Home Districts LTC to Travel: Central Employees Lose Eligibility

New Delhi, 19 May 2015: If a government employee is deployed on the headquarter in home district on the government duty, he will lose his eligibility to avail Leave Travelling  Concession -- an order for the purpose has been issued by the department of personnel and training on Tuesday.
 The employee's headquarters and  home districts both fall under at the same station are not eligible to avail LTC to travel their home district;  they can not convert it into travelling for other parts of India.
Although the employee's  headquarters are in Delhi and they are working at the cities, towns or under NCR areas beyond the periphery of national capital, they have the eligibility for "Home District LTC."
Every newly appointed person for government service must have to declare the places of their home districts. 
 The LTC is granted to the employees of central government to travel their home districts. Under it they are paid  the cost of tickets and sanctioned the leave.

Although the government recently allowed their employees to travel North-East including many other areas and J&K to promote there tourism.

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