Cop Assaults on Indian Old Man

Cop Assaults on Indian Old Man

Prabhakar Gautam
          Vadodara, February 13: Suresh Bhai Patel (an Indian), 57, residing recently in the U.S. with his son to help her daughter-in-law in caring 17-month-old baby was assaulted on last Friday.
          Mr. Patel was walking on the street near his home. Two police officers stopped him during morning walk on February 6 and asked Mr. Patel his name, address, and identity card. One of the officers who did not reckoned Mr.Patel's talking threw him on the ground with out any provocation; later the cop was recognized Eric Parker. Mr. Parker faces charges of third-degree assault on Patel. He was let go later on a bond of $ 1000.
         The Indian Embassy took in cognizance such an awkward incident that Mr. Patel's injuries because of the U.S. cop's assault resulted his partial paralysis emphasised on U.S. police department to suspend and arrest officer Parker.
           Madison city police chief, Larry Muncey, said he recommended that Mr. Parker be fired. He apologized to Patel and his family and said, " The FBI will inquire into the matter to detect the violation of any federal law." 
           Mr. Hank Sherrod, who is a qualified in Al-bama civil law suit and police misconduct, has filed a civil law suit against the Madison city claiming personal damages said it probably would not have happened to a white grand father.


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