All farmer leaders meet in delhi on 13th and 14th July

 BKU staged dharna in protest against land acquisition

Bhartiya Kisan Union staged a dharna in a protest against land acquisition in Lucknow- photo by Kshitiz Kant 
National president BKU, Choudhari Harpal Singh on Thursday stage a Dharna in protest against the land acquisition at Laxman Mela Maidan Lucknow. He said in his statement, '' Prime minister is attracted towards the foreign factory holders."
 He expressed his concern about this activity and took the decision. "A meeting by the Kissan leaders is to be held in Vardha (Maharashtra) and in Vadodara (Gujrat) where they will take the decision against the anti-farmers policy by the Central Government." All the farmers' leader will sit together at Tiwari Bhavan Delhi on 13-14 July to decide the future of agitation and on 17th July they will protest before Parliament.

      Choudhari Harpal Singh told, "The earning center ruining the agricultural of India to promote the foreign Zamindars will seldom or never be established by the Kisan Union."

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