Lawyers Protest Against Corruption

Lawyers Protest Against Corruption
      Lucknow: The federation of lawyers and the advocates demonstrated  and asked on Thursday the chief minister to set up an inquiry against the corruption  spreaded in offices under collector at the State capital of Uttar Pradesh.
                    Lawyers demonstrate outside collector office in protest ofcorruption-- photo by Kshitiz Kant.

      The lawyers' crowd alleged, " The staffer in many offices under collector seldom or never write the noting  report; till they did not obtain the bribe for assignments.  None of the staffer attend the office in time. They amassed the wealth much higher than they had earned from their salaries".
       The advocates told that Lekhpals took the clients' assignments and disposed them to better the graft. They added, "Since we put up our clients' work, the staffer  always write the objection noting". The grudge among the advocates was the cause that happened  the incident of manhandle.
         The lawyers have demanded a big reshuffling and the transfer of corrupt employees out of station

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