Death of Rural Press Reporter

Shanty dweller and Press Reporting - tough task! 
The home of a Press Reporter, Surendra Pratap Singh. Inset Picture Rural development Minister Arvind Singh Gope 

Mohd.Ather, Bureau Chief(Eastern Region)
6th jun 2015, Barabanki UP: A reporter to a Hindi Daily, Mr. Surendra Pratap Singh, succumb to his prolonged ailment on  Jun 1, 2015 at his residence, Kothi deeh, under Barabanki district 30 Kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh.
The deceased for his work in the field of ethical journalistic skills was famous in the area, but the poverty that of no better source of income, the introversion of sharing the problem, his burden of family—all the stats pushed him into such dead end that has accessed his family in a hell of penance.
Mr. Singh was suffering from cirrhosis, and could not have his medical care because of costly treatment in hospital. There is no direct provision in government, which may provide free treatment without the help/recommendation of government machinery. The medical reimbursement is limited upto the government employees.
 The Print and Electronic Media bring the journalist’s situation into front after conducting the Condolence meeting on 1st Jun 2015 at DRDA meeting hall.
Assistant Information Director, Rajender Prasad Panday, including all media persons, were apprised the death intimation. Many Political and social organization were also participated and contributed the amount as their capacities. The amount Rs. 30100 was handed over to the widow on 3rd Jun 2015 in the presence of Mr. Panday.
       The State Rural Development Minister, Mr.Arvind Singh Gope, has given 1 lakh Rupees cash to the widow at her residence this afternoon. The deceased press reporter in a shanty was surviving with his wife; a daughter, 8; and a son, 2.
Mr. Gope told here, “He is upset to know the cause of death was poverty.  He will help the deceased family.”  The district magistrate, Yogeshwar Ram Mishra, has sanctioned Rs. 30 thousand under the family help scheme, and the minister gave the letter of grant to the widow.
The DM also recommended the file for the grant of Rupees 5 lakh help from Mukmantri Rahat Kosh to the Chief Minister.  The minister has ordered to the local administration for a house and Samajwadi Pension for bereft family.

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