Mahila Samakhya rally organized

 Mahila Samakhya rally organized

"MERI BHI ABHA HAI ISME"(we do have our own splendor in it) began with a rally held by Mahila Samakhya Uttar Pradesh Lucknow on Wednesday. The great occasion for the 25 years tenure was organised by the 800 women's arrived from the many districts. The rally ended at GPO. Shakuntala, the member of the first organized association in Varanasi, flagged off with Mahila Samakya emblem. Many women were present in rally with the uniform impersonating in civil services. The astounded passerby were looking the scene. The rally was welcomed by Pooja Sikera, social worker, and miss Satya Singh, police inspector at GPO. 
Satya SINGH told,  "The advancement of women will strengthen the family and the society. It has been resulted only the women". we affirmed," The association will support the new world of equality". she added," The women have awakened and are fighting for their rights".
The women education center, the women court,  the medical center, the association and the federation all paved the way to the advancement of the purpose of our 25 years. tenure.

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