Rahul Gandhi Criticised NDA Government

Here is two types of spur -- one from  window at night; another, in well clad, from door in daylight: Rahul Gandhi
 The vice-president of congress, Rahul gandhi, criticised the central government once again on the issue of land acquisition ordinance on Tuesday in  parliament. He said," Here is two kind of spur -- one come in from the window at night; another, in well clad, from the door in daylight."
       He added in the figurative view ," We elapsed two years to prepare the land bill to propose, and the NDA government murdered it in a few days to dispose.  Their first attempt was to ruin having removed the clauses of agreement. The second was over the assessment of social effect."

         He further added the government, having removed the clauses of agreement in the land bill,  snatched the land of farmers. We had stressed that,  if the land utilisation for the project had not started within 5 years, it would have  handed over back to farmers. The present government removed the clause. Though the 40% defunct land is in the government possessing, they yet covet to acquire the farmers' land. The government is anti-farmers, anti- labourers -- of pro- capitalist. He said. "if we can not oppose you  here, we will face you among people."

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