Kshitiz Kant,              
27th March 2015, Lucknow.
Ms.Shanta was a senior teacher in Seventh Day Adventist Senior Secondary School, Lucknow. The editor was too her student his academic education  during the years 1996 to 2012 .   He recalls his nostalgia of her teaching  and interaction shared, and says that -- 'while she taught the students about Newton's first rule, she told them, "if you kick on Shanta's back, she will roll like a football until any hurdle stop her"'. The way of her explaining of syllabus topics  in class was very simple and understandable. She was very strict, and had she looked any fault in class, she told the parent waiting outside to receive their wards. I was her single student, who did not complete the assigned school home work to me by her, while I had always remembered the topics of the chapters. I was taller than she,  and she always said to my dad that 'Bada Beta' did not complete the school home work. My height is 6 and 1/2 feet today and during my junior class I was the tallest one than any one others.
Ma'am Shanta will remain in my reminiscent of my life always.
Ms.Shanta retired on her superannuation from Seventh Day Adventist Senior Secondary School, Lucknow on 27th March 2015 photo

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