Indrani worried about economic claim of second daughter: Police

 Sheena betrothed step brother, Rahul
Mikhail disclosed on the police questioning he had gone Mumbai from Guwhati before she was disappeared. Indrani called him on flat on April 24th, 2012 as there was being talked about Rahul and Sheena’s marriage. She was fed the mixed drink intoxicating substance. He narrowly escaped.
The police investigation is heading on the theory -- lest, Sheena in year 2011 was betrothed by her step brother in Dehradun, the motive behind the murder may be this! However on this occasion Indrani was not present. After Sheena had tied with Rahul, Indrani began to worry about the economic claim of second daughter, Vidhi – because, after Sheena's marriage with Rahul, Vidhi could not have been the property share holder.
Mumbai police commissioner, Rakesh Maria, tells the media Sanjeev Khanna has confessed the committing of offence. After quizzing Khanna the police recovered a skeleton in the pen near Raigarh. The forensic test will decide – whether Sheena was killed or she is in America, as she claimed.
Mumbai police questioned Mikhail after he was carried to an unknown place. Indrani is in women lock-up at Santacruz in Mumbai. Mr Peter Mukherjeas may be questioned.

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