Seventh Pay Commission recommends its report in January 2016

Seventh Pay Commission recommends its report in January 2016

                According to sources,"The Pay Commission will rich the pay of government employees. It is expected that the constituted 7th pay commission will recommend its report to the government in January 2016."     
           The employees unions from  all categories of services had introduced its demands respectively before the commission. The source said, "How to maintain the balance among the many categories of employees is a big challenge for the chairman of pay commission; but it is evident the employees' pay will hike as there will be a surprise among others." He added,"The commission will benefit the 30 lac central government employees including more than one lac pensioners."
           According to sources the office bearers of federation of employees' unions have requested the hike in the pay in its memorandum, which they were sending to the government. The employees wanted not only hefty hike in the pay, they zest but also post better, their organisations wrote. The source said, "They shall subtend the target it  to maintain the parity in post comparing other departments."
      The source said, "The pay revision on old way will hike the employees' pay rich. The old formula that is three times of the basic salary. Now the commission is to see how to increase it. The chairman of commission is retired Supreme Court judge, Ashok Kumar Mathur and his companions; namely, an economist; two bureaucrats."

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