Hush money taken on railway station: two travelers

Hush money taken on railway station: two travelers

         Two boys, Saurabh Trivedi, 17 and Shivam Trivedi, 19, both resident of Rasidpur, Post Chetra, district Unnao  were deceived by ticket examiner at Aishbagh railway station on Sunday afternoon.
          They told the correspondent they bought the ticket no.K62435211 worth Rs.30/- for the journey up to Unnao by Memo passenger train between Barabanki to Kanpur(via Lucknow and Unnao) at Daliganj railway station.
         They boarded on a meter-gauge express train to Aishbagh, then by Memo passenger train they had to journey up to Unnao.
      They added that they were waiting the broad gauge

both passengers on bench waiting Memo on Aishbagh railway station-- photo by Kshitiz kan
passenger train after the arrival at Aishbaugh, meanwhile they thought to have a cup of tea at the kiosk outside the station, went on foot-over bridge .
      As they crossed the check post, the ticket examiner asked these boys to show their tickets. They tendered to check it. He queried that they had the tickets of passenger train and traveled through express train from Daliganj to Aishbagh was an offense that cost  500/-Rupee. 
       The confused boys did nothing but they confessed to pardon. They alleged that the ticket examiner said it would be the unforgiving so they had to go his office to deal with matter. He manipulated duo guile-fully and took Rupee 100 his hush money from them.

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