Bihar government is sitting upside down mug holding: Narendra Modi in Gaya

Modi in Gaya, Bihar

Prime minister, Narendra Modi, addressed a change rally in Gaya in Bihar. Seeing the crowd in rally he said, ‘The people of Gaya have surprised us today. The crowd is two times more since my last addressing rally in Bihar.’
Modi said, “RJD means ‘Rojana Jungleraj Ka Dar’ (daily fear of jungle rule) and the meaning of JDU is ‘Janta ka Daman Aur Utpidan’(the repression and the tormenting public).”
Mr. Shakuni Chaudhari, leader BJP, before addressing of Modi, said ‘Luccha CM’ (scallywag CM) to Mr Nitish Kumar.
Modi added, “ The people of Bihar took yesterday two decision -- first to make a modern Bihar and second to change here. There will be a festivity of liberation from jungle rule in this election.”
He said, they have ruled here since 25 years, and if the same situation is repeated, the youth will be desolate. now Delhi (center) is with Bihar to change the fate. The ganga(pious river) of development is running from Delhi.
He said we have to save Bihar; we have to make Bihar. The ruling persons in government have broken the dreams of Bihar.
Hinting toward alliance of Nitish and Lalu, he said, 'the alliance has been based on political gain. The Bihar government is sitting upside down mug holding.’  
Modi said. ‘Who is sandal wood?(Kaun Chandan Kumar Hai), and who is snake?(Kaun Bhujang Prasad Hai); who is spitting venoms and who is consuming it? – all is unknown to us.’
PM promised with the people, ‘if BJP forms government for 5 years, we will take out Bihar from sickness.'’

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