Nitish overstated for strength of Bihar: if... took stance, Delhi would stop

5th meeting between Nitish and Kejriwal in last 2 months
Nitish Kumar and Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday were looked on a stage in Delhi during a program organized by AAP in respect of Bihar. 12 APP legislative members, origin of Bihar, were present there in this program.
Pointing toward PM Modi,  Arvind Kejriwal said, “ The faith on Modi is breaking. The youths are in big fiasco.”  He added that the language recently used does not suit the dignity of PM.
Kejriwal has not spoken the support to Nitish so far. However he took pinch on ‘Modi’s statement of DNA’. He added, “The assembly election is forth coming; let us see this movie – 'Bihari map which type of DNA!'"
It is noticeable that it was 5th meeting between Nitish and Kejriwal in last 2 months.  Nitish knows very well that the people of Bihar, dwelling in Delhi, have decisive intervention in politics of Bihar and to attract them in his favour,  Mr Kejriwal may be an important hand.
Mr Kejriwal too knows what is the political importance of people of Bihar living in Delhi? 12 legislative members in AAP are hailed from origin of Bihar.
The grand coalition in JDU-RJD and congress are being looked the strength attracting. Nitish and Kejriwal for the political wars against BJP have become friend. 
Appreciating the people of Bihar in Delhi, Mr Kejriwal said, “The peoples of Bihar living here have contributed very much in the development of Delhi.”
CM Nitish Kumar overstated the strength of Bihar in the ceremony during his address. If the people of Bihar took stance that they had not to work for a day, Delhi would stop. The power of East has risen in the last election of Delhi.
Nitish added, ‘Many men now have exercised much power behind the people of Bihar’.
 Modi ji used to say, ‘What is the mood of Delhi is the mood of country'. Now he must reckon, ‘What is the mood of Delhi is the mood of country’.
KC Tyagi, JDU leader, said, "Mr Kejriwal will start a publicity campaign and address the public rallies in Bihar for Nitish. "

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