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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ruling BJP loses in 3 States; long waiting Congress ends its exile

By on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The congress party in Madhya Pradesh is to near the majority point. According to the votes counting trends till evening, the congress is running ahead on 115 assembly seats; while the numbers of general majority of the 230 assembly seats are 116.
The ruling BJP has won 3 seats so far as shown on trends of election commission websites; while it is running ahead on 103 seats – resulting assembly seats are added to the ruling party, which is 106, short of majority seats 9!
Gondwana Gantantra Party (GGP) and Samajwadi party both has declared their supports to the Indian National Congress, according to the report.

One of GGP and two of SP candidates are running ahead in the state. So the majority statistics of assembly seats in these conditions reach to the 118 which seem that the congress is to form government with majority.
Just so far 3 results have been declared, and these go to the ruling BJP where the BSP on 2, and independent including others are on 4 running ahead.

Former Prime Minister; HD Devegowda
The intentions of making India 'Congress-free','opposition-free' shows the arrogance of BJP. The people have made this nation 'arrogance-free' by voting out BJP. Atleast now, the BJP should put some efforts to make this nation 'problem-free' and stop the unwanted 'travel-spree'.

Monday, December 10, 2018


By on Monday, December 10, 2018

Surgical strike carried out on September 29th, 2016 was meant to be Prime Minister’s moment of glory. Now it looks like a sham. The Indian Army also called it a great success. This operation was shrouded with controversy right from the day one when its video was leaked to the public.
First, there was an intense debate on whether the government should publish videos or photographic evidence of the strike after Pakistan claimed that no such strike had taken place. Similar demands, made by politicians such as Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, were dubbed “anti-national.” They were projected by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and some news channels, as questioning the Indian Army itself. This was not as if this kind of operation never happened before, but they were not to be made public.
As part of the government’s policy of “strategic restraint,” the government allowed the army to deal with cross-border actions against Pakistan at an “operational, tactical level.”One of the important national news paper “The Hindu” published a detailed account   of “Operation Ginger,” carried out in 2011. This “strike” was executed to avenge the killing and beheading of Indian soldiers.
During Operation Ginger, Indian soldiers meted out the same treatment to Pakistani personnel across the LoC. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s national security adviser, Shiv Shankar Menon, added his weight to these claims. Covert operations were not announced to the country because the primary goal was to pacify the LoC and cut down infiltration and ceasefire violations, not to manage public opinion at home.
 By keeping operations covert rather than overt, it was made possible for the Pakistan Army to climb down and for a temporary peace to be re-established.
Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, had reportedly decided to launch a surgical strike across the border while watching a television live debate and it sounds so ridiculous that it is incomprehensible to any sound bodied person.
 BJP did not lose any time to take its political mileage as some of its leaders in UP started reminding all of us that prime minister’s Modi’s chest is “56 inches wide” and posters also appeared in UP celebrating the surgical strike, juxta positioning the prime minister’s photo with the image of the silent soldier and some handy text threatening Pakistan.
In some of these, Prime Minister was also portrayed as Lord Ram and his Pakistani counterpart as the demon king Ravana.
Party president, Amit Shah, said, “We will go to the people with this issue—because every responsible party should motivate the army.”
 The then Defense Minister, Manohar Parikar, had compared the Indian Army to Hanuman (the powerful monkey god). In the epic Ramayana, Hanuman, who could move mountains, had to be made aware of his capabilities by Jambawan (the bear king) and he also planned a “victory rally” in his home state Goa; but following criticism, he postponed it.


Yesterday (7th December 2018), Lt General (retired) D S Hooda, who was the Northern Army Commander in September 2016 when Indian troops carried out surgical strikes on terror launch pads along the Line of Control in the wake of the Uri attack, said the “overhype” of the strikes did not help and “it is not good” when “military operations get politicized”.
 He was speaking in a seminar on the ‘Role of Cross-Border Operations and Surgical Strikes’ at the ongoing Military Literature Festival and he further added that, following the surgical strikes, there were accusations that the issue had been politicized, that there was an “attempt to keep a purely military operation in the political domain by selective leaks of videos, photographs etc”.
He did not stop here and said, “Did the overhype help? I say, completely no. If you start having political resonance in military operations, it is not good. There was too much political banter, on both sides, and when military operations get politicized, that is not good.”
On the possibility of the strikes impacting the thought process of decision-makers in future operations, the former Army Commander said “if you hype a successful operation, then even success has its burden”. He further added that Indian army will think twice next time (what) if there are casualties because it has been so overhyped, and politicized. 
Have we ever thought that what happens if it does not have the same level of success? It may impose some caution in future. If the country had done it quietly, it would have been much better. The strikes were purely tactical in nature with short-term goals and of no strategic value to deter the Pakistan Army from backing future terror attacks. 
The retired general summed it up at the end that when his team was planning it, there was no thought in their mind that Pakistan would stop doing Uri-like incidents.
The conclusion of his talk is very clear and a very straight message has been sent about this government’s Pakistan policy, “As we all know that the aim of the strikes could have been fulfilled through artillery fire. We had had massive artillery duels, but it was not helping.

Monday, December 03, 2018

'Kala Ke Rang Kumbh Ke Sangh' workshop organised at DSMNRU Lucknow

By on Monday, December 03, 2018

Artists from different part of India are  in 3 days workshop at DSMNRU fine art faculty
Professor Rajendra Singh and Professor Avdhesh Mishra
Kshitiz Kant and Shubhra Singh;Lucknow
Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu Pilgrimage of faith in which Hindus gather to bathe in a sacred or holy river traditionally. 4 fairs  are widely recognised as the Kumbh Melas; namely, the Haridwar Kumbh Mela, the Prayag Kumbh Mela, the Nasik, and the Ujjain. These 4 fairs are held periodically at one of the following places by rotation: Haridwar, Prayag, Nasik and Ujjain. The main festival site is located on the banks of a river- the Ganges(Ganga at Haridwar; The confluence(Sangam) of the Gangees and Yamuna and the invisible saraswati at Prayag; The Godawri at Nasik; and the Shipra at Ujjain. The holy dip in these rivers is thought to cleanse a person of all their sins The Kumbh is held once in 12 years.
The origin of this festival is found in the ancient legend of Samudra Manthan. The story is very intresting and tells the battle between the Devas and Asuras for the drink of immortality.
One of the major event of the Kumbh Mela is the Peshwai procession (Nanga Sadhus)who take holy dips, which makes the arrival of the numbers of an Akhada or sect of Sadhus at the Kumbh Mela. The major event of the festival is the ritual bathing at the banks of the river in which town Kumbh Mela being held.
Kumbh mela is to be held next month in District Praayag Raj (Old Name Allahabad); in this connection the whole story of Kumbh is being displayed by paintings on the wall of central Jail Naini. This project is named "Paint My City". The Government of Uttar Pradesh will have to art painting made on the area of 20,000 sq meter outside the wall of main gate of this jail, for this can be recorded in Genis book of world record.  "The Bunt Line" team visited Sakuntala Misra Rehabilitation Univirsity Lucknow on Sunday afternoon where an all India camp for the painting held in the faculty of fine art at University Campus.
 An assignment with the central idea or theme that based on 'Kala Ke Rang Kumbh Ke Sangh' in this camp workshop was given to the participants, which is going on . 47 of the 50 invitees were present here. Many of them are from Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi and different part of UP in this camp, who were apprised to the team for their artworks by Shubhra Singh at university hall Block A1.
Ms. Shubra Singh introduces and makes many participants talked of their works to the team. 

Saturday, December 01, 2018

'Jansatta' new party for equality in UP; in nation: Raghuraj Pratap Singh

By on Saturday, December 01, 2018

It is surprising that Shivpal Singh Yadav's ongoing rift in family caused the declaration of a new party a month ago; and following this formation, a new party declared in Uttar Pradesh by Raghuraj Pratap Singh shows some new political equation again in the coming Lok Sabha election 2019.

The political scenario is approaching towards the polarization of votes bank of OBC & General. What impact shall be on next parliamentary election-2019 of these new emergence is to be reckoned; and it may be the turning point for the national level parties.
Independent MLA Kunda in Uttar Pradesh, Mr Raghuraj Pratap Singh nick name Raja Bhayya, on Friday began his party with all the Omen  and has said in his inaugural speech addressing to the gathering in Rama Bai Maidan Lucknow that his party will fight for the ethnic equality of all communities. Many people may say him against and the anti-Dalits in the forth coming days, but he is talking only for equality.
In the rally organized on the occasion of his 25 years completion in politics, Raja Bhayya said, “We will fight for the equality of all religions and castes. The laws for SC & ST Acts have been revised years -by- years and made it more complicate. All the parties, after being termed it illegal by the apex court, became unite to reconstitute this law in parliament.”

He posed question and said, “Why have the separate rules of compensation on murders and rapes for the different castes. We will begin a fight for equality; we are against the reservation in promotion.”
He added, “After selected the name -- Jansatta Dal, Jansatta Party and Jansatta Loktantrik Party -- he has filed documents for the registration of a new party; subsequently, the executive-body shall be constituted. The membership campaign shall be started and manifesto of party shall be declared then. He alleged that all the political parties are constantly continue to divide the society on the basis of caste and region while the people want unity and fraternity. Raja Bhayya has been on the minister posts in UP during the regime of Kalyan Singh, Akhilesh Yadav and Raj Nath Singh.”
A huge crowd in Rama Bai Maidan was present on Friday noon; the people from different community from different districts of Uttar Pradesh were sat to hear the speech of Raghuraj Pratap Singh. They were shouting slogans: Jai Raghuraj, Jai Raghuraj; and the written ‘Jansatta’ caps were on people's head.