Government is pro-capitalist:Rahul says in Maharastra

   We Are By Side of Farmers:  Rahul Gandhi

 The Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi, ended on Thursday the foot-journey at Amravati in Maharastra; once again criticized Modi government. Mr. Gandhi was at the visit to meet with farmers. 
        He said, " The government is ignoring them, but we are by the side of the farmers and will fight for their needs. The government are pro-capitalist."  
        He told, " The government is not for small-businessmen; poor; needy; and farmers. The indebt is a big issue for farmers, but they are not aided properly."
         Rahul Gandhi began his  message-foot-journey at Gunji village 50 k.m. away from district headquarter of Amaravati.  He met with the families of those farmers who had committed suicide. Rahul met with the family of Kishor Kambley.
           Mr. Sambit Patra, BJP's spokes person, said to pinch a joke on Rahul Gandhi, " It is not the foot-journey, it is a obstinacy and he is trying to get his past which he lost."
        Mr. Arun Jaitly said," There is a government of understanding so the person must not have any misunderstanding. As you resist the development-journey of poor, so they will face the loss. you says the PM stays out of India, we know at least ours PM's exact location."

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