Slipshod statement on rape

Court summoned to SP supremo

One man had raped female, the complaint lodged against 4; four men may have raped female — is this possible ever? It is absolutely impossible in practical! There were 4 brothers in the family; the complaint of four lodged. It has proved costly on the slipshod statement of SP chief Mulayam Singh. Two days ago his statement on rape cases riled the court; the court summoned to SP supremo and asked not only to file the response; ordered but also to confirm his presence in person.

Mr Mulayam Singh said, “Any of the females is raped; she accuses it the gang-rape knowingly to characterize a big incident.”

The district court in Mahoba UP in its Suo moto of the statement issued the summon. Civil Judge, Junior Division Kul pahad,  Mr. Ankit Goyal has summoned Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav under section 504, 505, 509, 116 IPC on slipshod statement on female. The court asked to his presence on September 16th next month. 

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