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Friday, July 10, 2015

Indifinite dharna on 105th day

By on Friday, July 10, 2015

Moallim Urdu Association continued its dharna on 105th day

TET pass Moallims staging dharna in Lucknow- Photo by Kshitiz Kant
 TET pass Moallim Urdu Assosiation UP continued its indefinite Dharna on 105th day Thursday of July 9  at Laxman Mela Maidan Lucknow. Provincial president, Irsad Rabbani, told, ''We were pleased after coming in power, the government would appoint the Moallim degree holders, but the Government is in power and has elapsed its duration of 4 years while Moallim TET are wandering to get jobs."

Mr Rabbani said, 'The persons who have been staging the Dharna continuously are on the verge of hunger, but the Government did not pay attention towards the plight of these persons and their demands.' Mr Rabbani added,  Unless the Government does not issue the orders for recruitment, the Dharna will have continued.