They kept on arguing and plane flew again: Dulat Former Chief RAW

Yashwant defended: right decision taken government on Kandhar
Yashwant Sinha, BJP Leader,  for the former RAW chief's unearth on Kandhar plane hijack, defended the then government. He said that it was the priority of Indian government to save the boarded passengers’ life, and in the wake of it, the government after consulting with all parties, took the right decision.
Yashwant Sinha said, "whatever Dulat Sahab is saying is only his statement. I do not want to follow any contradiction, but a little  doubt  stands by his exposing. The then government was pondering only about the safety of people.” 
Mr. Sinha added if the plane could be stopped in Amritsar,  they might blow up it. Our intention was to save the peoples life.
He said,’ it is easy to show the wisdom after 15 years, but there were no other option at the hour of the decision.’
Mr.MJ Akbar, a renown journalist and elected Member of Parliament (BJP), said the congress is  playing dirty politics and the decision was taken on having considered the national interest then.
He said, 'I want to ask with congress whether the government should have left to be killed the 400 Indians.'
Dulat told, ’ As the plane was hijacked on 24 December, the Calamity Managing Group did a mistake when they could not stop  the plane after landing in Amritsar.'
He said,' No one was interested to take the decision risk; and the Punjab police was directed nothing  in such dilemma. They kept on arguing and the plane flew again'.
He told that the CMG had agreed upon to leave three terrorists in lieu of freeing the crew members and 155 passengers and the crises ended after 8 days.

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