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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tribute to our past and wait to our happiest future

By on Sunday, May 19, 2019

Even the close to the PM Narendra Modi are voicing up that he has done a surgical strike against Pakistan inside its territory and created vulnerability in Pakistan. About 450 bodies of terrorist are under count.
The other side is constantly reporting that it's a false and no damage has sustained Pakistan.
By suicidal attack on convoy of CRPF, a terrorist who killed more than 43 security personnel in Pulwama attack J&K. No ministry and even no officer were contemplated responsible for this recklessness.
Post Pulwama attack, the new ones are continue on our people; the enemies' hidden attacks are escalating, which type of fear or damage they got after surgical strike then is question now; and after winning the BJP this election on Surgical strike how shall they keep their promise maintain and how shall it be precious for us -- we are going to dart into our future.
Imran Khan, the PM Pakistan, says, “My counterpart, PM Narendra Modi, has much rapport with us; so we want that he be next PM again and then the Kashmir problem shall be easily solved.
It is clear here how serious is Pakistan from the past incidents and how are we seeing this mirage?
Our past shows us how we had handled the problem and whatever the need from our country was, emerged against Pakistan -- we have overcome from it.
Our PM Lal Bahadur Shastri, in 1965, who had done against Pakistan, is a historical truth - not a post truth.
The Indian army what dire straits they had done against Pakistan under leadership of Shastri ji the Pakistan had gone into high risk. Our army had barged into Karanchi and sieze the city; and General Ayub Khan, who had dared this war with the help of America, surrendered unconditionally.
It was our first lesson to Pakistan, which our army had taught under the leadership of Lal Bahadur Shastri.
The lesson second repeated; and in 1971, PM Indira Gandhi had done. Our army in her leadership divided Pakistan in two parts. India had freed Eastern Pakistan from the clutch of Yahya Khan and Bangladesh came in existence. When 99 thousand Pak army personnel under general Niyaji had surrendered before Indian army in Dhaka, the world is the witness of our army's Vellore.
Our Army had also seized Lahore then daughter Benezir and PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came to India and on our conditions he signed the Shimla pact.
The founder of the BJP, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had said PM Indira Gandhi deity Durga mother, addressing a general meeting in Delhi.
It was Pak's unbearable lesson, which she had taught them in her leadership.
Now we talk about the tenure of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The Pakistani army had intruded or trespassed into Indian Territory; even not they crossed the border, they had also built their stay here to live in.
When the sleeping government was informed, the government was surprised. The government ordered Army to drive out the enemy from our thousand acre lands; consequently Kargil war began; Tons of explosive were used and many army men became martyrs -- then we were able to occupy the lost land.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Veiled BJP supporters among public, shout -- Modi-Modi!

By on Friday, May 17, 2019


It is not first incident when the congress general secretary mere faced such absurd attempt of pro-BJP men.
On many occasions I have also seen when our team was covering local addressing of Congress during parliamentary election campaign, a few scattered men, not women, were suddenly shouting pro-Modi slogan among the gathering for congress.
Such activities have not been done in the local addressing of other parties. The reasons are unclear why? But it is an alert for Congress that Modi's supporter spy in some way might have intercepted among the party workers and breached the party's top secret.
No doubt PM Modi is so popular, but  the shouting slogans for Modi among Congress public meeting can not be ratified that it is a spontaneous people's faith for Modi; but it can be a propaganda to create despair.
Mrs Priyanka Gandhi felt uneasy when she had to face Modi-Modi slogans during their road show in Indore Madhya Pradesh on Monday this week. Priyanka cleverly had handled this incidental situation and got down from her vehicle; Modi reached the supporters; she said thanks "All the Best, Shake Hands with them".
When Priyanka’s convoy was passing from overcrowded area of the city, the pro-Modi men began shouting slogan ‘Modi-Modi’-- they were the youth. Priyanka got down from her Tata Safari seeing shouting slogans and reached to the youths. She shook hands with them and said, “ you do yours, I do mine – all the best”.
The PM supporters stunned for a while; then they got easy and even one of them captured the pics of Priyanka.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

District administration failed to handle situation sparked into gang war

By on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The incident of a gangwar has been reported from the district Rae Bareli, 100 kilometer away from the state capital of Uttar Pradesh this evening by killing a man of rival group, named Shiva Singh.
According to the source, the retaliatory action sparked when the Congress MLA from Rae Bareli Sadar, Miss Aditi Singh’s convoy, was targeted and in this attack, she narrowly escaped while many vehicles overturned, which injured the boarded activists on it.
 The final phase of parliamentary election has completed and the sporadic incident of violence during the polling was reported in the district. The BJP has fielded its candidate, Dinesh Pratap Singh, here against Sonia Gandhi, former UPA chairperson. The influence of the BJP led state government simmers a confidence among the party workers of silent support of district officers. it also whispers among the people it a clandestine activity to influence the election result, According to source.
It is to notice, Miss Aditi Singh, MLA sadar Rae Bareli, was heading from Lucknow to  Rae Bareli  with her convoy of vehicles and the few boarded members of Panchayat to attend a floor test of no-confidence motion against Avdesh Singh, chairman of District Panchayat  on Tuesday morning. 
The Rae Bareli Zila Panchayat Chief Awadhesh Singh is the brother of BJP candidate from the constituency, Dinesh Singh,
A few henchmen of Avdesh Singh were waylaid in front of Mahaveer Institute, near toll plaza between Lucknow-Rae Bareli roads.
The goons attacked over her convoy by stone pelting and other endangering weapons. They used many round of gun firings, according to report.
The vehicles lost its control swerving gone it overturned, which injured the board members and the Congress workers.
Aditi Singh also sat on a dharna at the Shaheed Chowk in Rae Bareli, along with former cabinet minister Manoj Kumar Pandey and other senior leaders, to protest against the district administration and police.
The district administration deaf the protest against the attack and the floor test, which allegedly struck resentment among the Panchayat members. 

Another man, Shiva Singh, close aide of Dinesh Singh, has been killed near Harchandpur, the same place where Aditi Singh’s convoy was attacked this morning.
Mr Ajay Kumar, congress MLA, alleged that the Yogi Government backed Avdhesh Singh tacitly to commit this attack.
He added, “The government sheltering to the criminals is exposed here that the government backed criminals can attack on MLA in the vee hours.”
 He said, ‘ loots,  the murders and the attacks on the workers and the leaders of opposition parties—all are a tactics of state government to maintain a mental pressure.” 

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Reuters journalists arrested for reporting of Rohingyas massacre released eventually

By on Thursday, May 09, 2019

Myanmar has released two Reuters journalists who had been arrested for the reporting on Rohingya’s massacre. According to New York Times, The international news agency has released the pics of both the journalists. Yu Wa Lon (33) and Yu Kyav Soi U(29) had been arrested in December 2017. both the journalists, violating the law of Myanmar Official Secret Act, were accused of collecting 10 Rohingiya peasants’ murder related papers  from a police officer.
The court's rejection to the final appeal of their release had given a big shock to the duo journalists in April this year exactly before. The counsel had said that his releasing would be possible if the president of Myanmar stepping up in this connection. After the pardon of president both the Reuters journalists were released then. 
 It is noticeable that on the arrest of these journalists, Ang San Su Ki, leader of Myanmar, was constantly facing the criticism of international journalist community. the numbers of human rights activists, international journalists and the leaders were asking to release of these journalists. Both the journalists were felicitated during the jail period with the Pulitzer prize for their reporting.  Changes have been seen in the views of Western countries for Su Ki on the tolerance and democracy.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

We can talk diplomatically but can attack too on security reason: Amit Shah BJP president

By on Tuesday, May 07, 2019

RN Dass;New Delhi
The BJP National president, Mr Amit Shah has said that his defence policy of India has no correlation with the diplomatic policy. He said so clarifying the view of his party in an interview. Amit Shah said, ‘India can put its side diplomatically before any other country and can attack even over the possession of terror meanwhile."
According to interview, Amit Shah said, “The PM Modi ensured to 125 crore people of India by the commitment of his government for the national security. Whether it is the issue of taking a stiff decision for the J&K or is the dealing successfully with the international diplomacy and the other challenges, the national security is the important priority of his government."
The BJP president’s statement comes after Dr Manmohan Singh’s interview to PTI has published.
in his interview Dr Singh has criticized the tenure of Modi government on several fronts.
Moreover the BJP president claimed that the NDA government has worked well on other fronts too. According to the report he said, “The reforms in the agricultural sector have been done with the increased growth rate. The irrigation area has increased. The road development more than 2.5 times has been done under the infrastructure and 2.25 times more speedy rail road development work has been done.
The BJP shall perform better in this parliamentary election than back and will secure 282 winning Loksabha seats. The BJP shall perform better in this parliamentary election than back and will secure 282 winning Loksabha seats.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Where are his and the BJP’s Vikas Modal? Sharad Pawar

By on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Nationalist Congress Party chief, Sharad Pawar has said that the opposition parties and the people of country have right to ask PM Modi where are his and the BJP’s Vikas Modal. Pawar was addressing in a rally during the election campaign for the NCP candidate from Thane on Friday. he said, “you all and I have right to ask about his ‘Vikas Modal’ from PM.”
Powar said that Modi won the power in Lok Sabha election by promising the development like ‘Gujarat modal’ in the country, but he didn’t speak a bit about the difficulties of Adivasis, Dalit, labourers, small businessmen and unemployment. NCP chief alleged that PM is appealing votes on the name of security forces in the country.
Mr Sharad Pawar told that the leaders like C Naidu, TDP; Mamta Benerjee, TMC; Mayawati, BSP – all have capacity and the deserving candidate for the PM post. Even He also has said that the discussion over the PM post is going on for the congress president Rahul Gandhi is meaningless. Pawar said that after the election result, the non-NDA  and the leader of friendly faces is the strong deserving candidate of the PM post.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Judicial independence under threat:CJI

By on Monday, April 22, 2019

The hearing of sexual harassment allegations over the Chief Justice of India has been completed. Two members bench of Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Sanjeev Khanna for the immediate hearing of this case have been constituted.
According to the PTI, Ranjan Gogoi, CJI, said during this hearing, "The freedom of judiciary is under serious threat." He added, “The allegation is unbelievable. I don’t feel that I should too down my paradigm to reject such allegations. None can trap me on money matter. The people want to search something else and they find such thing. There may be some big powerful fish behind this act. They want to deactivate the CJI office."
Justice Gogoi added, “My bank balance is Rs 6.80 lacs mere in selfless judiciary service of 20 years. It’s a reward to CJI of 20 years service. I shall sit chair on and without any fear I shall comply with the duties judiciary. I have stepped abnormal and extraordinary ahead to sit in the court today because the situation is now going beyond. The judiciary cannot be scapegoat.”
According to CJI, the immoral allegations on judiciary shall tumble the people's faith of . he added, “seeing the faith of people in judicial system we are very much anxious for the freedom of judiciary.”
CJI Gogoi said he has been alleged with the sexual exploitation because he is going to hear a sensitive matter next week. He said, “7 months of my service is remained. During this period I am to deliver the decision by hearing the case.”
The lady who alleged him for the sexual allegations has been the accused of criminal history. Two FIR have been lodged against her already. The woman was working in CJI home as junior assistant. There was a complaint against her for misbehavior last year then she was dismissed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Congress on move with chariot of NYAY; assures Rs 72000 every year for poor

By on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Arpan; despatch from Agra
In support to Mr Rajbabar who is the Lok Sabha candidate of Congress from here, Mr Rahul Gandhi, INC president, Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, chief of Eastern UP and National General Secretary and Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia, Chief of Western UP – all have addressed a rally in Fatehpur Sikari constituency on Monday afternoon this week .
All the leaders have appealed to the people to cast their votes in Mr Rajbabar’s favour so that he shall be the voice of people of the constituency and the state. Mr Babar is the INC state president of UP.
Chariots of NYAY with the slogan like ‘Garibi Pe War; 72 Hajaar’(for poverty alleviation – Rs 72000!) have been flagged off. There were shouting slogans Rs 72000 for poor families.
Mr Rahul Gandhi asked in his address to the people here, “ If for the 30 seconds on TV ads everybody have to pay a huge sum (in lac of Rupees), from where are so much money inflowing to the BJP for TV and news papers that the PM’s publicity campaign is going on  constantly .”
Even he has said that the 5 crore poor families shall be benefited by our government’s paying, when it come in power, sum of Rs 72 thousand every year.
He has assured that his government shall not impose any gate money from the middle class for this purpose, but the money shall be siphoned off from Mehul Choksi and Anil Ambani’s pockets to fill the pocket of poor.
The watchmen serve their duties in front of rich men like Ambani's; not be for protecting the poor's house.
Modi Ji desires to make two types of India – one for the poor and other for Nirav Modi and Vijay Malya.
He said there is the BJP government in the state, but it did nothing for the potatoes farmers and nor it kept its promise to waive the loans of farmers. He has assured that his government shall increase the minimum supporting price every year.
He told the congress governments in Chhatisgarh, Rajathan and In Madhya Pradesh are erecting a food processing Units, which shall establish chips factories where the potatoes are grown in large scale; the ketchup factories where the production of tomatoes are high.
The farmers shall be able to sell their produce to the factories, there shall be no middlemen.
He reminds meanwhile that 3 main promises of ruling government which had 2 crore of employments every years to the unemployed youth, the loan waiving of farmers and 15 lac Rupees to every accounts; but  the public know to what has happened ?”
Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said the BJP leaders tell themselves nationalist. If it so, they should respect every martyrs of the country; if they are nationalist, they should not be talking about the Pakistan during the election campaign, but to talk about the India, the problem of India!
She added the BJP should talk about the youth, the farmers, and the security personnel of India and to tell them to what it is going to do for. What are its plans for the farmers?
The BJP should tell the women what it is going to do for them.
She said, “It seems that this government has neither pride over the democracy, or over our public, nor our institutions.”
If they are nationalist, they must respect the sovereignty of all the institutions which provide them the rule. If they be the real nationalist, they must follow the path of truth.
Since the country has been founded on truth and those who are deviated from the path, the country never forgives them.
She said the students, the farmers and the teachers whenever they demanded their rights, they were brutally beaten up. They were tormented in fake cases and they were told anti-national. The inquirers men have always been tagged anti-national by this government.
Priyanka Gandhi said if the government can give crore of Rupees to the industrialists, why cannot we pay rupee 72 thousand to the poor?
Addressing the public meeting Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia said, “The time is to make a change. The occasion is to show the truth unearthing the mask. he said Mr Rajbabar is the man of your soil; the man of your region; the candidate of this public.
The time of 60 months which they had asked in lieu of 60 years has passed now, but they were never seen here during the five years tenure, but now they are here to beg the votes after visiting 84 countries.”
He added farmers are aggrieved. they had assured that the input cost price shall be halved and supporting price shall be doubled, but it be so never happened in spite of these the input price doubled and the agricultural produce price became doubled. The farmers could not be given the potatoes price Rs 600 per quintal.
he said Mr PM Ji went to Pakistan to eat Biryani and swung hammock to Chinese President, but he had never fixed time  to meet with the farmers.
He said that Modi Ji had assured, “he would create chance amply, but he carried betels and Pakode government."
Mr Rajbabar said, “The participants were stopped to reach in the rally; the buses were released after several request, but the time is not far when the roads shall be opened for the farmers, the students and the unemployed.”

Monday, April 08, 2019

Shut down of two paper mills ruined employees future

By on Monday, April 08, 2019
Kshitiz Kant
Not for the responsibility, right now take cognisance of our and these government enterprises for the election purpose please, Modi Ji!
Letter to the Prime Minister
Our pay and dearness allowances were being disbursed timely till July 2015, but the payment system later had gone irregular. The outstanding salaries of last 3 months of year 2016 and beginning months of year 2017 were paid in March 2018… and since last 2 years or say since February 2017 no payment yet has been done so far; consequently our families including the workers are facing tough economic crunch.
The condition has so worsen that many of us are not in position to have proper treatment of ourselves and our kin. The nuptial tied of many daughters has broken and many of these have to sell their paternal lands. The study of our sons and daughters has interrupted. We are indebted heavily after the non-payment of home loans and other loans’ instalments. Many of us had to encash our invested savings prematurely... even bearing the big deficit, which we had saved for the use of our post retirement.
44 of our friends died unnaturally in the last 3 years for this tension and two more committed suicides in the depression. We are facing many difficulties in our daily life, which cannot be narrated here.
These lines are the result of that representation which was sent by the employees to the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises government of India in February this year.
 Hindustan Paper Corporation is a Government of India enterprises, and are situated at Assam. Navgaon Paper mill is in Marigaon and Katchhar Paper mill is in Hailakandi and HPC’s head quarter is in Kolkata, but HPC is appalling at the danger of this shut down like other government corporations.
The NPM and the CPM were established respectively in 1985 and 1988 when the ULFA, an extremist organisation in Assam, was at its rise.
The experts say that both mills, giving the employments to the local youth, had played an important role to prevent them in turning into extremists.
According to managing officer, 1500 employees have been working in the HPC Corporation, whose conditions you would have been felt by the application sent.
These employees, by their many representations, even already have louded their voice on separate level, but they got nothing and are still idle.
The 2 lakh locals’ livelihood, whether by direct or by indirect, were added to these mills correlative. Most of these were the chief bamboo producing farmers for the preparing raw papers. The closure of these two mills as if has sink the small businessmen. The Katchhar Mill traded daily business of about two crore Rupees at local level, which have now stopped and the same is going on in Nagaon.
  Who is responsible for the worsening of HPC
The locals and the most employees of HPC term the Modi government responsible for the downfall of the company’s condition. Mr Manovendra Chakrvority, chief convener of HPC employees Union, tells in detail about the difficulties that the production began to decline in the year 2009, but the causes behind this fall were the natural. Bakaul Chakrvority says, “The bamboo stems up flowers after every 50 years. It was the time when the bamboo’s crop had ruined fully. The problem began after 2007, but the bamboo began to produce amply after 4 years then like every chance.”
Chakrvority added, ‘The supply began to restore, meanwhile the National Green Tribunal banned the coal mining which was the main source of coal in Meghalaya. We had mere bamboos, not coal; but at the beginning of 2015, even the coal crises had been solved that the government without any notice closed the production of Katchhar mill.”
Mr Chakravority says, “ Katchhar Paper Mill is the profiteering enterprises what was the reason of UPA government maintained its running, but after coming in power, Modi government closed the production of Katchhar mill within one year of its tenure and also closed its Navgaon mill in March 2017.”
Chkravority all this action termed a big scam. he says, “Katchhar’s papers demand was so high in the country that 6 to 8 month before it was booked in advance; but the papers are imported from Korea and China after its closure. Our input materials for which papers quality was 50 thousand rupees per tons, our nationalist government is paying more than 1 lakh rupees per tons.
Showing the paper scare crisis, the government is knowingly extracting money in multiples from the people. The bad effects can be seen over the downtrodden and the middle class students’ study.
Pamela Nandi, the senior employees who reports to the HPC management, agrees to the Chakrvority’s statement. She says, “When Katchhar Mill was closed, the available raw material storage was: 50 thousand metric tons bamboos; 15 thousand metric tons coal; 2 thousand metric tons lime and 2 thousand metric tons soapstone powder – all which can produce more than 10 thousand metric tons of papers, but the government closed the mill so hastily that not only is beyond from our understanding, but also is creating doubt.”
Kamal Kya Dey Purkayasth, the local MLA of Katchhar, share his outrage and says that PM Modi before assembly poll in Assam had organised a rally near Katchhar mill in 2016 where he had assured to reopen this mill shortly, but after 3 years there is nothing to start here. 
The congress MLA, Purkashthya, has raised questions more than 10 times in Assam Assembly, but he alleges that the state BJP government has also tightlipped on this issue like Union Government.
He says expressing concern, “The mills were started not only for the profits, but also for the socio-political points of view; but the closure of these mills, the youth have begun to go toward into the world of crime.” 
Mr Abanti Bora, former office bearer of AGP, did not decline the statement of Purakasthya. According to Bora, the most youth were anyway covertly attached to these mills, but they are facing the crises of their livelihood now. If the problem is not taken seriously, the area may face unrest which would be difficult to control.
Hemant Kankati, president of Officers and Supervisor Association, says that the outstanding payment of regular including non-regular employees is Rupees 500 crore. Kankati adds that the liabilities of company are Rs 2800 crore of contractors including vendors besides the employees of the organisations
He says vendors have gone National Company Law Tribunal, but NCLT has not yet redressed any solution in this matter after 270 days of maximum time period. The conferred power of HPC board of directors have been stripped of meanwhile and the auction of this company has been announced, but the company has reached in last few years on the verge where none buyers courage to buy it.
Kankati told that the Union Government announced to pay the salary of 90 crore to the employees last year, and later citing the pendency of case in NCLT, it did not pay the salary. The undisbursed allocated fund was surrendered to government on 31 March.
All these development deeply disappointed to the employees who knocked later the NHRC door in February and demanded the action against the Modi government. 
NHRC had served notice Chief Labour Commissioner to file reply in a written statement by February 12, while the NHRC’s directive was not complied contemptuously; then he has been summoned in person before the commission.
Other employees of HPC, expressing their resentment, says that the image of nation should not be tarnished so the matter was not much fuelled, but if the NHRC of country looked fail to solve the matter, they will have to see ahead to the UNHRC.
The report says that the locals and the employees are in grudge for the closure of these mills. These people and the employees-- all their resentment have turned into a big agitation many times. It looks that the PM rallies are to be held here in the wake of the upcoming parliamentary election in the area, even though it is certain to be protested.
Not only Assam, but also Mizoram, Meghalya and Trpura’s people were connected with these mills, who are angered with the BJP now. Mere disappointment may result here for the BJP’s hope in these North-East states in these conditions.
Katchhar and Navgaon  areas are in Silchar and Karimganj parliamentary constituencies where the BJP was fail to capture these seats while there was pro-BJP wave in the country and now the closure of mills have arised a challenge here for the BJP. In case the BJP is failed here to convince the voters, it should leave its hope for these two seats.

However the employees of HPC are still in hope that thePM Modi can make an announcement for these two mills

Friday, April 05, 2019

Cry for his silence -- or lesson to democracy

By on Friday, April 05, 2019

The senior leader of BJP Mr Lal Krisn Advani eventually has broken his silence after a long term of his politics. He has conveyed publicly his views on any issue through his blog. It is his first public reaction which came after the decision of Amit Shah’s ticket from Gandhi Nagar replacing Lal Krishn Advani.
Lal Krishna Advani has written on his blog that he did not think anybody an enemy or traitor, who had differed with his political views. The BJP’s top leadership may feel maze by Adwani’s blog exactly before the election because PM, Narendra Modi and the BJP president Amit Shah are constantly attacking opposition accusing them pro-Pakistan in their election campaign.
A two days before of BJP’s foundation Day on April 6, Lal Krishn Advani’s blog, telling the parties foundation day’s important event, discussed the policies and the principal of party.
 The blog published on Thursday says: heading --Nation First, Party Next, Self Last
Advani, talking about right of expressions, has written, “Diversity and the freedom of speech both are the beauty of democracy and the BJP has never felt enemy those who are disagreed with its concept.’
Advani has talked over the nationalism. he writes, “ we have never said our political rivals traitor.”
Everybody must have the rights of freedom to speak and to select their views respectively politically and personally.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Fixation of Minimum Income to 5 crore poor, Congress goes to poll with its manifesto

By on Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Minimum Income Scheme and the issues related to the farmers have been taken on priority in the Congress manifesto for the upcoming parliamentary election. The Indian National Congress has released its manifesto on Tuesday.
According to information, Congress has asserted on its stand for the 5 crore poor families’ income at least Rs 72000 per annum in the country under NYAY. Mere two rates of GST shall be imposed and also promised to fill up 22 lakh posts vacant in many departments.
Even the party ensures that it will implement new development agenda in J&K and it shall maintain an intact autonomous functioning of central intelligence and investigative agencies.
The congress has promised in its manifesto a special provision for the farmers’ help. The Kisan Budget is to be included in the Union Budget. The farmers who cannot pay their debts shall not be enforced for its recovery. Such matter shall not be termed an offence.
The party has said speaking it a ‘Jan Awaj’ (Common Voice) that there has been included every social communities' needs; like, youth, Dalit Adivasi, Minority.
If the party comes in power, it shall set up an inquiry in Rafale deal done during Modi tenure; will dissolve the NITI Aayog and again reconstitute Yojna Aayog.

Rahul Gandhi is seeking secure Parliamentary seat: Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey

By on Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Mr Mahendra Nath Pandey, state BJP President, has said that the congress president is searching a secure seat to pave the way of going up to the parliament and quipped: "how shall he provide security to the country and to his party?"
He added that Rahul Gandhi has downed his confidence from the activeness of Smriti Irani ji – seeing his imminent defeat Rahul Gandhi is seeking the safe way!
 it is noticeable that Mrs irani is an Iron lady who was going on fast unto death demanding resignation of then Gujarat chief minister and now the prime minister, Narendra Modi.
Irani had blamed Modi for BJP’s then electoral reverses. Modi had been widely criticized for his handling of the 2002 communal violence in Gujarat.
Irani had said: "Why do you think you need permission to do what you think is right. BJP is a democratic party?" 

Dr Pandey said further that Mayawati JI is not a lover of Dalit and poor, but she loves wealth and Modi Ji respects poor whose services are being done by foot wash by Modi Ji.
Recently PM Modi had washed the foot of some down community men and women.
The BJP state president and MP from Chandauli parliamentary constituency, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey said, “I have done bottomless work for the development, but the development is an unending start. To make Chandauli one of five developed zone is now our aim of life.”
He is again the BJP parliamentary candidate from here in the upcoming election. He paid his gratitude to PM Modi and Amit Shah, and said that the opposition is trying to defeat Modi Ji, but the people of Kashi are going to make Modi ji win this upcoming election with a huge margin.             
Dr Pandey talking to media person said, “What would Rahul Gandhi lead country, whose confidence has lost in his paternal constituency after the activeness of Smriti Irani.”
Mayawati Ji has lost the Dalit votes and her political base has slipped because the public are the witness of taken hush money on their vote bank and are seeing the selling of Tickets. Every party has lost their sanguine before the dazzling of Modi Ji.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Senior journalist manhandled in UP

By on Saturday, March 30, 2019

 A senior journalist, 65, has been manhandled in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh Friday afternoon this week.
Mr Mahesh Chandra Pandey, Editor-in-Chief, Hindi newspaper (Awadh Navrachna), as he reached in front of his office this afternoon leaving another senior journalist, Jakibharti, on Lucknow Railway Station, a man, Akilahmad with his accomplice men slapped  barbarically abusing to Mr Pandey. The other three then began to thrash him.
On being asked traumatized Mr Pandey told to the correspondent, “The motive behind this incident was that he had forbidden the encroachment, and said these accused(street vendors) to remove this possesion from the drainage because it was ceasing the filthy water flow in the morning of the following incident day.”
The bickering grudge among these accused resulted this untoward incident.
It is to notice that the locality, Tulsidas Marg (Hiderganj) is an important place with the commercial point of views and the people to earn their livelihood try to possess every nooks and corners here.
The local domineering people with their muscle power had encroached over the drainage.
Mr Pandey has lodged an FIR under section IPC 323,504 and 506 in Khalabazar police station.
The police have taken action against the accused person and arrested three of them and one main accused is reported to be absconded.
The police assured the alleged main accused involved in this barbaric act shall be shortly arrested. Police is trying to nab him.
Mr Pandey said, “He is traumatized and feared with this incident, “I feel most insecure now than ever. The aggression in the society is in fashion nowadays.”
He added that the accused is to appear before the court tomorrow and shall be granted bail in this case and will wander without tarnished of image while mine dignity has been ruined by the layman. How the time has come that innocents and gentles are the victims of the muscle power.

Monday, March 25, 2019


By on Monday, March 25, 2019

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on 15th March launched Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign for upcoming Lok Sabha elections, urging everyone, who cares of the country, to come forward to fight corruption, dirt, social evils and many of us started prefixing Choukidar before his name including a couple of my batch mates.
Several Union Ministers, including External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, prefixed ‘chowkidar’ (watchman) to their names.
The party leaders also put out short advertisement videos showing that people from different walks of life have turned ‘Chowkidars’ to do their bit for the country like Modi. Modi’s Twitter profile identified him as “Chowkidar Narendra Modi” and similar was the case with other BJP leaders as they launched a coordinated campaign.
On the eve of Holi, Prime Minister decided to address over 25 lakhs watchmen through audio bridge medium. This also surprised me that how our Prime Minister reached to the figures of twenty five lakhs watchmen because we have no survey about their numbers till to this day in our country.
This motivated me to go in for a reality check on some of the issues because India being a vast country; although it was not possible for me to scan the entire spectrum in each of the schemes, the Railway Minister was first to prefix Choukidar before his name therefore, so I decided to see how Railways fared in last year.
The word Chowkidar has been derived from Urdu and consists of two components namely, Caukī (‘toll house’) + -dār (‘keeper’). A Choukidar is a guard or watchman (Collins dictionary). In India, it is synonymous with watchman, one who inhabits a "Chouki”, police station or guard house.
According to data, theft aboard trains across the country doubled in 2017 compared to the previous year, while robbery cases increased by almost 70 percent.
Crime against women, including rape, increased from 604 in 2016 to 641 in 2017, while 193 cases were reported until March2018.
Data also shows that Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have topped in the list of states where the uncountable crime cases have been reported sofar.
The following table gives us fairly good idea about the rising crime in Railways in some of the states known for notoriety in this sector.
While a total of 71,055 crime cases were reported across the country in 2017, compared to 39,355 the year before and 20,777 crime-cases were reported till March in 2018. Crime against women, including rape, increased from 604 in 2016 to 641 in 2017, while 193 cases were reported until March2018. The report of the 2019 is not yet published.



 According to official records, Maharashtra reported 11,614 crimes till March2018, while 33,145 were reported in 2017 and 7,338 were in 2016. The reason behind this sudden rise is that crimes on local trains were taken into account. This may explain the inordinate number of crimes reported from Maharashtra.
Presently, the RPF investigates only criminal cases related to the railway property, and relies on the Government Railway Police (GRP), under the state governments, to register FIRs and investigate the cases.
The two proposals to widen the ambit of the RPF were sent to the Centre earlier, but were rejected for the reasons best known to them.
Reccently Choukidar Mukhtar Naqvi said in a press conference that there have been “no big communal riots” in India over the past four years, but having checked them with the government data it was found wanting.
 Three “major communal incidents” were reported in 2017. A “major” communal incident is: one that results in more than five deaths or leaves over 10 people injured. An incident that results in one death or 10 injured is termed as “important or significant”.
Communal riots under the National Democratic Alliance government led by the BJP increased 28% over three years to 2017 -- 822 “incidents” were recorded that year!
Kasganj in Western UP witnessed communal violence on January 26, 2018, in which a 22-year old youth Handan Gupta was killed after being hit by a bullet.
Communal incidents in UP have increased 47% from 133 in 2014 to 195 in 2017. India was ranked fourth in the world in 2015–after Syria, Nigeria and Iraq–for the highest social hostilities involving religion.
The Huffington Post reported on April 14, 2017. As many as 7,484 communal incidents have been reported over the last decade–between 2008 and 2017– or two every day, killing over 1,100 people, according to data released to the Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament).
The spike in crimes is a major concern as the crime rate in India was already quite high. It is worth mentioning here that, in 2016, according to the NCRB data, the total crimes were recorded to be 2.97 million while the crime rate was found to be 379 crimes per lakh population.
 Coming to the specifics of the report, the murder count has increased from 53 to 59, cases of kidnapping for ransom increased from 1 to 3; the rape cases went up to 243 from 240; and the death due to dowry cases also saw a spike increasing from 14 to 19.
 Notably, all these data are a comparison of the crime recorded in the first 45 days with the crimes during the same period in 2016. The molestation cases have seen a nominal dip from 378 cases last year to 315 cases this year.
 A 2017 report by Global Peace Index had claimed India to be the fourth most dangerous country for the women travelers. Gender Vulnerability Index 2017 compiled by Ministry of Women and Child Development found Bihar, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand to be the bottom four in terms of safety. The data highlight the urgent need to ensure proper law and order situation in the country.
We have to compare some of the states who were BJP ruled or till recently ruled by BJP so that we come to a conclusion.
The latest data for 2014-16 reveals that the BJP ruled states recorded highest crime rates against scheduled castes. The NCRB data, released today says that the five states that recorded the highest crime rate in the category of "crime/atrocities against scheduled castes" during 2014-16 were all ruled by the BJP directly or in alliance with other parties. Madhya Pradesh occupies the top position in crime against scheduled castes in terms of crime rate, which is defined by the incidents of crime recorded per one lakh population. Madhya Pradesh registered 3,294 incidents of crime against scheduled castes in 2014 followed by 3,546 in 2015 and 4,922 in 2017.
 Madhya Pradesh reported 12.1 per cent of total number of crimes against scheduled castes registered in the country last year. Madhya Pradesh is followed by Rajasthan, which recorded 12.6 per cent of total number of crimes recorded against scheduled castes in the country in 2016.
Frauds in the banking industry increased by 72 per cent to Rs 412 billion in 2017-2018, against Rs 239 billion in the previous year. This jump was mainly on account of the Rs 140 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud, said a report by the RBI recently. The number of fraud cases stood at 5,917 cases in 2017-18 against 5,076 cases in 2016-2017. This was a rise of 16.5 per cent over the previous year with an incremental 841 cases.
The number of fraud cases reported by banks was generally hovering at around 4,500 in the past 10 years before their increase to 5,835 in 2017-18, said RBI's annual report released in August 2018. The rise in frauds in 2017-2018 was mainly on account of the rise in the value of frauds. "Incidentally, large value frauds involving Rs 500 million and above constituted about 80 per cent of all the frauds during the year," said the RBI.