Piss Outside Home Gate At Night: Owner Forbade; Killed!

Sensational Incident of Murder for Urinating Outside his Home Gate

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As a man forbade two boys to piss outside home gate at night, they murdered him by stabbing. A  sensational incident of murder came in light on Wednesday in Daulatpur (Shahabad) Delhi.
A man Brahm Prakash looked two neighboring boys was using on Wednesday late evening to urinate outside his home gate. He forbade to do such act, then they began to quarrel. Seeing the  changed  situation,  Both the boys went  away threatening him. Police came; talked both the parties and pacified the matter.
A few boys committed house-trespass of Brahm Prakash and stabbed 18  grievously to hurt him till death. When he died, they absconded from the spot. The people in the area is very anger. There has been the allegation on Delhi Police for dereliction over the matter.The people said the police laxity resulted the incident. the police investigation is continued.

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