Sheena Bora murder: police arrest Indrani Mukherjeas, first husband Sanjeev Khanna
Indrani Mukherjeas’s sister Sheena Bora suddenly had disappeared in year 2012, but no information regarding her disappearance was lodged. On tips Mumbai police secretly began a probe in the matter and after a long interrogation with Indrani’s driver police has arrested Indrani on Tuesday.  

Indrani Mukherjeas, then CEO of media INX, had had second marriage with Peter Mukherjeas. Indrani had launched many channels including news channel. The couple had said good bye simultaneously to INX media in 2009. Indrani had had two more marriages before engaging to Peter.  
Peter was the former CEO of Star India. He married Indrani in the year 2002. It was second marriage to peter. Peter was also the chairman to INX media.

Indrani Mukherjeas told police on Wednesday during interrogation that Sheena, not her sister, was her daughter. After this disclosure the case took a new turn. Indrani was presented before court; the court sent her in police custody till 31st August. 

Peter her husband is surprised after the new disclosure. He said, he was unaware about Sheena was her daughter — Indrani had told Sheena as her younger sister. He never met with her parent; Mikhail is her brother or her son; how many marriages she had had is unknown to me.   Every part of the past of her life was absent before me.

The police has got the new breakthrough which is being investigated.    Her first husband, Sanjeev Khanna, has been arrested in Kolkata by Mumbai police. Police are investigating the case from all corners.  Police took her to any unknown place from police station. Police is trying to know: whether the motive behind the murder was the money or any illicit relation.

According to police, Indrani Mukherjeas had committed the incident with the help of her driver Shyam Manohar and another man. The killer was paid to follow the murder. Shyam Manohar was the man who disposed the body of Sheena with the help of another man in the jungle of Raigarh. Sheena was strangulated to kill. 
Three persons were arrested in the case, while there were no disclosures of the reason to murder her.

The police reached peter’s home to inquire him after the claim of new relations with Sheena. Police suspect about her murder was the result of illicit relation with the third son.

Sheena bora had joined the MMOPL as on Assistant Manager Mumbai Metro on 20th June 2011; she applied the leave on 24th April 2012; and during the leave period she resigned from her post.

Indrani’s son Mikhail Bora said in Guahati,  he knows why her murder was committed? But first he will wait the statement made before police by Indrani. Meanwhile she admitted her offence. The police have seized a skeleton in the jungle of Raigarh.

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