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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Mumbai Police summoned Radhey Maa

By on Sunday, August 09, 2015
Radhey Maa with devout
Mumbai police monitoring Radhey mother in controversy issued summons against her. Mumbai police took action on the matter of a complaint lodged by a woman of being tormented for dowry. Mumbai police (Kandiwli) summoned on the matter of harassing for dowry, asked explanation with Radhey mother. The summons issued other than Radhey mother were the inlaws of aggrieved woman. Before Sunday Radhey Mother left for Aurangabad from Nanded and arrived Mumbai from here. A devout took Radhe mother in his arms and sat her on a seat into a car. A big crowd was present there.
The assistant, Sanjiv Gupta, told, ‘Radhe mother is saddened with baseless allegation. She is being implicated in the matter without any cause. The pictures posted on social media are not justified. Her dance video clip was of a family program. What has wrong with it?’
Radhey mother broke her silence before media and said, ‘Her justice will come by God.’
She said, ‘I did no mistake, I have two daughter-in laws. How can I do something wrong? I and my family both have nothing relation with the woman accusing me.’