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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


By on Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Mr. Deep Kumar Upaddhyay, ambassador of Nepal, tendered gratitude on Tuesday to the government of India for the rescue operation and the immediate assistance to the people. He expressed that the government of India helped us like a remittance of blank cheque.
      He cared  the over crowd near airport at Kathmandu, which caused delay in the reaching assistance to the victims. He added that  India helped us very much at the hours of our need. The  opening assistance of India was followed by many other countries. 
         Mr.Upaddhyay said."Government of India has accepted to run the special trains in the border adjoining areas. It will help the tourists to return home safely. The services will be enhance on demand.  Over crowd at airport has disrupted  our air services."
       He said."The experts of both countries are on joint work to restore the power supply and the light services. Our communications services will also be start after the power supply."