Rally organized by CPI(ML) Red Stars

  Rally organized by CPI(ML) Red Stars

 Kshitiz Kant
25 February, Lucknow 
           Communist Party of India (ML) red stars on Wednesday organized a Lal Salam rally in Lucknow.  The  comrades demonstrating on the road were chanting slogans... Lalkiley Par Lal Nishan... Lal Salam... Lal Salam (the red mark on Red fort... Red salute... red salute)! They were there to participate in the party's 10th congress.
          CPI(ML)'s general secretary, K N Ramchandran, told," Our comrades activating the traditional agitations have been working to order the trade unions, the farmers, the women, the youths and the students.  We have founded the agitation of caste abolition. There is a need of the unified left at the time to encourage the conflict for the public development policy."
        Mr.Chandran said that the other parties only were criticizing the communal agenda formulated by RSS-- they had not differed in new liberal economic policy.
Lalkiley par Lal Nishan... Lal Salam... Lal Salam! Comrades chanting slogans on road in Lucknow -- Photo by Kshitiz Kant.

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