The reservation in India has protected the weaker section, but it ensured only their livelihood, the education and the participation in the infrastructure. The students under reservation in their academic years do not effort to score equivalent to the unreserved category in the society so the 50 percent census of the category are providing their services in the every field.
     The research field needs as much acumen and sharpness of brain which can be achieved only by the practice, the comprehension of problems  and the mutual competition. The habit of solving the problems inside the study materials can hone the skill of implementing knowledge further in research-- it can only be secured in case the user covet it.
     That only economic status is every things in the society are in their perceptions so they are not trying to gain maximum knowledge; they do not appear positive since their bigger problems were the economic weakness.
     The participants on the powerful posts during last decade have amassed the enormous wealth by unfair mean which indicate that the new ruling classes of society either were going to maintain the Zamindari or were careful about the unprotected future of their new generations who had no caliber to fight with the concrete situation. The new pattern  in competitive examination is itself a challenge. The questions are put up from all fields.
     The very tricky questions which seldom or never solved in academy are included into competitive exam papers to the appearing candidates. In such situations the students after completing their academy encounter the big hurdles.
    That the courses and its syllabus during two or three decades have been trimmed and tampered on the name of improvement and reform which concludes that the competition is tougher and the academic success is easy.

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