Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar
The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, has rebuked the statements on the DNA made by the PM in public meeting in Muzzafarpur.  Mr, Nitish Kumar wrote an open letter to the PM Modi. He said in letter,” your statements in public meeting have caused hurt the people of Bihar.’
It is noticeable, The PM, Modi, in a public meeting have said, ‘The Nitish Kumar’s DNA is manipulated.’
Hon’ble Modi Ji
     A few days ago a statement, addressing in a public meeting in Bihar that was made for my DNA has caused hurt me and a vast social group. I admit that the words used felt an abasement not only dwellers of Bihar but also who dwell out of Bihar.
You are about to visit Bihar again in forth coming days. I am writing this letter on behalf of those who were hurt with the statement. It is opined that the statement made by... is not accordingly fit for the dignity of post.
But it is not first attempted when we have been castigated with such statement…. yours close friend, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, had said, “The racism is in the DNA of Bihar”.
Modi Ji… It is ironical that the people of Bihar trusted under your leadership last year have contributed the important mandates to form your government in majority. It is the state where the human civilization had flourished and the land gave the birth of many great personalities in history. I admit that such statements by you have reduced the faith of public in your leadership.
I’m son of Bihar… so mine and the people of Bihar have the matching DNA.  Modi Ji… you are familiar that my father was a freedom fighter and the mother was simple house wife. I, grew in a simple family, hails from a rural environment of Bihar. I, in 40 years tenure of political career, tried to move on the path of Gandhi, JP and Lohia; and committed to the service of people interest under my efficiency.
I admit that the statement has raised the question on my family; together it hurt the heritage of Bihar and the identity of Bihar. Such statements conclude that you and your party are obsessed with prejudice for we Bihari. I’m surprised, how did the presence of yours prudent not reckon about the seriousness of statements?
Therefore I beg to say through the letter that you may please consider the withdrawing of your words.
I believe that the doing so by you will please the hurt faith of people; it will maintain not only yours respect but also yours stature would be even higher in their eyes

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