Youth in India


Youth in India

India is a diverse nation with the world’s largest youth population. The above statement indicates that India as a country is a pool of vast unharnessed talent that has a lot of potential to be a great and brave country that it can be and is expected of it. But it is not, because potential is a waste if not converted into kinetic.

Despite being a youthful country, India is also a lazy country and the people are also not a big fan of taking risk or exploring new boundaries. We like our comfort zone and don’t want to come out of it.

This leads to under performance and a dreadful plague of hero worship. When a man sets a goal he strives to achieve it at any cost, the goals are the manifestation of his capabilities, if the goals which he set are not worth his capacities then he can never unleash his true potential.

 Those who set goals higher than they can achieve are considered superior in the society and the generation follows them and it is easy to praise the leader than to counter or compete against him.

Competition is beneficial for every human being especially for the youth as it gives a chance to improve oneself and bring out the best in every person participating in the competition. But instead we tend to settle for something inferior and would gladly walk on the old rotten road that our ancestors had built for us.

There is a lack of opportunities in India and a significant percentage of youth is either unemployed or under employed. The reason being that most people don’t want explore new career options but would gladly choose a stereotypical course that is already overflowing with number of job applicants.

But there is always government to blame for not creating enough job opportunities or for not investing enough in educational infrastructure. After all, this the only reason to form a government in democracy. The people of the nation appoint or few people to take the collective responsibility of  the failures its citizens face.

India has vast amount of resources, Young power and the experience of being the oldest living civilization in the world, yet as a nation we are just an underdeveloped nation where poverty is the king and empty stomachs roar at midnight. 

The only thing that is stopping this nation from becoming great is laziness and fear of trying new things and atlast we should remember what Robert Frost said “ two roads diverged into yellow wood and I chose the one less traveled by..”
                                                                                                 VIBHOR AGARWAL
                                                                                       National Post Graduate College

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