Rahul Gandhi : Why Sushma played prowl humanity?

RahulGandhi expert without knowledge:FM
Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, responded the allegations of Sushma Swaraj in the attacking manner in parliament. Rahul said, " Lalit Modi pays money to the family of Foreign Minister."  However finance minister, Arun Jaitly told it illogical and dismissed all the allegations.

Amid heavy uproar in the parliament Rahul Gandhi said, "That, if the government has the thinking to response of allegation by allegation, can pacify the congress party; is impossible so."

Rahul said hinting  toward PM, that he used to say, “He does not take it..., He won't have it taken”; but yours close ones  degraded your image.

Rahul said, “ The people of country are watching to hear prime minister in the parliament house; he must break his silence.”

Rahul said that the PM did not have muster the courage to appear in parliament – PM on Wednesday was not in parliament house!

Rahul added, “ I want to ask Why Sushma played the prowl humanity? I want to know how much she got the money to help??"
 The finance minister Arun Jaitly took over mic to the allegations by Congress vice president. He dubbed Rahul’s allegations illogical and said, “ Rahul Gandhi is expert without knowledge.”
The heavy uproar in the house over taking the microphone by Jaitly  -- the Cong, the JDU, the RJD and the Left – all the MPs of the parties after his statement walked out from parliament.

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