JUH terms RSS 'fascist'-- demands ban on it!

JUH terms RSS 'fascist'-- demands ban on it!
During Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind's Ijlas-aam at Rifah-E-Aam Club ground in Lucknow on Saturday.
Fuzail, Lucknow: Jamiat Ulama-Hind, an organisation of Muslim Ulemas andscholars, today demanded ban on RSS, calling it a "fascist" group.
A resolution passed at the Ijlas-e-aam (general body meeting) of the Jamiat, accused the RSS of involvement in the demolition of Babri Masjid.
"India is a democratic country where every citizen has the right to practice the religion of his choice, but there is an effort to take the country away from the path of law and justice to the one of anarchy and fascism.
"Jamiat will launch awareness campaigns in villages and towns to strengthen brotherhood," the resolution said.
Addressing the meeting, Jamiat's president, Maulana Arshad Madni accused the "right wing" forces of spreading hatred in the name of "ghar wapsi" to take political mileage.
"Those, who are creating hatred by talking about 'ghar wapsi' and 'Hindu Rashtra' are presenting a wrong picture of their own religion," he said.
Madni criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he (Modi) could not reply in Parliament on issue of "hate campaign by right wing activists".
Claiming that no other community has made as much sacrifice as Muslims for the independence of the country, Madni warned that it (country) has been divided once on communal lines and could further be fragmented if the fires of communalism were allowed to spread.
Appeals were made in the meeting to end the ills prevailing in the community or else no power on earth will be able to earn respect of Muslims.
In another resolution passed in the meeting in connection with Prevention of Communal Violence Bill, the Jamiat reminded the Uttar Pradesh government its promise of bringing a government order making the administration of a place, where riots take place, legally responsible for it.
Other resolutions reminded the Samajwadi Party government of its "unfulfilled" promise of granting 18 per cent reservation to Muslims and release of innocent Muslims framed in terror cases and alleged that communal forces in connivance with intelligence agencies were hatching a conspiracy to harm Muslim youths.
On the Hashimpura case verdict, Jamiat said it would help the affected families in their legal battles to get justice and called for abolishing the new system of putting the picture of women as head of families in ration cards saying it was not right as per the Shariat. 

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