Revision Bill In Dilemma

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11 MAY 2015, NEW DELHI
      A revision bill for the purpose of a big reform in the indirect tax system  post-independence  and the identical tax system of goods and service tax to maintain a uniform market in the country is in dilemma. 
        The Congress Party members opposed the proposal. The lower house of parliament has passed the bill which is to be tabled in the upper house on Monday; but the Congress members are asking the resignation of Nitin Gadkari, the minister of road transport; looks a little possibilities.
         The budget session of parliament is to end and upper house may have till Wednesday. The Monday agenda of upper house has been listed the revision bill.
        The hellbent Congress on resignation of Gadkari withheld the work on Friday in upper house and the issue may still stands on Monday. 
       The congress had opposed to pass the revision bill , but the majority of government prevailed over opposition in lower house of Parliament. 
         At the hour of proceeding to pass the bill, the members of Cong demanded to send it to the permanent committee and walked out from the house.
     The government has short majority in upper house, but the members of Trinmul Congress has declared to support the bill. it  can be passed only in the presence of at-least 50% members and, if the congress members walk-out, the bill can not be accepted. 
          Mr. Anand Sharma, Dy-leader of opposition, has asked many times to send the bill to the upper committee.

Tightlipped Manmohan Singh:Change in GST not Healthy for Economy.

The former prime minister and renowned economist, Dr. Manmohan Singh, said that goods and service tax revision bill in the wake of different changes must be sent to review in upper committee.
Mr. Singh added," We are not in the face of the bill, but to the embodiment of  many new clauses in it which must be reviewed... therefore it must be sent to the upper committee."
He told."The Cong is in support of the bill, but the government has imposed many such changes that is not in the favour of economy."
Mr. Singh's statement is important and it indicates the last stands of Cong on the issue of GST. The members of Cong are opposing; not only the material of the bill, but the procedures which government adopted in the upper house. Both the houses will work for next 3 days since Monday.

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