Fresh Tremor in Nepal; 37 killed and 1129 injured
         The fresh tremor in Nepal killed many and injured more than 1000 peoples. According to government source the death toll was 37  and more than 1129 reported to be injured till late evening on Tuesday.It was 1/5th intense than the previous jolt of 7.9 on Ritcher scale afternoon of 25th April 2015  according to the seismography.
         The prime minister of Nepal, Sushil Kumar Koirala, consoled the people to maintain courage and patience at the hour of disaster like this.
          1.7 million children of Nepal have been  waiting the emergency assistance before the fresh earth quake.

 16 killed and 36 injured in Bihar
      The tremor again devastated Nepal and Afghanistan at 12.38 o'clock on Tuesday noon; from a couple of simultaneous jolt, epicenter in the two neighboring countries, killed 16 peoples in Bihar, a North-East province of India. 
      The official  report confirmed  the death toll 6. The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar told that the 6 people's death confirmed; while 15  others were died according to unofficial information, and 36 more people injured. The health and calamity department of state has been on alert.

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