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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Retaliatory Operation Never Count Cartridges During Gun Battle: Rajnath Singh

By on Sunday, August 23, 2015

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during the visit to his constituency Lucknow on Saturday lashed out at neighbouring Pakistan. 
Mr Singh said, “After taking over the post I have clearly said to the border security personnel, ‘ do n't shoot first by your side; if they open firing, you all in retaliatory operation  never count the cartridges during gun battle -- and the impact has been!’”. 

He added, “I do n't think, 'the issue could be ambivalent'". The question of terrorism is a big challenge, but  as far as I understand not only India has to face it, but also the whole international community.

He said, we have not yet got success to control over the terrorism. I am talking about all the international community. We are being disturbed by our neighbouring. Mr Singh said, not only the former PM, A B Bajpai; but also the existing PM, Narender Modi, have emphasized the need of harmonious relations with the neighbouring countries.