NEW DELHI, 23 May 2015: "The Central Minister, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi's statement, " The peoples who cannot live without eating beef can go Pakistan" became the point of discord.
 The JD U leader, KC Tyagi, said that the statement made by Mr Naqvi is anti-national. He must apologise for it.
 Mr Santa Ram Naik, Congress leader, said that all organisations associated with the BJP have intended that every minority persons in India should go to Pakistan. It is in their policies. AGP leader, Durga Das Bodo, said on the statement of Mr Naqvi, ''India is secular country. The such statement is absurd." 
 Mr Mukesh Bhatt, filmmaker, said, ''How can you think such a way. The statement by the minister is absolutely absurd.''.
 Raja Murad, actor, said, ''we need not to prove incessantly that we are pro with the country;  We need not anybody's kindness of, or recommendation for, or certificate by, residing in this country.
The Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, expressed his disagreement with Mr Naqvi, said that the person must have care his responsibilities. He further added, ''The person should know his responsibilities. Even the PM has repeatedly said this."
 In the defensive mood Mr Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that the beef eaters cannot hurt the faith of majority. There is no dispute on the issue:  if a man talks about the cows, the millions people respect;  they worship; they call it cow mother.
He added, '' I am a muslim. If any one says in my area that he will sell there the bacon, I will say nothing; but all the muslim there will throw him out. There is the ban on the bacon in Islam so it will not be sold, or seen there. the majority of people have faith in cows;  they worship it; and how can you expect to butcher fore them, and frame it in the law. 

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