Rahul addressed at NSUI

PM yet has not gone any farmers home:Rahul at  NSUI

29 ,May 2015/ the bunt line
Congress Vice president, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, was participating in the organized programme by NSUI. Mr.Gandhi criticised here the prime minister Narendra Modi.  
He said, " Dr. Manmohan Singh,  our former Prime Minister, had said, 'the current economy was declining'"; the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on Wednesday attended Mr.Singh's class for one hour. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, met with Dr. Manmohan Singh on Wednesday.
Congress Vice president added that nothing would  result there with the  'Make-in-India' ; it would scrutinize the Zero. It needed to boost the potential and confidence for people in India. The government planned to support two or three companies, and would grant  them fund; but it would result nothing. whether anybody was employed within a year?
Mr. Rahul said, " Everything is being operated by one man. When you see, you will get the talk of one man".  Modi visited France, US,China, Mongolia;  yet has not gone any farmers home.
Rahul said, "The department of education is in grip of RSS; the RSS' views are guiding government." He appealed the NSUI leaders and the workers, " The branch of RSS is sprouted wherever, the congress must reach there."
I have observed during the  parliament session that Mr. Advani was tightlipped; and everyone in BJP was speaking only one talk. There were no internal dialogue in the party; they would eliminate the culture of internal dialogue in the country.

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