Kisan in rosy turbans at Delhi

Rahul at Kisan Rally: they want to give yours land to industrialist friends

 a rally organized by Indian National Congress in protest of land acquisition ordinance
            The Indian National Congress at Ram Leela Maidan New Delhi organized a rally on Sunday. The rally, where the huge numbers of farmers and labourers were present, was addressed by Rahul gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, former prime minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Digvijay Singh.
            Rahul Gandhi in his speech added, "The congress government took 2 years to make the Land Bill of 2013. The BJP supported and applauded the Bill then. Then what changed & why required it to ?"
          He asked, "Instead of passing it through Parliament, why did BJP bring in ordinance?"
"Modi took loans from the industrialists and to pay them back he will give them yours land. Modi ji wants to give yours land to industrialist friends from which he had taken loans for his huge campaign."
         In Gujarat Model, Modi ji,  during his tenure, showed us that he was able to snatch land from farmers very easily. The BJP has finished the provisions of consent clause, social assessment, return of used land. Land will be costlier than gold in next 5 years. The BJP  have reduced the budget of Rashtriya Krishi Vikaas Yojana by 50% . Modi govt does not want farmers to be self-reliant. Modi wants to replicate Gujarat model across India.
You have to teach your children -- your land will be useful only if you get adequate compensation!
         The MSP has not changed, no benefit to  the farmers. Talking about cleaning "kachra" of the nation doesn't befit the PM. The BJP will snatch yours land, and you won't even get jobs.
         The congress don't want the farmers to become labourers and servants.

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