Centre takes revenge; cancelled food park in Amethi: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi on Monday vowed  it among the people  to fight to get back a mega food park project. Its cancellation had "dealt a blow to farmers."  Rahul Gandhi accused Narendra Modi Government playing politics of revenge.
          The Congress, Vice-president also said, "the NDA Government has not yet monitored the issues involved with the farmers and labourers." 
        Mr Gandhi was meeting with cultivators who have suffered crop loss due to unseasonal rainfall and hailstorms.
        He said,"The farmers and labourers of Amethi and the 10 neighbouring districts were affected with cancelling the food park by the moves of BJP led Government .The centre wanted to take revenge from me; the result of cancelling the food park project is in Amethi. The Modi Government has dealt a blow to farmers of the districts."

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