Leon's preach on women's liberty

Leon's preach on women's liberty

Actress Sunny Leone says that the abuse of women, by insulting them, make men not a "cool"; but, a monster. Sunny said in a statement," I am not an indian, I have never lived in such culture where the liberty in thought is an abnormal incident." I says to men," if you are the real men who watch over the women's liberty is not right; whether you are from a rural town or from the big city."
Sunny ratifies that the evasive sight, or tight-lipped, for a wrongful doing is an offence.
           Sunny requests,  "The men must protest the wrongful act happening. The tight-lipped is like an accused."  She adds, " you must help them to access to the identical liberty. if you have respect for the women, you will be roaring for their liberties."

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