Ceasefire Breaking Shows Intention of Enemy:PAK ARMY CHIEF

 Pak dared: We Will Pay Every Price For Kashmir To Safeguard -- PAK ARMY CHIEF SAYS

Pakistan Army Chief General, Mr. Raheel Sharif, aimed to India, said," The neighboring country through breaking the ceasefire has created the instability and enhanced the extremism in the many regions of PAK."  
Raheel Sarif, without taking India's name, said," The whole world appreciated our defense contemplation. the ceasefire breaking, bloodshed in Baluchistan and Karachi -- all exposed the  envious intention of enemy."
he said, Pakistan showed the desire of cooperation with other countries, but all these can not have on price of national respect, national interest and sovereign rights.
the brief of Pakistani army chief came  three days after his past statement, which he had said in, "no one should dare to bad look on Pakistan." Pakistan is prepare to pay every price to the defense of its interest, its land;  whether it is Kashmir; or the development of new port yard; or the searching of natural resources."
he said, Sino- Pak's  economic zone have the ability to change the life of the people in this area.

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