Death Anniversary of Former PM Rajiv Gandhi: None of The Ministers were present

BJP Government Honest and Scam-free: Anant Kumar

Kshitiz Kant
22 May 2015
The NDA Government dismissed the allegation of opposition outrightly that the central Government is anti poor.  Mr.Ravi Shankar Prasad said that  the Government after completing 1 year tenure in center had belief in the development and the social Justice . He added  the government abolished the collusion of the flourished capitalism during UPA Government.  
Mr. Prasad, the minister of Telecom, said that the execution of policies by BJP Government after coming in power banned  the brokers or middle-man in the street of Government offices. He claimed that there were high access of middle- man during the UPA rule  and their leaders sent an acquaintance chit to the ministers to influence the decisions. 
Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, a senior leader of Congress, said, "The Government is giving reflection in such among people, as what is going on in the country during the foreign trips of PM is happening first time." 
Mr Azad added that one of the central minister were not present during the organised  death anniversary of former PM Rajiv Gandhi.  "It is shame."
On a question whether the minister can put up their suggestions during the cabinet meeting or not. Mr Anant Kumar, Minister of Chemical & Fertilizer, said, "There is no truth in the such allegation that the PM has hold all the powers. he said PM always tempts us to discuss thoroughly on the issues and to advance the views."
Mr Anant Kumar said that the Government of UPA was the Government of falsehood and the plunder, while the BJP Government is the honest and  the scam-free.

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