21 Agreements, 8 from Power Sector; Modi in China with Humble Hand

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, completed the visit of China. Media and the general public focussed on the issue what about the border dispute between both the countries.
            The Prime Ministers of both the countries attracted all hype on selfie, but there were a little attention  that the Chinese companies tied  22 Billion dollars with India to invest. All the deals with Chinese companies signed with prime minister meeting on last day of visit at Sanghai.
          That the 22 billion dollars will be flowed into India through investment in next a few months is not such as in provision.
Actually all these are the intention of investment; termed it, intent of expression. It can not be said strongly that the investment of companies will come to India. The indian government shall have to responsive to maintain such environment that the companies may not face any difficulties to implement the agreement. 
        PM, Modi, showed no hesitation to say in the meeting that he took the onus would  follow through self-monitoring for the projects.
        The 21 agreements were signed; most of the companies are 8 from power sector; 4 from IT sector; 3 from manufacturing. Whenever the agreement will be implemented, there can be a big help to solve the electric problem in the country. 

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