Brother Mikhail Bora taken in police custody

Mikhail reach to police station, taken in custody

Sheena’s brother and Indrani’s son, Mikhail Bora, was quizzed by police at home; and on reaching the Police station he was arrested. Earlier he had said, He has had some important evidences in his possession in connection with Sheena’s murder.

Two members' Mumbai police team earlier quizzed Mikhail in Guwahati. Having taken an envelope he came out to go to the police station. Mikhail told media, he has had the some important evidences in his possession.

As soon did Mikhail reach the police station Dispur, he was taken in custody. He may be quizzed more.

Indrani’s counsel has filed in court an application to meet with her during custody. Police did not allow the counsel meeting with Indrani. The court may hear this application tomorrow.

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