crime had been committed by these 8 persons.
The investigators with the forensic experts and the first class magistrate had visited the spot. They had inspected Devisthan including places linked with the incident. During the visit, they found the hair strands and blood stain on the wooden stick.
Some hairs recovered from Devisthan and that forest where the girl’s deadbody was dumpped. Later the few hairs were sent to New Delhi for DNA test. One sample has matched with Asifa’s DNA.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Kangra school bus plunged into deep ditch; 29 died, many injured

By on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

29 People including 26 school children died when a bus plunged into a 100 feet deep ditch at Noorpur area Kangra Himanchal Pradesh on Monday afternoon this week.
29 people including 26 school children and 2 teachers died on the spot while many injured have been reported. The rescue and relief team have been rushed to the spot.
The chief minister JaiRam Thakur has expressed grief over this ill-fate incident.
According to the official information, the state education minister has confirmed the death of 20 children while other reports have confirmed 29 deaths. NDRF team has started the rescue operation; the team is taking the help of local people. The state government has ordered to set up an inquiry for this accident.
Kangra school bus accident #UPDATE: Himachal Pradesh Education Minister Suresh Bhardawaj confirms that death toll has risen to 20
The chief minister of Himanchal Pradesh, Mr Jai Ram Thakur, expressed his grief over this incident said that the rescue operation is continued at the accident spot. The NDRF team has rushed to the spot. The local public is helping to the NDRF team in this rescue operation. The magisterial inquiry has been ordered for this accident.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Before general election 28 opposition leaders joined BJP

By on Monday, April 09, 2018
Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
28 more all from the opposition parties have joined the BJP on Monday this week. This joining is looked as a fiasco among the oppositions in viewpoint of BJP and it encourages the BJP's strategy before the general election 2019.

 Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, UPBJP president, said, “PM Modi and CM Yogi’s working, their programmes and their policies for the Dalits, for the weaker sections of society, for the backwards and for the poor —all these facts have overwhelmed these public leaders of BSP and SP; the resulting consequence made two former MPs (SP and BSP) and spokesperson (SP), MLA and MLC including 28 members joined the BJP with their supporting leaders."
in his address, he has said that our popular leader, PM Modi, is committed to ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’, and he has made many projects execute for the empowerment of farmers, backward, Dalits and poor, which have boosted  the public faith for the BJP
He has said that the party workers and leaders under the leadership of national president, Amit Shah are constantly continued to fill the commitment of ‘Sabka Sath Sabka VIkas’,
He has said that the party workers and leaders under the leadership of national president, Amit Shah are constantly continued to fulfill the commitment of ‘Sabka Sath Sabka VIkas', which has today brought the public leaders here and they solemnly joined the membership of BJP and they all will work to strengthen the party.
Well known name are who joined: Ashok Rawat, former MP Misrikh; Jai Prakash Rawat, former MP Hardoi; Prem Prakash, former MLA; Hira Thakur, former MLC; the SP spokesperson, Sanjeev MIshra; and 25 others.

Theatre's booking charge added with GST; artists protest on path

By on Monday, April 09, 2018

Suchit Bajpai;Lucknow
The Theatre and Film Association UP staged a Dharna in protest against the GST imposed on the rental charge of theatre booking. Dharna was organised at Sardar Patel's statue Hajratganj Lucknow on Saturday noon this week.
The artists and the TAFWA members were present during this Dharna. Mr Dabir Siddiqui, General Secretary, has told the reporter that the government, instead of maintaining the weathered theatre of this city, imposed the GST over the theatres’ booking, has taken a step to eliminate the arts.
Mr Rajvir Ratan, senior artist and patron of TAFWA, said, " None of the state government's policies is art supportive, and on the other hand the non-commercial art theatres which have been kept alive the heritage of art and culture in Lucknow so far  have been added into the list of GST that has hampered the future stage play.”
Mr Anil Mishra said that the organisation lack of funds have difficulties to prepare a stage play. Now it is a new difficulty which has been capped on us. The government is adamant to eliminate instead of bolstering the cultural programmes. We condemned this step of government and demanded to save the heritage of culture.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

BSP Chief Mayawati breaks her silence: 'BJP's ego-- misunderstanding!'

By on Sunday, April 08, 2018

Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
BSP Chief and former chief minister of UP, Miss Mayawati in a statement has replied in her counter over the Amit Shah's statement on the 39th foundation day of party.
Amit Shah said on Friday this week, “As to safe from the surge of flood, the cats, the beiges, the dogs and the snakes all get on together on a boat.” The same manner the opposite parties are trying to be together.
Mis Mayawati said on Saturday, “The present leadership of BJP have been trapped under ego of power and are misunderstanding the people as a community of fools.
Even she has alleged over the CM Yogi Adityanath that he had used such absurd colloquial language, but he was responded adversely by the public recently in by-elections.
The BSP supremo has dubbed the BJP is a party of ‘criminal mindset’ and suffering from RSS trick and character.
Even she has said that the BJP in the centre has been sidelined for its stubborn and anti-behavior for public.
In a statement, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, president UP BJP has said, ‘ Mayawati must peep in her self-analysis for the abetting the exploitation of Dalits and openly using the abusive language to the society.
At the behest of Mayawati, As the people of her party were talking about presenting a woman and her daughter in public, why didn't she recall her culture and decorum?
Speaking abusive language for the different communities through  racial discrimination spreading among the society, why does she feel her Hitlershahi and abusive behavior pious; rather the BJP’s talks to maintain the respect to the public and Dalits and to make strong democracy why does seem crime.
Mayawati’s silence over the murders of Dalits on large scale in Kerala and West Bengal shall be responded by Dalit community.
Mere the BJP is a party which is struggling for the Dalits of Kerla and West Bengal from the road to Assembly and Parliament.
The public shall respond to the conspiracy of panicked and scared opposition from the anti-corruption operation and Sabka Sath and Sabka Vikas policy by PM Narendra Modi; and will also respond to make easy access of rights to the poor and Dalits by national president of BJP AmitShah.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Commitment of 2 crore jobs proved BJP's empty slogan: Akhilesh Yadav, former CMUP

By on Friday, April 06, 2018

The National President of Samajwadi Party and the former Chief Minister of UP, Mr Akhilesh Yadav, addressed to a meeting held here to the office bearers of students' unions who came to submit a memorandum for the demand of implementing the identical laws in all the central universities and said on the plight of students' victimisation how the students, differing of views from BJP Yuva Morcha, are being harassed?
He added that the new generations’ futures are going to be ruin. The BJP is reluctant the young to be educated and prospers. The talks about Digital India, Stand-up India, and Make-in India are constantly in propaganda; consequently there are no benefits in flow to the needy. The BJP projects such dream which cannot be come true in reality.
 “2 crore of jobs opportunities were assured to provide the youths during the election , but the 4 years tenure of Union Government indicates no employment. The youths are wandering on road. The employment is big problem today. What is the meaning of nationalism without the opportunities of building of nation to the youths? It has proved BJP's empty slogan”, he said.
The democracy today is under the cloud of crises by the policies of BJP. The free and fair elections are in doubt about EVM. The election to be held through ballot papers is the demand of today. He said that the time has gone so far that the information cannot be gagged. None can put others under the cheats. How much the BJP tries, but cannot deceive the young generation.     
He added that the basic infrastructure must be fulfilled for the progress of country. The progress of new generation is about to appear mere in new system. He said that the parliamentary election 2019 and the assembly election 2022 shall determine the future of new generation.
Vivek Kumar Yadav told that the land of 764 acres at Govardhanpur where the BHU was established had been given by my forefather. When he was registering the membership of Samajwadi Chhatra Sabha, he was booked under fake case. The BJP says that only saffron shall remain in university.
In this memorandum, the students’ leaders of Allahabad University, Banaras Hindu University and Kashi Vidya Pit have demanded that the rights and rules must be uniform in the central universities. There should be slashed in fees. The hostel’s seat must be increased. There should be uniform syllabus system in all universities. The recruitments on the vacancies in various departments should be filled. There should be tough law against the women’ violence and rape and the communal riots should be ended.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Exemption of political parties from FCRA violation buried many black history

By on Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Sorry! It has constrained me to write today that the big journalists of our country have put hostage their spirits before owners of organisation. The front page news is not given the preference because the journalism seems to be the work of mere chocolate men now.
Perhaps would you have known that the FCRA bill of political parties was passed without any hindrance of debate in parliament? This bill was not a short story, rather was a bill of selling spirit of country’s democracy.
Actually through this bill, the law of FCRA 2010 has been revised, which stops the funding by foreign companies to the political parties in India. While the government by revising the FCRA through the finance bill 2016 had eased to the parties the taking of foreign funds, but the recent revision shall give no chance to audit the foreign funding to the parties since 1976.
It is noticeable that the funding to the political parties since 1976 has got now the legality.
The revision of this bill confers retrospective effect in the language of law. Such revisions permission must be allowed in rare cases.
Why had to implement such rare provision eventually in the main subject of draft?
The NGO, Association for Democratic Reforms, filed a writ petition in Delhi High Court and in this writ petition ADR had claimed that the Union Government was doing the contempt of court.
Actually Delhi High Court had found that the BJP and Congress both parties had violated the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) by taking the donation from the Indian subsidiaries company Vedanta Resources Company established at Britain.
The section-4 of FCRA curbs the political parties or public delegates to take any donation from foreign. The Delhi high court had issued an order to election commission and Union Home Ministry to audit the accounts of, and take action against, both the BJP and the Congress within next 6 months.
The Delhi High Court contemplated on the intention of Union Government taking action on ADR writ petition in July 2017, the court asked why not government took any step in this matter. The government had contended before the court to let it be given times till 31st March 2018 to scrutiny the parties’ account.
The court had again allowed six weeks time to union government to take action in this matter on 8th October 2017, the scheduled time had lapsed in December 2017.
The question is here what the court committed subsequently. The response in this case was nil later, rather it emerged into an award which was given by Union Government on 8th March 2018 to Geeta Mittal, Acting Chief Justice, who was hearing this case with Justice C. Harishankar.
The award is not an ordinary; rather it is given on World Women’s Day for the contribution to the prowess of women, which is a highest respect in India.
Senior Advocate, Indira JaiSingh, had posed question through tweet over giving award to Justice Mittal. She had said, “The working judges accepted ever any award by the government—never! I hope that they have potential to reject it.”
She had raised question over the freedom of Judiciary and tweeted again ‘there are many ways to tarnish the freedom of judiciary – one of them are to give honour any working judge, especially to woman.’, but the award was bestowed to Justice Gita Mittal on 8th March eventually.
 ‘The country’s democracy is in danger’ the statement has been said in press conference held by 4 judges of Supreme Court of India on 12th January 2018, I ratify.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

High Court Himachal Pradesh summoned CBI director in Kotkhai murder case

By on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Whenever the primary investigation of criminal cases in India are suspected some foul-play of biasness, to maintain dignity of any case it is assigned to the most prestigious investigative agency – Central Bureau of Investigation!
One of the cases is of Kotkhai gang-rape and murder of a teenage girl in Himanchal Pradesh last year, which had got momentum of resentment among the public. Now the government has changed and the case status after 9 months is still blank.
 The acting chief justice of Himanchal Pradesh High Court, Sanjey Karol and justice Sandeep Sharma’s bench, heard the case on Wednesday, where the CBI handed over the case status report to the court in a sealed envelope. The court commented on CBI report that the CBI had no evidence. The court is to hear the case further on 18 th April next month.
High Court seeing laxity in the investigation has summoned the CBI director and has order to submit the final report on 18th April on next hearing. The counsel of CBI, advocate, Ansul Banshal, told that the update status report in a sealed envelope has been submitted to the High Court. The counsel added that when the rape murder case was assigned to the CBI, the evidence till then had been destroyed. Now the CBI is following the investigation through the scientific path.
An agitation sparked for the justice of Gudiya’s rape and murder among thousands of people. The chairman of Madad Seva Trust which was constantly demanding the justice for Gudiya had stopped its campaign. According to the chairman, the CBI had claimed to unearth the murderer’s identity till 28th April, but the CBI is still blank hand; consequently the people have lost their confidence over the CBI, which constraints them to withdraw the case.
It is noticeable that the Gudiya’s murder case was handed over to the CBI on 18th July last year. Since then the CBI could not be able to collect any strong evidence. However the CBI had arrested IG, SP including 9 policemen for Suraj’s murder.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Electric Employees wake up government by their work boycott; 116 electric supply stations stopped work

By on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Privatisation of electric department was protested

Employees of UP Power Corporation Limited gave strong message of strike to the government in the wake of privatisation on Tuesday this week; the employees have boycotted their work. The employees gathered in Lucknow from the state were protesting against the privatisation of UPPCL. The employees' associations symbolically have expressed their one day protest, and  given premonition to the state government that, if the government did not stand with them, the associations shall be in compulsion to go on the strike.
Joint Struggle Electric Employees Committee UP had called to the employees and the engineers of the power corporation to boycott whole day work.
The committee has announced giving pace to the agitation and said that the employees and engineers shall resume their work from 28th March regularly and is to begin their boycott statewide for 72 hours since 9th April in morning. There shall have constantly a protest meeting carrying out daily at the project head quarters and the districts of the state during the forthcoming days.
The engineers and the employees under statewide agitation staged a protest and Dharna against the government decision in front of Shakti Bhawan in Lucknow. The agitation was extreme among employees in protest of privatisation of electric distribution system. The work in offices of UPPCL was fully withheld. The billing and the recovery work were also withheld. The demonstrators were chanting the slogans: ‘Urja Mantri Hosh Mie Aao’ (wake up Energy Minister) with the card board in hands.
The president of Electric Technical Unity Union, Ram Pratap Verma, has alleged that no vacancies have been filled up in this department so far in government's one year tenure. The employees in short strength  and in least resources of organisation have given better services; yet the government in those districts where the electric services are normal are going to privatise is wrong step. Without filling the shortage of employees and providing the resources, the intention of the gainer districts’ privatisation on the name of giving the better services to the consumers, the government is fully going to give benefits to the capitalists.
 The general secretary of Association, Ashok Kumar, told here, “The contribution of employees earnestly to carry this department in rise whether it is by revenue recovery or by providing electric connections services to the consumers have played an important role. The intention of privatisation of this department shows that the government to its close capitalists is to give the benefit indirectly. On the one hand, the effects of privatisation is  to go on directly over the employees, on the other hand this  will give burden adversely over the public indirectly.”
He added, “Where the electric department used to recover the cost per unit Rs 4; now the private companies will impose the rate of Rs 7 to 10 per unit from domestic consumers. The consumers where they get relaxation of 2 to 3 months time to pay the bill, now the private companies will disconnect the electric supply if the bill is not paid within a month. Where the electric department, giving OTS to consumers, provided the rebate; the private companies shall give no rebate. The consumers shall have to face the loss in every situation on privatisation.”
The office bearers of struggle committee have appealed with the government to withdraw its decision of privatisation in mass public interest. They have warned that if any employee is victimised or the ongoing peaceful agitation is repressed, the indefinite work boycott shall be begun in reality without any notice. The struggling committee announced that if any employee is arrested, the employees and engineers working at every project and districts will begin to give their arrests.
The resentment was seen among the protesters at UPPCL head quarter, Shakti Bhawan Lucknow. The offices in Lucknow and of other districts of the state were in the silent shadow.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Journalist killed by truck had exposed Sand Mafia and police collusion

By on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Two journalists have been hit in an incident by four wheelers in Arrah district of Bihar on Sunday evening one day ago. The incident has repeated and this is not at same state, but is in same way. The truck has been seized and Driver has fled from the scene. Superintendent of police, Bhind, in the wake of murder conspiracy suspected, has set up an SIT.
Mr Sandeep Sharma, 35, from Bhind Madhya Pradesh, was going somewhere by his motorbike on Monday morning this week. He was a journalist and the truck ruthlessly has gone over him flatten which was captured in the CCTV footage.  Sandeep was on his side and was going normally. The truck swerved toward Sandeep and then recklessly running over him went to the road side.
It is noticeable that Sandeep had exposed Sand Mafia and police collusion by in a sting operation one year ago. In this operation, a policeman was taking hush money from Sand Mafia.
Meanwhile, a day before of this incident, two motorcycle borne journalists were run over by 4-wheelers (scorpio) on Sunday evening at Nahsi turning under Gadhani area police station at Bhojpur district in Bihar. Both were killed on the spot.
Both journalists are Naveen Nishchal of a news paper and Vijay Singh, of a magazine. Police have arrested Mohammad Harsoo, husband of former village head, on charge of journalists’ murder.
a quarrel had been reported between Mohammad Harsoo and journalist Naveen Nishchal over a news in mid market on Sunday evening . Harsoo had threatened to Naveen a dire consequence. Naveen was returning back with Vijay on motorbike after covering news Ramnavmi’s crowd. both were intercepted on way to destination.
Mohammad Harsoo and his son both by the Scorpio drifted over Naveen’s bike. When both fell down to land, while crushing the injured, both killed them by their 4 -wheelers (Scorpio).  The accused persons were about to escape from there that the villagers got the information and meanwhile they ran towards the spot; burnt the vehicle.