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Thursday, June 27, 2019

PM breaks his silence on Jharkhand man killing; says, "mob lynching case is painful for me'

By on Thursday, June 27, 2019

'the silence of powerful voices over the mob lynching case is shocking', Rahul Gandhi said on Jharkhand killing

“The silence of powerful voices among the BJP ruled union territories and states government over the mob lynching case in Jharkhand is shocking”, said Rahul Gandhi.
He also dubbed Tabrej Ansari’s killing by mob in Jharkhand  a blot on humanity.
On Tuesday he added on Twitter,"the killing of this young man in Jharkhand by a crowd is a blot on humanity. That the police tyrani took this man under custody, and they kept him there dying for the four days is also a stunning exactly like the silence of powerful voices of BJP ruled Union territories and state governments."
The 24 years Tabrez Ansari, a man from the District Khasrava, Sarai Kel of Jharkhand was caught by a crowd in the case of theft last week. Exactly after it Tabrez was tied in a pillar and was beaten brutally; consequently he succumb to his injuries under police custody.
The incident came in spot-light when a video of this incident became viral where Tabrez was seen forcefully being chanted 'Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman'. The people were continued beating him and hooting for his being chanted Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman.
The Police have arrested many people in this connection, and the two  police officers have been suspended for this neglygency. An inquiry has been setup through SIT. However the Police have stated about the video that it might be tampered. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has break a silence over the death of this young man in mob leaching case happened few days ago in Jharkhand. PM Modi has said that he is very hurt with this incident.
After the address of President Ram Nath Kovind in Upper House PM Modi giving the reply on President address he had said,"the incident of mob lynching is incorrect." I am sad on the killing of young man... and everybody must be. The accused must be punished... whatever can be done through Judicial process should be tried on accused.
The PM also said,"but for this incident all the people of Jharkhand to be reckoned accused is incorrect." The Jharkhand is a possession of mob lynching as told: Whether it is good for us to tell the accuse to the whole state on the basis of this incident- then no gentle will be there for doing better. The politics shall be flourished if we confine everybody identicaly here, but the situation can not be normalized.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


By on Wednesday, June 26, 2019


 Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Bury the Dead is an expressionist and anti-war drama by the American playwright Irwin Shaw. It dramatizes the refusal of six dead soldiers during an unspecified war—who represent a cross-section of American society—to be buried.

Each rises from a mass nameless grave to express his anguish, the futility of war, and his refusal to become part of the "glorious past".
First the Captain and the Generals tell them it is their duty to be buried, but they refuse.

Even a Priest and a Rabbi try to convince them to no avail. Finally they bring in the women who have survived them, wives, sister and even mother. None succeed in the end.
Mr Surya Mohan Kulshresth, the former director of BNA, is well known personality in the field of playwright and the play ‘Bury the dead’ (Dafan Karo) which has been staged in Hindi at Bhartendu Natya Academy Lucknow on Tueseday this week.
No doubt the artists of this play performed the characters exactly like western excerpt, but the story runs around the present scenarios in the world whether it is a happening of Middle East or a cross border terrorism base killing of our army personnel.

The story touches the heart when it shows the hurt armdmen's pain by injuries they had sustained by bullets during the battle or clash in the war zone. It also gives a message to the society where it enjoys all the perquisites of life, the army men’s desires remain unfulfilled; for a while the dead army personnel recall all the event of their lives from childhood unto the end at the eleven hours.
 The whole world fights war for its political goal; for the purpose of securing the capitalist interests; or for the economic controlling power.
An aggression is being created among the society in the back of nationalism and religion terming the war, terror, and violence correct.
While it is to test how near is to the present scenario shall have to see in the theater, but the artists in the every scene staged well there was no fallacy during the performance.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Brain fever caused death toll rises to 73 in BIhar; 200 still suffering

By on Monday, June 17, 2019

Saurav Kumar; Patna
Acute Encephalitis syndrome (brain fever) killed 73 in Muzaffarpur Bihar this week and more than 200 are in trap of this fever.
Dr Shailesh Prasad Singh, Civil surgeon District Muzzafarpur, told that the fever caused deaths in Sri Krishn Medical College and another private hospital. The death victims are mostly of 7 years children. He told that more than 200 are in trap of this fever.
The fever prone areas where the cases of this suffering have been seen are district: Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Motihari, Vaishali and Sheohar
Union Health Minister,  Dr Harsh Vardhan, visited Muzzafarpur on Sunday to assess the situation.
Mr Mangal Pandey, Health Minister Bihar, told, “The Doctors of state are caring them constantly with all the rescue medicines to save the life of suffering. A crew of doctors and nurses from Patna AIIMS has been called for treatment.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Funding Nations for terrorism should be tagged accountable

By on Sunday, June 16, 2019

The PM Modi has call for to organize a global conference to prepare a road-map of effective fighting with the terrorism.
The news has its own importance because it has had an indirect message to the nations which are fueling the terrorism, and funding them .
He slammed at Pakistan indirectly at BISHKEK Kyrgyzstan during the SCO meeting.
He said, “the nations which organize terrorism,  provide them financial aid and other help should be tagged accountable.”
He added that India is stood with the society free from terrorism. The SCO is a 8 members group under the Chinese leadership of Economic and Security.
The India and Pakistan have joined as members in this group during 2017.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Advocate shot UP Bar Council Chief in court premises

By on Thursday, June 13, 2019

An advocate shot the chairman of Uttar Pradesh Bar Council  in Agra court premises Wednesday afternoon this week.
Miss Darvesh Singh,resident of Agra Tajganj, recently had been elected chairman of UP Bar Council and first lady took charge on the chairman post.
She reached there to participate in a programe as a guest and during this programe an advocate, Manish Sharma, pumped intermittently three bullets on her. The assailant shot himself after committing this crime.
Both the injured were rushed to Hospital where Darvesh Singh succumbs to her injuries and the assailant advocate’s condition is reported to be serious.
According to the local police, the license pistol was used to commit the firing, which has been taken in possession. The motive behind this murder is yet to ascertain.
Every gun has its own tune. The firing in the court premises told the story of police vulnerability. daily these places face the aggrieved and the criminals; so all these places' admissions have been declared prohibited area with any weapons. Lady was on the chairman post of UP Bar Council, but her security was so weak in a safe place shows the recklessness in security beef-up.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

BNA organises 5 days stage play festival in Lucknow

By on Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Second day story review



The play ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ is originally written by the famous playwright Josheph Stein.
Fiddler on the Roof is a 1971 American musical comedy-drama film produced and directed by Norman Jewison.
 The Hindi play ‘Khamoshi Sili Sili’ is the idea which is an emergence of stein’s play. The director of this play, Prof Shuresh Sharma, had intention the play with its professionalism should have been its presentation base on contemporary issues.
Professor Sharma has been aware of the problems among the society and communities of aggrieved whether from North-East states, or of Rohingya Muslims or of Kashmiri Pandit in Kashmir -- all which spirited him to develop a story on these issues taking the format help of story 'Fiddler on the roof'.

Prof Sharma has offered this play into public domain posing the issues of Kashmiri Pandit last three decades, which was staged on second day of festival its start at Kamani Auditorium in Bhartendu Natya Academy Lucknow Monday this week. The NSD repertory company is organizing these 5 days under summer theater festival 2019 here.

The play production is musical and deals with the displacement issues of communities. The story has been based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir.

Why they escaped from their native land, the story is a glimpse of whole situation brought here on stage by a family who lives at Nandigram faced much of fear.
The community of Nandigram manages their daily expenses by doing various kinds of tasks for a living.
Kashmiri Pandit Pritivi and Didda his wife belong to one such middle class family, with five daughters.
  Prithivi Nath does work for Nanbai and her wife Didda sells sheep and livestock. The villagers respect Prithivi, a soulful representative of his village.
This Pandit community of Kashmir believes to follow and keep faith in their traditions and rituals, but at the altar of time the community begins to compromise in the long lasting traditions.
Prithivi Nath fells into the same trend yet he loves his daughters the most.
Going against the traditional norms, he allows his daughter to marry men of their choices.
The character Didda, Bornali Borah, has performed her complimentary role with Prithivinath Jutsi, Shanavaz Khan.
No doubt the actions of characters, which have no retake, could be seen and were creating reality on the stage. The costumes designing and the stage arrangements also carry this story to its extent.

The third daughter of this family, Shuhul, goes to betroth a boy from Muslim community without the prior permission of her parent. The wedlock happens without any intimation to Shuhul’s parent.
 This story has been dedicated to the non-Muslims communities who were forced to leave the Kashmir at the time when there was a communal pressure on them.
The displacement in this story is a pity because this happens inspired of when a Democratic power was in rule, with Indian army and Indian rule and yet such mishaps occurred.

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One man is handling both; Union Home Ministry is working for BJP:TMC

By on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Now power is the cause of violence in West Bengal 
Abhijit Chakraborty; Kolkata
The political stirring over the violence in West Bengal after Parliamentary election is continued.
The governor of West Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi, met with PM Narendra Modi and the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah
Although the meeting is being said a formal, he has assigned a report to Union Home Minister on current situation and political violence in the stat,While the state Chief minister, Mamta Benerjee, has alleged the BJP of hatching the conspiracy to spill the violence in the state and then dismiss her government.
She said that she would not let her government dismiss to anyone.
A clash between the TMC and the BJP party workers took place in Basirhat district North 24 pargana in west Bengal on Saturday last week. The BJP has claimed that the four of BJP workers were murdered during this clash. The BJP is mourning the black day on Monday in protest against this killing.
On Sunday the Union Home Ministry, issuing an advisory to the West Bengal Government, express its concern over the law and order situation.
This advisory says that the continuous violence for the past few days shows the failure of system to create a confidence among the people and to maintain the law and order in the state. The centre has asked the state to retain the normalcy and to maintain the law and order. together it says that the stringent action should be taken when the officers who do not performing their duty well.
The West Bengal Government has rejected the issued advisory of Union Home Ministry. The state government says that the situation is under control. It says that the prompt and appropriate action are being taken in the matter of violence.
The TMC has termed BJP responsible for the violence in the state. The party, targeting Amit Shah, has alleged that the Union Home Ministry is working for the BJP because both are being run by one man.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Natioanlism is in BJP’sDNA

By on Monday, June 10, 2019

After the Parliamentary election 2019 up to 2047 shall be a change period of Indian History. ‘We have ferried the boat across from the risk; so have to keep secure this country our sons forever’ is a Hindi song ever I had heard in a black-white movie. Here we used figure ‘2047’ : it cannot be said mere bogus because the figure’s speculation has come from Ram Madhav, well-known personality of RSS and now the top political leader of BJP.
In Agartala, the National General Secretary of BJP, Ram Madhav, has said his party shall remain in power till centenary year of independence 2047. 
He was addressing a Vijay rally at Agartala on Friday. Even he said the BJP did not propagandized Army’s achievements in its favour for winning the parliamentary election.
He said, ‘we have been successful to control the communal unrest and corruption in the past 5 years of our tenure. We won for the structuring a strong Bharat and for the economic stability. Our party did not take the blessing of Army’s achievements to make our reach up to parliament.”
He added, “The BJP government shall take a long journey under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi when the country shall have been enjoying the independence centenary year. Nationalism is in BJP’s DNA.”
Now the prophecies of BJP top leaders is an explained truth and whoever dares to say it ‘bogus’ is like throwing a ball upward which cannot stay in the air long, except to fall nose down!
If we scrutinize the coincidence of post Ram Madhav statement, we find Modi's Maldive visit goes via Kerala. Kerala is a state where the BJP was not able to secure even single seat. The congress has got mandate in this state.
Where Rahul Gandhi, after his resignation from the party’s president post, is on 3 days visit to his constituency Wayanad, PM Modi has also reached there on Saturday to defuse easily BJP’s defeat in the Kerala.
Both leaders did not face each other, but their messages to the people were alike.
PM Modi tried his closeness added among the people of Kerala like Rahul Gandhi. He said, “Kerala is dearest to me as much as Varanasi.”
The Prime Minister, before the first foreign trip of his second term beginning, worshipped in Guruvayur temple at Kerala on Saturday.
In a welcome meeting organized there, he said, “a few ‘Pundit’ (political experts) may have thought that the BJP could not open its account in kerla,
Yet Modi is arriving here for wishing thanks to the people? Actually it is our thinking; is our culture.
PM said, “the election is a halt, but my come-go shall remain continue, and the important issue post election is that is responsibility of 130 crore people of the country. The people who ensured our win and who did not-- all are mine. Kerala is  as much dearest to me as of Varanasi is. ”
Narendra Modi has paved his way to parliament consecutive second term winning from Varanasi constituency.
Even here It is to noticeable that Rahul Gandhi is on 3 days of his Wayanad visit nowadays. He is hearing the grievances of people; of party workers and is collecting information of the local issues. 
He has assured the people of new constituency that Rahul Gandhi’s door for the people of Wayanad and of the state shall be open forever.
Rahul Gandhi from Wayanad in Kerala had filed his nomination first time for Loksabha election. It was his second seat. The first of his conventional seat was Amethi from UP where he had been constantly winner. It was to be left in case he could have secured the seats from both the constituency, but in big upheaval he could not secure this seat.
 Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Narendra Modi again in his maiden-speech after the parliamentary election this year. He said, “PM Modi took the help of venoms of hatred during his election campaign, but we are going to reply his hatred through the 'insistence of truth', with friendly love. We are fighting against the hatred on national level today.