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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Delhi Court awarded Rapist 7 years imprisonment

By on Sunday, August 02, 2015

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Court in Delhi  awarded 7 years imprisonment  for a person involved in committing rape with neighbour.

Justice, Sanjeev Jain. said in his verdict ,'Accused committed heinous conduct: and  for this he can be liable to be sentenced.'

In addition to this he added, ‘ we must look into the condition of raped victim. The rape in the sense of both the morale and bodily in societies of the world is one of the censor crimes; and considered an attack on victim’s body, feelings, privy and every structure.'

 Court added that the victim’s image was tarnished very much; and the social stigma link to this crime is such as the victim in many chances are not given information with the offense. For committing the penalized offense under IPC section 376 court fined  on Rs.5000 Satyajit Kumar Jaiswal  resident of Delhi. The court has recommended that the victim be compensated under the provision of District Legal Service Authority Law.