Prime Minister Modi in Germany

 World Define Terror Harbouring Governments: Modi

          Prime Minister, Narendra Modi,  in a joint statement with Angela Merkel, Chancellor Germany, on Tuesday evening said that the terrorism harbouring governments must be pressurised.
             Posing the issue for permanent membership in the Defense Board, he said (taking without name of Pakistan), " It is the time of need that there must have a discussion under the United Nation over the new definition prevailing the terrorism in the world that will maintain the pressure over the terror harbouring governments."
            It's having an injustice that India,  the land of Mahatma Budha and Mahatma Gandhi, has not yet found the place in the defence board.
           "India deploys higher armed forces than any other countries for the peace mission."  He added," we jointly effort to maintain the global peace. As much sincere we are for atomic power,  as we must be  sensitive about the countries that sheltered the terrorism."
              He added,  "India and Germany have to work jointly to fight with terrorism. Germany will start work on clean energy. We need the cooperation in the field of renewable energy. We will make the investment easy in India from the German companies." He said, "We discussed with Chancellor about the Indo-German relationship in open mind."
               The Prime Minister, Modi, after releasing joint statement, left for Canada.

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