Hafiz Saeed warns Pak Government

Pak can not extend its friendship hand to India: Mastermind  of Mumbai attack
Chief of Zamat-ud-Dawa and the mastermind  of Mumbai attack,  Hafiz Saeed on Tuesday warned Pak PM, Nawaz  Sharif about friendship with India.

 He said, ‘The PM(Pak), or his government, having under international pressure cannot extend his friendship hand to India without taking together people of Kashmir.’ Saeed added, ‘Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif should not think about one side friendship with India. Any such steps will hurt the Kashmiri. The Government of Pakistan must have its principal approach maintained.’

Saeed’s such statement released after the PM (India) and the PM(PAK) both  met on the sidelines of the SCO summit last 10 July at Ufa in Russia. Both the leaders decided here to resume the negotiation process and to speed the hearing of Mumbai attack.

Saeed  said, ‘Instead of extending the friendship hand toward India the government of Pakistan should be the counsel of Kashmiri.’

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