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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Special judge for POCSO act suspended;he took bail decision in hurry

By on Sunday, April 30, 2017
The judge, who admitted the bail to the former minister under SP Government in UP, Gayatri Prajapati, has been suspended by high court. Special judge for POSCO act, Mr Omprakash Mishra who had heard the bail plea and gave bail to Gayatri Prajapti; but the high court has rejected the decision of bail granted.
DK Singh, registrar general high court Allahabad has confirmed the suspension. The departmental inquiry has also been set up against Mishra. The inquiry will be conducted by Sudhir Agrawal J. High Court. The inquiry will be completed till 30th april. Om Prakash Mishra is going to be retired on 30 April.
Dilip Baba Sahib Bhosle, Chief Justice, hearing on the government appeal against the bail granted to Gayatri, had given a stiff noting. Chief Justice said that the FIR after the Supreme Court intervention was registered in Gyatri’s matter, then he was arrested.
During the investigation in grave matter, the accused releasing order is the decision in hurriedly taken. Police and the government advocate could not get chance to put their side.
Mishra was suspended on seeing the hurry to grant the bail, and the decision of high court in the case.
The government lawyer begged the time for 3 days to submit diary and records which was in bulk, but the court set aside the plea, and granted the bail. The judge did nothing over the prosecution application; and, hearing on Gayatri’s application, granted bail.

Justice Bhosle said the judge, setting aside the nature of charges, granted the bail in hurry. He even forgot the FIR was lodged after the Apex Court order. The judge who is going to retire on 30 th April this month had which type of reason behind this is a subject of concern for me.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

North Korea again tested ballistic missile; international level concern deepen

By on Saturday, April 29, 2017
The information issued by South Korea, North Korea has again tested the ballistic missile setting aside the warning of international community’s including America. America has warned to take retaliatory action against North Korea. North Korea has tested 9 times ballistic missiles since President Donald trump came in power. Pentagon has also confirmed the missile tested on Saturday by North Korea. According to CNN, North Korea has tested its ballistic missile KN-17 through mobile; the trajectory did not reached to Japan sea.
Dave Benhalm, spokesperson, American pacific command, said North Koprean balistics missile has been launched on Saturday morning 10-33; however there is no reaction from North Korea. the missile test which has deepen the tension with America has grown the concern  at international level.
the missile was tested  from the province Pyongan situated North of capital Pyongyang. 12 days ago Korea had tested another missile. the country had asserted in UN that it would remained missile test continue every week.
Donald trump tweeted: North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. Bad!
      It indicates that America is trying to attract china in its favour saying.
North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. Bad!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 28, 2017
According to the information, the test was failed. America, recently deepen tension, can take armed action over North Korea against this step. Donald trump has stated openly premonitory that the dictator Kim Jong-un became the cancer for the world must be treated.

The statement of American president cannot be taken lightly. Trump has cleared that there will be intense fighting between America and North Korea. Moreover American foreign minister Rex Tillerson has even said that America is intending to war with North Korea.  America can take armed action in reply to North Korean missile test. North Korea has warned of atomic warfare.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Union Government serious; women battalion to face women stone throwers in J&K

By on Friday, April 28, 2017

Stone throw looks like run out throw in Cricket Ground.

The stone throwers are now women in Kashmir. This new trends has awakened the Union Home Ministry. The home ministry held a meeting to deal with the situation prevailed in Kashmir. The women stone pelters will be faced with India Reserved Battalion which is going to be formed earliest.
The formation of this 5th India Reserved Battalion will have women battalion, which have 1000 commandoes. These women battalion will deal with the women stone throwers. Force is facing difficulties to deal with the stone pelting incident in the valley. 1000 women constable in Kashmir police battalion will also be recruited. This battalion will face the stone pelting incidents in the initial stage. These women will be part of being formed five India Reserved Battalion in the state.
1 lakh 40 thousands youths have applied for the 5000 posts. According to information, there is much excitement for the women battalion and are seen 30 applicants for one post.
The matter was posed in the high level meeting called on Sunday by Home Minister Rajnath Singh. This meeting was held to review Rs 80 thousands crore sanctioned in 2015 given by PM Modi to Jammu-Kashmir.

India Reserved Battalion is being formed for the purpose to employ the youth of J&k. the out lay to stand every battalion will have the burden of Rs 61 crore expense. 80% expense will bear union government and 20%of expenses will have to bear the state government.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Questioner is in CBI trap

By on Wednesday, April 26, 2017
CBI has registered an FIR against its own former director on Tuesday. Ranjit Sinha is the accused of influencing the probe of coal scam.
The decision of investigation of former CBI chief Sinha’s involvement has been taken by CBI after the order of supreme court.SC had assigned the responsibility to investigate matter to the special director, ML Sharma 3 months ago.
Three members bench of Supreme Court chaired by Madan B. Lokur J had said in January that they were agreed upon by this argument that the former cbi chief had mis-appropriated his post as CBI.
It is noticeable that Mr Ranjit Sinha had been CBI director during the year 2012 -14, and he had met with the accused of coal scam during his tenure. A few political leaders and the businessmen were involved in this case. These meetings had been held at his official residence.
According to the media reports, Sinha had reached CBI head quarter in the last week of March after the probe order issued by court. Sinha was quizzed here. The Joint Director level CBI officer and the SP level officer (CBI SIT team member) had quizzed Mr Sinha.
Actually supreme court had ordered to constitute SIT to investigate against Sinha on 23rd January 23 this year. ML Sharma committee formed by SC had found Ranjeet Sinha's involvement true. Committee had dubbed the visitors dairy of Sinha’s residence given to the court by senior lawyer Prasant Bhushan correct.

It has been presumed in the report that Ranjit Sinha might have influenced the work of investigation was most probable. However after lodged the FIR against Sinha, there is different thinking for his arrest. Mr Sinha was 1974 batch IPS officer.

Monday, April 24, 2017

President rule in Kashmir is mere option

By on Monday, April 24, 2017
Mehbooba Mufti delayed 3 months time to take over the power of Jammu and Kashmir after death of the former chief minister and PDP leader Mufti Mohd Sayeed who made possible the alliance with BJP. The basic concern of Mehbooba was whether the BJP will move as her hope was or not, but Mehbooba is still experiencing that the BJP has more importance of national politics than Jammu and Kashmir.  the Union Government despite sharing power in the state neither mentioned soft attitude toward separatist organizations, nor it put a soft way to Pakistan -- it was being Mehbooba’s need.
The situation, which Mehbooba is facing there after her taking power in state, has brought her political reputation on the verge of collapse. The affect of presence among the people can be seen in the parliamentary by poll. The PDP’s mandate has declined sharply, and the polling percent was lowest there. The poll at Anantnag had to revoke. Now the PDP has written to the election commission to extend once again the election date.
The statements which are of BJP leaders against the Kashmir in Jammu Kashmir have bothered the PDP. This is the reason why Tasaduk Mufti, the PDP candidate from Anantnag Parliamentry constituency and Mehbooba’s brother, had said talking with a news paper a few days ago that the union government is not serious for Kashmir.
Mehbooba had expected after unrest in Kashmir during the year 2016 that the situation would improve in 2017; but it did not happen so and even the college students began to join the stone pelting. The colleges have been remained closed in Kashmir for the past one week and the tourism has badly affected this year.
Mehbooba is going to meet with the PM Modi in Delhi and will also hold a meet with home minister, Raj Nath Singh. Mufti will emphasis only on two issues during the talk.  the union government must have first to go ahead on talk process with Pakistan and separatist; second, the security forces must be appealed to deal with normaly the protesters in Kashmir. Mehbooba feels that the death and injuries of common men in the valley has grown the violence, which has worsen the situation in Kashmir. This is the cause why the efforts to maintain the peace in the state has been failed.
The BJP and union government is well familiar that, if it runs Kashmir complying with Mehbooba Mufti, it will face its adverse affect in the other states. This is the reason perhaps why the union government is now going to normalise the situation in Kashmir by imposing president rule, which is already a tested formula since past and have been proved rather successful.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Indian Origin Doctor and his Wife arrested in US

By on Saturday, April 22, 2017
An Indian origin doctor and his wife have been arrested for Child babies’ circumcision(Khatna) case in America. The case has been registered against both another doctor of Indian origin. This process is counted in America as penal code.
A case has been registered against 53 years Fakhruddin and his wife 50 years Farida Atar, both the resident of Michigan, for hatching conspiracy of circumcision to the minor girls in Fakhruddin’s clinic situated at Livonia.
Exactly after a week registering the case against 44 years Jumana Nagarwala, this case has been registered In the matter of circumcision of minor girls.
It is assumed that Jumana, Fakhruddin and Farida are such accused, who have been accused under American federal law.
The circumcision of minor girls is an offence under American federal law. According to Online Physician Directory, Fakhruddin had completed his bachelor degree from Baroda Medical College Gujrat in year 1988.
The charges have been revealed that Nagarwala used to do the circumcision of minor girls in BMC Burhani Medical Clinic situated at Michigan. The manager of this clinic was Fakhruddin and her wife was managing officer of BMC.
The investigation exposed that several minor girls informed it to the forensic personnel that Nagarwala did circumcision, and a minor girl even told that when Nagarwala was doing circumcision, Farida was present there.

Veer Savarkar Sahitya Sammelan inaugurated in Maharastra

By on Saturday, April 22, 2017
Salient points of the speech of BJP National President Shri Amit Shah during inaugural session of Veer Savarkar Sahitya Sammelan in Thane, Maharashtra
Veer Savarkar worked to light the lamp of patriotism in the hearts of millions of Indians and I am one of them 
 I urge the organizers that they should not limit Veer Savarkar Sahitya Sammelan to Maharashtra because people who like and respect Savarkar are spread across the country
 The literature penned by Veer Savarkar has the ability to provide ray of hope in the most trying circumstances
 Veer Savarkar’s philosophy and thoughts are as much relevant today in giving direction to the nation as they were decades ago 
 Veer Savarkar was a multi faceted personality. A person like Savarkar, who was both writer and fighter, is born once in centuries. He was a born nationalist, a social reformer, and a fine orator who knew several languages 
 Indian literature has nine emotions including one on courage but Veer Savarkar brought in the 10th emotion of patriotism through his literary writings. These writings amply demonstrated how literature can instill patriotism among countrymen 
 Only a patriot like Veer Savarkar could have written that Hey Motherland, death for you is equivalent to 100 births while life without you is equivalent to death. If those who criticize Savarkar for the sake of politics read him even once, and if they have even an iota of patriotism, they will not criticize him anymore 
 Number of citizens got Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, and Bharat Ratna but it is only in the case of Savarkar that the country chose to give the title of Veer without any recommendation or demand from political parties or signature campaign or propsal in Parliament 
 Veer Savarkar was a lawyer but he could never practice. Unlike a number of other freedom fighters who were also eminent lawyers, Veer Savarkar was the only one who refused to take oath in allegiance to the Queen and hence could not get his degree 
 The previous BJP government had installed Savarkar Jyoti in Andaman Jail, where Veer Savarkar was kept by Biritsh and tortured. Unfortunately, Savarkar Jyoti was put out by the UPA government but now, I have personally visited Andaman Jail and reignited that flame 
 It was bang opposite Veer Savarkar’s prison in Aandaman where other freedom fighters were hanged to death every day. The British though that the cries of those who were being executed would break Savarkar emotionally and mentally but they could not succeed 
 People may disagree with Veer Savarkar’s thoughts and ideology but those who doubt his nationalism must remember that this nation will not forgive them 
 Veer Savarkar was also an accomplished language scholar. He worked to enrich our languages, introduced many new words and thus made them complete

Friday, April 21, 2017

95% Indian Engineers after Academic Degree are not able to Work: Survey

By on Friday, April 21, 2017
It has been claimed by a survey that the 95% new engineers after completing its academic years are not able to develop software engineering. The survey indicates the shortage in the glimpse of talents in the IT and Data science of country.
Actually, 'Aspiring Minds Company' added to the assessing eligibility to employment has concluded it after its studies.
According to it, only 4.77% candidates can write perfect argument for any program where it is a least requirement for any programming employment.

More than 36000 engineering students were participants in Automata machine base assessment for software development skill of IT faculties of different 500 colleges and 2/3rd of these were not able to write exact code.
It is to tell, it has been revealed in studies that where more than 60% candidates were not able to write correct code, only 1.4% could write correct and effective code.
The firm says that the shortage of programming skill affects very much adversely over better environment for the IT and Data in India.
It is noticeable that India needs to step up in this field.
The world is going rapidly ahead in Software Programming and india has to heed over this issue.
CTO of 'Aspiring Minds' and Co-founder, Mr Varun Agrawal, said that the access of such lapse in eligibility of employment, indeed, can be seen only as academic base system instead of writing program on computer for various problems

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rahul Gandhi unfit to Lead Congress Party: Barkha Singh

By on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Barkha Singh quits Congress Party

Barkha Shukla Singh                                           Rahul Gandhi
The difficulties of congress before MCD election in Delhi is not going to be lessened.
After Arvinder Singh Lovely, now State Women Congress President, Barkha Shukla Singh, has tendered her resignation.
She has sent her resignation to Sonia Gandhi. Barkha raised several allegations over Delhi Congress President, Ajay Maken, Senior Congress Leader, and National Vice President of Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi.
Barkha said that, if the party is not well controlled by Rahul, he should leave the party. She also said, “if Rahul is stepped up as the Party President, it will be disastrous.”
Barkha, targeted over Ajay Maken and Rahul Gandhi, said that the Congress Party voices up the issues of women, but its statements differ in action.
A year ago I was disgraced, but there was taken no action against it.
Barkha talked over tickets allocation. She said: "When the chance came to allot the ticket to women, he set aside this issue."
I went there for have a meeting with Rahul Gandhi on this issue, but even his peon did not came to meet her. I tried to meet Rahul on 28th March last month, but all efforts was futile. it was women's Fast day, but Rahul Gandhi was busy to have party in Sangrila hotel that night.

She said : if the man like Vinay Katiyar comments over priyanka Gandhi, we are instructed to protest against it from RG office; but, when we complaint to the office against anybody, we are not heard.

Tej Bahadur Yadav dismissed from service; why he did so?

By on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tej Bahadur Yadav, the armed force personnel, has been dismissed from the BSF service on Wednesday. The inquiry set up by the Union Government found that the image of BSF was tarnished because of Tej Bahadur Yadav. Oh no! A government department which was giving this man's annual character entry satisfactory since the last 20 years is now against him.
Every men are innocent; and Yadav's voice fails to prove the viral video.
Only after being uploaded the video of non-nutritious or stale food which had been serving to the armed personnel in eatery was surfaced later. This caused a big hue and cry.
Sharmila, Tej Bahadur's wife, dubbed this dismissal from service a wrong decision. she said that her husband had exposed the wrongdoing of BSF. The dismissal decision taken after his 20 years service is wrong.
Mr Tej Bahadur had alleged in the video that the qualities of food items, namely pulses and Parathas, were not worth to eat.
He had alleged that the armed personnel as often after abiding 11 hours duty were slept empty belly. Yadav had also claimed that the senior officers were bungling in provision of armed personnel's canteen.
The union home ministry took this complaint seriously, and had order an inquiry in this matter.
 The entrusted preliminary report to government over Yadav's allegations reveals that the allegations were fake, and it rejected it. However the final report is still awaited. But, during the inquiry, none of the personnel confirmed the Yadav's allegations.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Theory of entanglement connected identical DNA in close relation

By on Monday, April 17, 2017
Indian consecration has been always watchful for the marriage purpose. According to Hindu tradition the bride and the groom should be of different Gotra(FAMILY). If the Gotras are same; the bride and the groom are dubbed as sister and brother.
So the Hindu religion also follows the guidelines as that has been instructed in our tradition. Of the same Gotras of the bride and the groom belong; the new generation of the parent may have different chronic diseases.
How the entanglement of nature works between two same Gotras.
 The latest case of a couple who were trying to conceive were two adopted twins of a parent. Nowadays the life style of any couple can create difficulties to conceive, but the case is fully astounding.
An American couple, after many attempts, they were fail to conceive; so both had checked-up by doctors. Even the couple’s DNA was tested. The DNA test surfaced many surprising facts.
Actually, the DNA test emerged that the couple who had the want of child were twins. Yes, both were already sister and brother. It is a point of surprise how it is possible. The story is as follows.
The couple reached to the clinic named Jackson at missipi in the hope of a child. The doctors disclosed the facts there during the treatment of couple and told the whole story.
According to the doctors, “we don’t test DNA in the matter of conceiving, but there were seen many similarities in couple’s DNA after the test."
Doctors thought that both might be cousin -- so such similarities were found, but, as the other tests were checked, the result of samples surprised the doctors; both had various similarities in profile.
Both have identical past. Both of them have same date of birth and time ; both have in the identical appearance look, however doctors were unaware of this fact whether the couple were familiar of their twins relation or not.
Further investigation revealed that both met each other in college and fall in love, but their parents were killed in car accident and both were sent to orphanage in their childhood. Both of them were adopted by two different families; and were never told that they were twins
When they met with doctors, they were told, “You are twins.” Both did not believe the statement, and they laughed.
They stated that many people had told them about their similarities, but they assumed it an event.

After knowing this truth, they connected themselves and found their childhood was identical. They were adopted from orphanage after the death their parent. According to the doctors, it was a first such case in career.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Boat capsized in Libya; 97 people dead

By on Thursday, April 13, 2017

Abdel Salem
According to the report, at least 97 immigrants have lost their lives after boarded on a boat which capsized near Libya seashore. The escape hope of disappeared persons is very thin.
Mr Ayub Qasim, the spokesperson of Libyan naval, told that the rescued persons from the boat told here that 15 women and 5 children comprised in the disappeared immigrants. Qasim said: the 10 kilometer away of seashore of Tripoli the accident took place where 23 immigrants were rescued from the sea. All these are the citizen of African countries. The bottom of boat was broken in this accident, he told. The persons who were rescued were stand in anyhow with the help of some buoyant things.
Qasim said that the hope of disappeared persons’ escape is very least. The search of drowned body cannot be taken out because of bad weather.

It is noticeable that after deposing the dictator general Gaddafi from power, the surge of deserting people grew in the country, and they are heading towards the Europe. The 590 refugees have died during an attempt to cross Mediterranean during this year, according to an international organization.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

YOGI Government tightened over Private Schools' Arbitrary-norms

By on Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
Government of Uttar Pradesh has reined in the arbitrary functioning of private schools. the education department is now in stern action. The district inspector of school in Lucknow has begun the action against the private schools.
According to Mr Umesh Tripathi,DIOS Lucknow: the private schools will be now reinforced. The parents can lodge FIR against those who will fetch fees arbitrarily. If the guardians ask, the school will reply inevitably how many students study in school; how many teachers are teaching them; and how much salaries are paid to those teachers?
Two bookstalls of private schools have been sealed on Monday where the schools were selling it stubbornly. The private publishers’ books which are available in some specific shops will be prevented. Only NCERT books will be run by the schools. The guardians can buy it wherever they desire.
ACs and Building charge will not be collected. He added that the guardians can know the cause of enhancement in fees. Not only will this, the ACs, the building charges and magazine charge is illegal. If school built the building and attaches the ACs, all these are its own properties -- and any schools can charge its maintenance only.

According to the education department, the norms will be fixed to decide the fees of private schools. The teachers’ salaries, seeing the money available in maintenance fund, the numbers of students in school – all these facts will be consider collecting the fees. None of the schools will be used as commercial purpose. The books and the dress in the school premises cannot be sold. The school premises cannot be used as the marriage booking premises.


By on Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Two superpower of world is now face to face owing to chemical attack in Syria. The warship has been deployed into Syria by the Russia to defend the Assad government. Rex Tillerson, the foreign minister of America, has dubbed responsible to Russia for the chemical attack at the bases of rebel group. He said that the Russia was agreed upon this point that it would assure that the chemical storage be ended, but it never happened. Whether the world is on the door of 3rd world war or not is now point of assessing after being face-to-face both superpowers.
When the revolt had begun under the effect of Arab spring 6 years ago in Syria, the America had stood with the rebel group against Assad.. Israel always is looked behind Arab and NATO countries; namely, Britain, France, German including many other countries – all is seen behind America on international issues. Syria’s neighouboring country Turkey is already with America. Russia and Turkey are already escalating tension when it had targeted a Russian's plane on Syria border. The foreign ministers of G-7 members’ friend countries are meeting at Italy. The matter will be discussed here to how should maintain the pressure over Russia to distance it from Basar Al-Assad.
Michael Failan, the defense minister of Britain, dubbed the attack was right and limited. The Britain government upholds the American attack.Turkey president, Tayyip Erdogan, said it a proper response by America to the war crime in Syria.
Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, issue a statement, said the action was right.
France appears with America, but its position in Syria looks in doldrums. The French fighter planes, after the terror attack in Paris, targeted on ISIS bases in Syria; but when the tension escalates between Russia and America it looks with America.
Saudi Arabia, a Sunni majority country, is adamant to remove Assad like America. When 'the chemical weaponry use' were alleged, Arab was interested the intervention of America. But America did nothing so that annoyed it. Yet now these countries are doing the joint operation against ISIS in the leadership of America.
The government of Syria, Russia, and Iran appear to be in mood to response in condition of further American Airstrike. America has attacked last week on Syria airbase. American president Trump in his speech has said Syrian president a dictator. Russia, chief military assistant to Syria government, has dubbed these attacks America made on fabricated basis; and told it violated the international norms. Dmitri Peskov, spokesperson, has warned the former relationship is being deteriorated seriously. However Russian parliament Dumas has indicated that Russia will not intense its attack in response to American action.
Iran, pro Assad, has criticized American action.
China has expressed its concern over the deteriorating condition in Syria. The foreign ministry of China has said that it protests any use of chemical weapon in any condition by any country, person, or organization, but it is important that the Syrian situation must not be deteriorated.

India has not shown any stance clearly in the matter of Syria because India has been better relationship with America and Russia is an important assistant too. Syria has also been in relation with India traditionally. India has issued advisory to citizens who are going to travel to the Libya, Syria and other countries n middle east. India had been resort to the indifferent policy during cold war between USSR and America and did not join any group.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Dacoity in Jewelry Shop; valuables of 10 crores robbed in Varanasi

By on Sunday, April 09, 2017
Edited by Shubham Sharma; Varanasi
The land of Hindu golden temple (well known Kashiviswanath) is now insecure. Gold, silver and diamonds worth 10 crore Rupees on Saturday evening were looted on guns-point from Sitaram jewelers, situated in Thatheri Bazzar under Chowk police station, by the some robbers in Varanasi. The report says that it is a biggest incident of loot in Varanasi which is the parliamentary constituency of PM Modi and a pilgrimage spot 301 kilometer away from state capital Uttar Pradesh.
According to police, two men entered as customers and said show the locket; meanwhile four more accomplices barged into the shop. The miscreants threatened at guns-point to Sanjey, the owner, and more servants who were present there; smashed the CCTV camera and DVR by hitting on the ground.
They broke the mobile phones on the scaring on the strength of weapons. They fled with their black colored bag filled with the valuables of the showcase, locker and almirah in the shop.
Police have said that it is not yet estimated how much damage has been done in the loot. But according to initial assessment including more than 4 Kg of Gold and Diamond-Panna, other valuable gems were  looted which price is estimated to be around Rs 10 crores.
It is said that Sitaram jewels are one of the biggest firms in the city and its business is spread around whole Purvanchal to Bihar.

IG zone, N Ravindra, SSP in charge, Ashish Tiwari, SP city Rajesh Yadav, STF and crime branch team reached to the incident spot. The crime branch team is searching into CCTV footage of nearby shops.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Global Markets collapsed after Trump's attack over Syria

By on Saturday, April 08, 2017
edited by Kshitiz Kant and Priya Bhatt
After the chemical attack in the burning Syria under civil war, the American president, Donald trump spent 4 billion rupees in the air strike of a few minutes.
Many bases of Syrian government were targeted by 59 cruise tomahawk missiles which have the value of 3 billion and 54 crore rupees.
While Syria on Friday condemned the American strike as “a disgraceful act,” news agencies reported. A statement from Assad’s office said the cruise missile strike was the result of “a false propaganda campaign.” Syria has denied that it possesses chemical weapons.
According to Market watch website, the cost price of a tomahawk missile is 10 lakh dollars means 6.5 crore in Indian currencies, so the cost price of 59 missiles are 3 billions 54 crore.
The missiles were being fired over target from USS Porter and USS Ross bases. The experts said America has lost its nearly 4 billion Rs in firing so many missiles. It was a big decision of American president after taking charge.
The global market declined as the news broke of American attack over Syria. the worldwide stocks, commodities and currency market swiftly slumped. The returning of global markets to a normal state will depend over the international community’s future reaction.
Asia pacific index 0.2%; Tokkyo Bazaar, 0.5%;Hong Kong; Australia; Taiwan; Indonesia; and markets in Asia were seen slumped swiftly after the attack on Syria.
Heavy price rise in the stock of rethian, a builder company of tomahawk missiles, was seen after the attack.
The stock price of Rethian was seen increased more than 1 percent in a day. America’s budget in financial year 2017 has the provision of buying 4000 tomahawk missiles.
Moreover, America has planned of buying this missile more in numbers during years 2018 after this attack.
The demand of gold and silver after the surfacing of America’s attack over Syria soared, which resulted of price rising in global market.
 0.99% in gold and .93% in silver price increased in global market. Actually, the investors, seeing the heavy fall of market, to safe themselves from the adverse of declining began to consider worthwhile money into gold and silver, which did price rise.   
A big boom came in the petroleum products after all countries reaction -- Russia, Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arab and China -- over the Syrian attack. The crude oil price rise in global market was seen increase more than 1.2 % in price.

The price rise in global market affects over India too. The burden grows over the economy of crude oil importing countries.  The least cost price 33.62 dollars have rose up to maximum 140 dollars. The recession in global market will affect India. Moreover, the Indian economy will have bear more burden if the petroleum prices are raised, which will affect in development rate.

Yogi model worried RBI Chief,why?

By on Saturday, April 08, 2017
Kshitiz Kant and Suchit Bajpai
Starting the credit policy of new financial year, RBI Governer, Urjit Patel by not doing any change in Repo Rate has clarified that the running Credit Policy is not for the interest rate.
Urjit Patel has introduced about 5 big standing Economic challenges through his Credit Policy.
Among these challenges, most important one is Farmers’ Loan Model that has been forwarded by UP CM Yogi Adityanath -- RBI says it’s a very tough challenge.

The loan waive plan of UP Government will merely provide the relief for short term to the farmers who burdened in the problem from, but it will promote the bad tradition of loaning and will affect of state's finances policy.
The loans up to Rs 100000 have been waived to the 2.15 crore of small and marginal farmers by the UP BJP government.
This will burden of Rs 307.29 billion over the state’s finances. Moreover of this, the government has put 7 lakh farmers' debt Rs 56.30 billion into the account of non-executed assets.
RBI, introducing the first monetary policy review, said the proposed 8-24% house rent allowance in the 7th pay commission will affect the consumer price index (dearness).
RBI has estimated that the acceptance of allowance on proposed rates by the pay commission in the beginning of running financial year will be followed by the most states to their government servants, which may enhance more in dearness from 1 - 1.5 percent during the financial year.
RBI has expressed its fear in its monetary review that El-nino impact appears of endangering the climate this year, which is expected to be weak monsoon.
Many years' loss in kharif crop had resulted into gain during a good monsoon of year 2016, but the prediction of weak monsoon by the weather department has been a big challenge before RBI.
The prices of crude oil in international market from the past 3 years were running at its lowest level. This impact controlled the fiscal deficit of  country, which affected the treasure of union government; but the crude oil has again cross the rate 50 dollar per barrel  in the wake of the OPEK countries agreement during the past a few months.
RBI assumes that the crude oil price rise in next few months may cross 60 dollar per barrel -- dearness impact will surface clearly.
Donald trump has given a new challenge before the countries of world by giving his speech slogan ‘America First’.
America was leading free trade and globalisation so far; and many countries economic policies were the dependents of America’s policy.

RBI’s monetary review estimates that the adverse effect of D trump’s policies over Indian economy may create grave challenge.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Jio Withdraws its 'Summer Surprise Offer'; Services continue up to buyers of this offer

By on Thursday, April 06, 2017
RELIANCE Jio has decided to withdraw its summer surprise offer. The company’s step has been taken after TRAI directives.
Actually RELIANCE Jio free services had been ending on 31st March last month, but the Jio prime services buying deadline had been extended till 15 April this month exactly before 31st. According to the company, the consumers who had been able to buy Rs 303 or above plan including prime membership of Rs 99 would have got free calling and 4G internet services in summer surprise up to next 3 months.
However the company has taken its decision back now after the TRAI objection.if you have not subscribed so far this scheme, you will not be able to get its benefits; but those who have subscribed this scheme will remain the member of summer surprise scheme.
Jio’s executive issuing its statement said that the company, ratifying the order by TRAI, is withdrawing its 3 months free services offer; while company will remain continue its services to those customers who have applied for summer surprise scheme.


By on Thursday, April 06, 2017
Poonam's next appearance: As Item Dancer in upcoming movie 'AA GAYA HERO'

The last year released film 'THE WEEKEND' in September had been in the much limelight for her bold video.
Poonam had been shooted many bold scene in this movie. Poonam was again in limelight for her bold scene in this movie.
Poonam had debuted in B- town in film 'Nasha' in year 2013. she had posed her bold scene.
Poonam Pandey gathered her limelight none other cause but of her boldness.
Poonam has been in controversies owing to break the limit of her bold ness in social media.
Poonam will emerge now as an Item-dancer after her failure debut in bold and steamy scene as an actress in films.
she appears more hottest when she poses her topless pics.
her new film, produced by Govinda's upcoming film 'AAGAYA HERO' will play a lead Item-number.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Syrian rebels vow to avenge of killings

By on Wednesday, April 05, 2017
 Facebook photo
The rebels and including its former Al-Qaeda friend’s vow to avenge of killings of people by using unknown chemical gas and said to its companion fighters to intensify the combat.
Tehrir Al-sham Organization said via its on-line post that we have said to our Syrian fighters to intensify clash at the front. The statement reveals: we assure that we will comfort to the heart of our people commonly -- and specially in the attack hit areas of Khan Shekhun in Syria.
At least 58 people including 19 children in pre-dawn airstrike were killed in the north-western province Idlib city Khan Shaykhun. The most areas of the city are in possession of Tahrir al-Sham.
The world is startled after the chemical gas attack in Syria at Idlib province of , which is in possession of ISIS a terror group. The chemical weapons attack killed more than 100 of innocents including 11 children.
Heart-rending incident to the humanity has been strongly criticized by the UN and America including other countries. The viral images on social media after the chemical attack show the cry and the wail of people and children.

The chemical attack is understood a most hazardous and the use are fully prohibited under international law.


By on Wednesday, April 05, 2017

An image by Edlib Media Center, Syrian anti-government activist group, rocked the world as reports said that a suspected chemical weapon attack killed at least 70, including 20 children, in rebel-held northwestern Syria. “There were also 17 women among the dead and the death toll could rise further because there are people missing,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told AFP. Heartbreaking images of desperate patient, weeping children and dead civilians in Syria are, unfortunately, too familiar.
If confirmed, it would be one of the worst chemical attacks since Syria’s civil war began six years ago. It was the third claim of a chemical attack in just over a week in Syria. The previous two were reported in Hama province, in an area not far from Khan Sheikhoun. A few hours later, Syrian warplanes launched another airstrike on one of the medical clinics where victims of the first attack were being treated, the The New York Times reported.
World leaders across the world, including US president Donald Trump and British foreign secretary Boris Johnson, went on to record to say that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was “undoubtedly” behind the heinous act. Trump called on to Russia and Iran and asked them to stop recurrence of what many are calling a war crime. Assad, who reportedly renounced all chemical weapons four years ago said that it was not his government which attacked the civilians as he has done every time chemical weapons have been used in Syria. Syria’s opposition also blamed President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, saying the attack cast doubt on the future of peace talks. The army denied any involvement in a statement blaming “terrorist groups” for using “chemical and toxic substances”.
As the Syrian military accused the rebels for causing the “war crime”, reports said that the magnitude of Tuesday’s attack was evident that the Syrian government carried out the attacks. “...only the Syrian military had the ability and the motive to carry out an aerial attack like the one that struck the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun,” The New York Times report said. According to this article in Vox, there are no good guys in the ongoing and seemingly unending civil war in Syria, as even the rebels have been accused of atrocious war crimes. However, Tuesday’s attack or similar attacks in the past couldn’t have been carried out without the assistance from the ruling government.
Photos and video emerging from Khan Sheikhoun, located south of the provincial capital of Idlib, showed the limp bodies of children and adults. Some were struggling to breathe; others appeared to be foaming at the mouth. Chemical weapons have killed hundreds of people since the start of Syria’s civil war six years ago, with the United Nations blaming three attacks on the Syrian government and a fourth on the Islamic State. Syrian rebels and opposition activists said that pro-government forces have used chemical weapons and bombs containing chlorine on numerous occasions.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Vidya Balan plays lead role of cat-house's madam:up cominig film BEGAM JAAN

By on Tuesday, April 04, 2017
Begum Jaan is an upcoming Indian Hindi period drama film, it is written and directed by National award winning director Srijit Mukherji and produced by Mukesh Bhatt, Vishesh Bhatt and Play Entertainment. The film is co-produced by Sakshi Bhatt and Shree Venkatesh Films with executive producer Kumkum Saigal. The cinematography is done by Gopi Bhagat. Lyrics, Additional screenplay and dialogues have been penned by Kausar Munir and Rahat Indori
The film is scheduled for release on April 14, 2017.
Vidya Balan plays the lead role of a brothel's madam, set in the backdrop of late Indian Independence period of 1948. It is Hindi remake of the Bengali film Rajkahini. Begum Jaan is loosely based on Shyam Benegal's 1985 movie "Mandi".

This film is the remake of a Bengali film Rajkahini which was released in 2015. Principal photography of the film began in June 2016 and was completed in August 2016 in Ranishwar block of Dumka district in Jharkhand.
The soundtrack was released by Times Music. Prem Mein Tohre, sung by Asha Bhosle was launched on 28 March 2017 to high praise. Second song, Aazaadiyan brought together Sonu Nigam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The first look of the movie introducing Vidya Balan as Begum Jaan was launched on 5 March 2017.The second poster of the movie was launched on 10 March 2017.The trailer of the movie was launched on 14 March 2017 to much critical and commercial acclaim.The trailer crossed 20 million views on Facebook and YouTube within a weeks time.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Russia Metro Stations targeted: 10 killed, 50 inured

By on Monday, April 03, 2017
Two bombs exploded at metro station in Saint Petersburg  Russia on Monday evening this week. 10 people have been killed and more than 50, injured in this explosion according to report. The causalities of children have been reported. The death toll may rise in the blast. All the metro stations have been closed precautionary.
The trains at the metro stations of Saint Petersburg have been targeted. The smoke has engulfed inside the station. A chaotic situation created in the station after the explosion went off and 3 more nearby stations have been closed in the wake of these explosions.
According to information the explosions were so intense that the train's door blew up. IED has been used in these explosions. The scattered blood spots appear around metro stations..
The assailants targeted two metro stations. The explosion caused a cracks in the metro tunnel has been reported. The targeted stations were Sanaya square and Sanaya Ploshchad at St Petersburg. A huge security forces and many ambulances have been seen outside the stations.
President Putin has expressed his grief over this incident and consoled to the next kin of the killed in the explosion. He reacted: all the causes behind these explosions including terror attack shall be investigated.

In two suicidal attempts at Moscow in the year 2010, 40 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. The responsibility of those explosions was taken by Chechen rebels.