BJP senior leaders met on Sunday

Opinion over strategy for allegations
Left Shivtaj Singh Chauhan chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Right Vasundhra Raje chief minister of Rajsthan
The central ruling BJP seeing coming parliamentary session  is in spotlight to make a strategy. The senior leaders met on Sunday in New Delhi. Many seniors together with party president, Amit Shah, were in the meeting.
The chief minister of Rajsthan, Vasundhara Raje, participated in meeting. While Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan left for Delhi.
It is assumed, there has been discussed the counter strategy over the attacking attitude during parliament session by opposition in Shah's court .
The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, has left for Delhi from Bhopal to meet with Shah during intermittent rising allegations and the attacking attitude of opposition.
 The Chief Minister of Rajsthan, Vasundhara Raje Sindhia, stuck in disputes of Lalit Modi’s matter reached Delhi to meet with Amit Shah.
Shivraj Singh Cauhan is to meet with Shah and Venkaiya Naidu.
The BJP president meeting with the chief ministers of both the states before the parliamentary session is being concluded that the opposition in such condition will leave no stone unturned to corner the ruling BJP.

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