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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mob lynched tribal man in Kerala

By on Saturday, February 24, 2018

A shameful killing case has been reported from Keral. According to the media, a man was beaten up so ruthlessly that he succumbed to his injuries. Not even that, many people kept on taking selfie. The two people have been arrested in this matter and five others have been detained.
The matter is of Thursday this week. A tribal man, name Madhu, 27, was allegedly an accused of theft. The crowd tied the man’s hands and legs and began him beating. After it the crowd handed over this man to police moribund condition. The local police was taking him to nearby police station meanwhile he began to vomiting on his way to police station. The police rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.
The chief minister of Keral, Pinarai Vijayan, has expressed his grief over this barbaric incident. He wrote on face book: there no place of such incident in the civilized society. The chief minister took it serious and has ordered to take stern action against the accused.

The reports reveal that Madhu was mental retarded. And he used to come ever at anon in the city. According to the locals, the complaints of stealing the stuffs from the many shops had been imposed over him. The police taking all facts in cognizance is investigating the matter.


By on Saturday, February 24, 2018
First theme park of eastern UP is going to be established, which will have global level water park, Fun Park, amusement park and 50 rooms resort. The cost is Rs 40 crore on this project and will extend on the land of 25 acres. The main attraction place shall be a lake of 1000 meter square area which will be men built first big lake in India.
Moreover 100 feet high hydraulic lift water slide shall be here, which has not yet in any water park established in UP. There will be a theme village of Ram’s Ayodhya.
Tennis, Badminton, Sports ground and gym shall be in this park. There shall be first centre of Yoga centre, meditation, naturopathy. The MoU between UP Govt and JRP builders was agreed on 21 February.The 1000 people shall be employed here.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Prime Minister's statement seems to be electoral affair beyond reality:UP State Congress

By on Thursday, February 22, 2018
UP Congress Committee has said about 'Investors Summit' that Congress Party has been always in favor of development of Country and State; but the manner in which summit's advertising has been done, crore of rupees for this purpose were flown like water and PM praises the CM, the officers and to the police in his speech shows an event, not a Summit.
The State Congress spokesperson, Sanjay Bajpai, has said in his statement, “The way has been told that the1045MoU have been formally agreed and assured of 4 lakh 28 thousands crore investment in the talks if it comes in practical on the State’s ground  it shall be certainly supportive to the State.”
In his remarks at the Summit, the Prime Minister talked about developing the Defense Industrial Corridor in UP is welcomed, but surprising is that none of the Investors talked in Summit’s gathering about the capital investment in defence sector.
The defence deal was done to purchase the Rafale plane and if its production work had been assigned to the HAL Lucknow, it would have been in the favour of state. That Lucknow HAL and Ordinance factory Kanpur, the big units, were established during the tenure of Congress are now being paralysed.
The Prime Minister's statement seems to be an electoral affair beyond reality. The state’s public was interested to hear PM's views on Rafale deal and PNB scam, but the public was disappointed on PM’s arrival at Lucknow.

Bajpai added that not only the former UPA government in centre, by the efforts of Rahul Gandhi, to establish Mega Food Park, Hindustan Paper mill like many small and big industrial factories had got agreed MoU with the state; but all these projects were closed before begun, as the BJP took power in centre.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nirav and Choksi’ men had the access to the bank computer system: Investigation

By on Tuesday, February 20, 2018
The arrested accuseds have disclosed before CBI that every Letter of Understanding was worth of bribe in this scandal. The bribe money was divided into employees according to the fund of LoU. This bribe money was rewarded to among all employees indulged in this activity.
CBI had arrested the former deputy manager GokulNath Shetty, Manoj Kharat and Hemant Bhatt from Nirav Company. Shetty, before his going to superannuation, had issued several LoU to Nirav Choksi’s company so that the company kept on siphoning the fund without any hindrance till one year.
CBI has recovered many important documents from Brady house. CBI has taken the protection of PNB Branch Brady Road Mumbai. The search for documents inside the bank is going on and it shall be continue till Wednesday. Agency has questioned GM including five officers.  This is the branch where the scam was begun from.
The diamonds were the first preference to the scamisters. The collusion between the scamisters and the diamond businessmen is under scanner. Nirav Mehul’s registered companies are being investigated.
Nirav and Choksi’ men had the access to the bank computer system. These men could login swift system from home. These five levels password had been provided by Shetty. The siphoned fund was utilized to the imbursement of banks’ loans, not for the business purpose. Some amount of the fund was used for other business.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Yogi’s curse on criminals continues; opposition is in restless: BJP

By on Thursday, February 15, 2018

The UP BJP state spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi, has said in a press release Wednesday that the agony of SP Leaders in connection with the encounter of hardcore criminals in UP is reasonable.
Tripathi added that the goons and the criminals had got the protection during the SP tenure. The criminals did not hesitate to shoot the police, but the situations have changed in UP because of strong will of UP CM Yogi ji.
The criminals are in police dragnet. The wanted criminals are being arrested, and those criminals who are daring to open fire on police: police is replying in the same pattern. The public were afraid of those; they are fearful of police today. The criminals are going to surrender.
Tripathi said further that the illegal armed factories in UP had developed like mashroom in the past Akhilesh government.
The 156 illegal factories closure and then bombs and armors were seized after the Yogi government came in power.
Samajwadi party's leaders are in restless after an effective action over crime and criminals.
The SP leaders are targeting the government in House to disguise their fear.The SP leaders who kept on alleging the misuse of CBI are now demanding the CBI inquiry on encounters.
The 1200 encounter cases have been reported so far in UP during the completion of 10 months rule of Yogi Government. These encounters in UP have been an issue in the parliament house. The allegations of Samajwadi Party over these cases are very grave.
Not only the SP party leaders dubbed it a murder in government monitoring, but also they are demanding the CBI inquiry into all the encounters have been executed.
The criminals in UP are in troubles nowadays. The UP police are in action against the criminals. The UP police executed 24 encounters within 72 hours a few days ago, these sent 36 hardcore criminals behind the bar while during these operations, 3 most wanted criminals were killed.
The encounters between the police and the criminals in 15 districts of UP within 3 days have been reported where the 4 encounters have been reported in Shamli; 3, in Bulandshahar while two encounters each in Kanpur, Saharanpur, Muzzafarpur and in state capital, Lucknow. The weapons in large quantity were recovered from the criminals during the encounters.
4 dacoits of Bawaria gang, the equivalent of terror, have been arrested while two others have sustained bullets injuries. Both these are from Bawaria gang. Police finished them who had of 10 to 50 thousands bounty and were the accused of many sensational cases.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Rafale plane deal: Congress posed 8 questions to Modi government

By on Thursday, February 08, 2018
Randeep Singh Surjewala, spokesperson to INC, said, “There is scam in Rafale deal during Modi government, the security norms are taken easily. The purchasing cost, the violation of defence purchasing process, and the compromise on technology transfer in the national interest are serious matter. The capitalist friends are benefitted by PM.”
He posed 8 questions:
  1. Why did 36 Rafale purchase three times costlier? If Qatar buys 12 Jets at the rate of Rs 694 crore, why does India get it at the rate of 1517 crore? PM tell the country
  2. Why did PM buy 36 planes breaching the process of CNC, PNC, and Price Discovery and Inter government deal?
  3. Why did Modi alone announce to buy 36 planes without the permission of CCS?
  4. The foreign Secretary had said before Modi’s France trip that there would not be any talk on Rafale. What had happened within 48 hours that Modi government’s decision changed?
  5. Rafale was cheaper, Euro Fighter Typhoon said to the then Defence Minister Arun Jaitly that they would sell it in 20% less than Dassalt Company. Why did not PM and defence minister decide it? Why did not again bid call?
  6. The work was to assign to the HAL, a public sector company. Now this work was handed over to a private company of Reliance.
  7. Mere a company of country HAL has the experience to built Jets. why was the deal  handed over to a private company ignoring to HAL.2012
  8. Why did new deal confirm having cancelled of the deal done in 2012? The defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman said that the decision to buy Rafale was in emergency. If it was emergency, why did 35 months later decision was taken? It is told that Jets shall not be delivering 2 to 5 years – which type of emergency is this?

He added, “If our information is wrong, the government must put the real facts, tell the rate. We were buying it at the rate of 526 crore per jet; the government is buying it at the rate of Rs1517 crore as I overheard. The rate is three times of old rate. The Defence Minister is silent; Defence Secretary is tightlipped and there is no information to the parliament.”
Actually, Rafale fighter planes purchasing process was begun in 2010 under the regime of UPA lead congress government, but the deal was not finalized during UPA tenure. The ruling UPA government was out in general election and Narendra Modi led BJP came in power in 2014.
The Rafale deal was signed by India’s Defence Minister, Manohar Parikar, and French counterpart Jya Eve Dariya 36 Rafale fighter plane is to be imported from france under this deal. However 126 planes were to be bought. According to the former defence minister AK Antony, it had been decided that 18 planes would be bought off the shelf and 108 to be built in India.
Now congress has alleged that the purchasing decision of 36 planes by Modi government is one sided base. Congress has alleged that the rules were ignored in the planes purchasing order; even so SCC’s prior permission has not been taken before this deal.
Moreover the media reports claimed that 6 companies planes were to be considered in the tender bid for purchasing the fighter planes advertised, but the Indian Air Force had preferred Rafale telling it better than all.
Now the BJP is in this trouble that the congress has claimed that Modi Ji had gone to Paris in person and had this deal changed there. Second is that 36 planes are purchased in place of 18 and there is no clarification issued from the government? Third is that Congress claimed the price of one plane is Rs 1555 crore while it was to be bought at Rs 428 crore. The congress is targeting the scam in the planes purchasing.
Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has claimed that Prime Minister purchased ignoring the scheduled prices during his France trip. He claimed that a Rafale plane has been purchased at Rs 1570.8 crore during Modi government while its price during UPA was negotiated on Rs 526.1 crore.
Azad claimed that if the fighter plane which Modi negotiated to buy was sold to Qatar at the rate of Rs 694.8 crore, why did france sell it to India at 100% extra rate?

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Rahul Gandhi suspected scam in Rafale deal

By on Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Congress targeted Modi government for the Rafale deal on Monday in New Delhi this week. Cong president Rahul Gandhi has alleged PM Modi for a scam. Rahul said that PM Modi ji, himself, had gone to Paris to negotiate this deal. Why the country is not being told how much this deal was in?

Rahul said, “Why don’t you talk about the Rafale deal? Has it happened ever so that the defence minister says: 'Nothing shall be told about on how much amount Rafale have been bought?'  She will not inform to the country that Modi Ji has patched up."
 he said, "I know you all are scared."

Rahul alleged that Modi Ji changed the deal in Paris. On how much price Rafale planes were bought is not being informed to the country – It means there is some foul play of scam.

The matter was also in limelight at the time of Gujarat Assembly Election.  RK Singh, Energy Minister, during the Gujarat election, had said, “We have bought the plane in Rs 400 crore cheaper than Congress rate." He had said that the formula of Rafale deal was ratified by Congress at the rate Rs1100 crore for one plane; while we bought it in Rs 700 crore per plane. We bought it earliest in the country interest. The deal was in pending since many years, while we needed planes to secure our country.

Mr Jayant Sinha was also in this programme and had said that, if congress suspected of any foul play had been done, why they didn't knock the door of court?

The senior congress leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad, posed the question what was the reason behind it that the government had to decide to buy 36 Rafales in place of 126. The deal was negotiated without the permission of cabinet committee of security.

The Congress asked: How much price of Rafael plane has been paid for? Each Rafael’s cost price was about 526 crore during the tenure of Congress government. The Modi government bought it paying Rs 1517 crore each.  Tell to public, is it true or not.

The defence minister, Nirmala Sita Raman, told to parliament on Monday that the deal was done with France for the fighter plane Rafael that was between the two countries. It has some secret information so the deal negotiation details cannot be expressed publicly.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Maldives political crisis: Supreme Court asked for India's help

By on Monday, February 05, 2018

The rift between the Supreme Court and the government of Maldives has pulled on. The situation is that the SC has issued order to arrest President Abdullah Yameen while the president has refused to follow the court order. The army has surrounded the parliament of Maldives. The SC has called upon other democratic countries of the world to help during this political turmoil.
Actually, the supreme court of Maldives on Thursday last week it its verdict had ordered to release the former president, Mohd Nasheed and other accused immediately, but the president, Mohd Yameen, refused the abide the court order.
The court had order to release 12 members of parliament and 9 other political prisoners including Nasheed. The court had said that the resented person must be released because they were facing the litigation politically motivated.
Court has said, “After being complied of court order releasing the prisoners from jail, nothing prevents to carry him an impeachment against them.”
Actually, Abdullah Yameen’s party shall be in short majority after releasing of 12 members of parliament, which has him endangered of an impeachment. It is so because these members of parliament, being left the ruling side, had joined the opposition.
Meanwhile, police have arrested two opposition members of parliament. These MP had returned to country this Monday.
The chief opposition, Maldivian Democratic Party, has said they were not allowed even a meeting. The government used the security force to let not be done a meeting.
Here is a tense situation since long. The armed force have been deployed here in parliament ‘People's Majlis’ since last march as Yameen had ordered to expel the resentful parliamentarian
The government has said, “Any order of supreme court for the arrest of president shall be illegal and unlawful. So the police and security forces have been directed not comply any unlawful order.”
The present opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed was first elected president of Maldives. He was convicted for 13 years imprisonment in the allegation of terror during the year 2015. Abdulah Yameen became the president of Maldives. last Thursday supreme court said in its verdict that the case against Nasheed was politically motivated and ordered to release them. And the court also ordered to release the 12 parliamentarians who had gone to the opposition side.
In case the order of Supreme Court is complied, the present president may have to go. This is the reason why he is denying the order of Supreme Court. In the wake of this situation, the supreme court of Maldives has called upon India to save the democracy and the constitution.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Premeditated conspiracy triggered violence in Kasganj UP on R-day

By on Saturday, February 03, 2018
Police is investigating this matter by this angle that the triggered violence was premeditated

Whether there was any conspiracy on the occasion of Republic day behind the triggered communal violence in Kasganj a district of Uttar Pradesh? The reply on this question surfaced after an interview of UP police chief.
IG Police of state has said, “We are investigating the matter. There has been set up an SIT for this purpose. A special working force is assisting to the SIT.   We are also monitoring by even this angle of the incident lest the violence was not a hatched conspiracy.” According to Mr Singh, the incident took place suddenly. Without any prior permission the tri colour journey reached to particular area where all type of community reside there. Some people objected to these persons. Both sides began to clash then start the stone pelting. There began the firing. a young man was killed in this firing while other was injured.

It is noticeable that Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Mahasabha and ABVP – all the activists had taken a journey of tricolor. The triggered violence during this journey wrapped a man named Chandan Gupta. Next day after last rites of dead body the violence sparked again. The violent mob burnt the three shops, two buses and a car. Police has arrested more than a dozen of people in this connection. The accused had been arrested, whose bullet killed to Gupta.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

10%Tax on Long Term Capital Gains; Return by Share Market much Attractive: Jaitley, FM

By on Thursday, February 01, 2018
A disappointment among the investors were seen as India's Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely imposed 10% tax on long term capital gains of shares in budget proposal during budget session 2018-19. However this tax shall be applicable over the gains more than Rupees one lakh; namely, it is a relief over the small investors. Share market tumbled after the proposal.
Moreover, Finance Minister has proposed to tax at the rate of 10% on dividend income by equity focused mutual fund to maintain identical chance to the development oriented funds and dividend distribution funds.
The new provision will effect to the capital gains by the investment on shares after 31st January 2018 and the gains, before the stipulated date, shall be exempted from this tax.
Actually to maintain long term investment in the share market, the proceeds of capital gains on shares more than one year had been exempted from tax.

Jaitley said the return by share market is much attractive and the time is now to bring the capital gains under taxable income. Jaitley has added that he is proposing a minor change In the current system

Friday, January 26, 2018

J&K republic day celebration; national flag hoisted despite threatening

By on Friday, January 26, 2018
Sher-e-Kasmir stadium where the courage of schools students were seen when the whole country was celebrating its 69th republic day festival on Friday this week, Mr Abu Rahman Viri, minister of state, hoisted the national flag including school children here.
Actually, the terrorist organization had announced a threatening in the valley to the people not to participate in the republic day programme. Despite it these school children were the participants on this occasion. The children took part in many cultural programme.

It is noticeable that the republic day has been celebrated countrywide under high security. J&K always remains on the terrorist target; and in the wake of it, here had been beefed up high alert security. There was tight security in the J&K on this occasion. There have been deployed the security forces on every corner in the sensitive places. The suspected activities are in the vigil.

On this occasion, a spectacular parade was taken over Rajpath in Delhi at national capital. India showed its power to the world through the parade. The parade began with the ASEAN squads. The tanks, weapons, army and many others glimpse were behind this parade. The heads of ASEAN countries were the chief guests in this republic day. PM MODI welcomed these heads of the countries.

DAV PG College Lucknow organised annual programme Abhvyakti 2017

By on Friday, January 26, 2018

THREE days its traditional annual programe 'Abhivyakti 2017' was organized at DAV PG College Lucknow in its premises this week. The programe is based on the show of skill and development earned among students of inter-postgraduate colleges.
The students of various post graduate colleges were the participants in this programme and won many prizes by their excellent performances at the stage ‘Abhivyakti’. Characteristically the judges’ panel of DAV PG College is reputed for taking their unbiased decision, so the participants in high numbers were seen to be enlisted here enthusiastically.
Mr KK Pandey greeting Vice Chancellor University of Lucknow Prof SP Singh during Abhivyakti-2017 

The cultural programme was inaugurated by Prof. SP Singh, vice chancellor university of Lucknow. The cultural programme was inaugurated by Prof. SP Singh, vice chancellor university of Lucknow. He said in his inaugural speech, “development of any degree college depends upon three factors: 'academically active managing committee, the dedicated principal and teachers, and the motivated students'.”
He added, “The development by the infrastructure of any institution is not mere result of a day. Its conceptual paradigm activates first to the mind of leadership and then it projected as a plan. The development grows in the character base atmosphere, not by infrastructure; only teachers are the producer of this creation; the teachers are the producers of culture and the generation where their duties are superior to the output of any industry. So the postgraduate colleges are a family and a part of our university. The development of postgraduate colleges is the development of university in true meaning.”

     On this occasion Mr Nilkanth Tiwari, State Minister Uttar Pradesh, was present as a chief guest of this function and addressed to the students and the guests. He said, "The annual function of PG College is the mirror of the activities of that PG College. India is the country of youths and these have to make new India. in any model of government there must have a scheme for all groups, which is being ensured by our PM Narendra Modi."

Eventually Mr KK Pandey pays gratitude to all the teachers, guests, students, managing committee and participants.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Karnisena is in action; sabotage and violence reported before release of Padmavat

By on Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Bollywood movie, Padmavat, is in a big controversy. The countrywide protest against this movie after the permission of government to release it is continued.
A Karnisena targeted school bus in its sabotage action. The school children anyhow saved themselves hiding under the bus seat when the protesters began to stone pelting over the bus.
Rahul Gandhi, Cong president, in his tweet says: in no condition, the violence over the children shall be dubbed correct. It’s a weapon of weak person. BJP is using the violence and hatred to ignite the country.
The Union Minister, Suresh Prabhu, said sternly from Davos, Switzerland, “ Modi government shall not tolerate the attack of Karnisena on women and children.” The incident took place in Gurugram, Haryana on Wednesday this week.
A government bus has also been set on blaze.

The SC reprimanded on hearing the issue of law and order situation and has said on Tuesday that it is the responsibility of state government to maintain the law and order. The burden of law and order must bear the state government by its responsibility. Court added that the state government could not appreciate the few groups which support the violence. Some groups are threatening constantly of violence by appeal to stop the release of this movie. Censor board has done its duty. Court said that we are not historian and this movie does not say any such claim that it is based on history.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

CJI Dipak Misra bench shall hear cases linked to Justice Loya’s death

By on Saturday, January 20, 2018
The CJI SC, Deepak Mishra’s chaired bench shall hear the writ petitions linked to the death of CBI special Judge, Brijgopal Harkishan Loya. Justice MM Khanvilkar and Justice DY Chandchud shall be with CJI in this hearing. The hearing is to take place on Monday next week on the writ petition by Tahsin Poonawala and a journalist from Maharastra, BK Lone.
The hearing was pending before the bench of justice MM Shantanagaudar and justice Arun Mishra so far. The court had asked Maharastra government to submit the postmortem report of BH Loya and had directed to show all the related documents to the petitioners. However, the court, together, had also recommended this case to be heard at the proper Bench.
It is assumed that the matter linked to the investigation of Justice BH Loya’s death was entrusted to the bench of Justice Arun Mishra that was the main cause of call an unprecedented press conference by the four SC judges.
The four judges were: Chelameshwar, Rajan Gogoi, MB Lokur and Kuriyan Joseph. These judges had posed the question over the system of assigning the case of hearing to the Supreme Court benches by the CJI. However, judges had not mentioned any particular case, but when the journalist asked about the case of Justice Loya’s death, Justice Ranjan Gogoi had said in his tacit acceptance, yes.

On December 1st, 2014, Justice BH Loya, special judge to the CBI court, died in mysterious circumstances. He was hearing Sohrabbuddin fake encounter case of Gujarat. The present national president of BJP, Amit Shah and other police officers of state were accused in this case.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Capable India and Youth Day Festival celebrated in DAV PG college Lucknow

By on Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Capable India and Youth Day Festival’ was organised at DAV PG College Lucknow on Tuesday this week on the occasion of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
The programme by wreathe to the statues of mother Saraswati and Swami Vivekanand was inaugurated by the college principal, Mr KK Pandey,Mr Narendra Ji, Ashivini Ji and Manmohan Tiwari and other colleagues with the students. The guests lit the lamp of knowledge before the deity and Swamiji.
Many guests from RSS Lucknow and from DAV PG College were present here. The conch sound and hymn preaching by Anurag Bajpai began this program. The conch sound and hymn preaching by Anurag Bajpai began this program. The chief guest, Narendra Ji, RSS co-ordinator, told Swami ji was a super great man of this era.
The chief speaker of the programme, Ashivani Ji, organiser (Vivekanand Kendra Kannia Kumari, Lucknow Branch) addressed here and he told about Swami Vivekanad’s battle, character and ideal of life that is a way to motivate and guide to the youths.
College Manager, Mr Manmohan Tiwari, called the students to follow the path which Swami Vivekanand and Swami Dayanand Saraswati had achieved by their penance and bestowed on society.
The programme was ended by KK Pandey paying gratitude to the programme organiser Dr Ajit Priyadarsi and Dr Durgesh Kumar and to the anchoring of Dr Anjani Mishr.