PM Narendra Modi in program 'My Gov' talk with friends on Social Media

Power of social media and technology changed agenda and behavior of media

Prime Minister , Narendra Modi, on Wednesday accepting the power of social media and technology, said in a program 'My Gov' that it  forced to have change the agenda and behavior of media in mainstream.
prime minister, Narendra Modi, has appealed his supporters to restraint in the language and behavior.    I meet more abuse if all of them should be printed on paper should cover the whole complex of the Taj Mahal.
PM, Modi, in the talks with 125 peoples active in social media suggested to follow the restraint.
He added,  "Friends! control in the  language and behavior. We can use  appropriate words to submit our talk." 
Modi said, As I  sleep, you talk through  social media by hitting fingers on keyboards.

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