Nitish Katara murder case: Supreme Court upheld conviction

Left- Vikas Yadav, Right- Mother of Nitish Katara
Supreme court of India on Monday, giving its decision,  upheld the conviction for the accused of Nitish Katara murder case. Supreme court said, " There is no merit  to the appeal of the accused person. The murder was committed under intentional ploy." The apex court serving notice to the government of Uttar Pradesh asked to file response on appeal to abridge the conviction.

 Nitish left in red, Bharti, RIGHT

During attending a marriage ceremony Nitish Katara was abducted on February 16th, 2002 from Ghaziabad adjoining area of Delhi and was murdered.
 Nitish Katara was a 25-year-old Indian business executive in Delhi who was murdered in the early hours of 17 February 2002, by VikasYadav the son of influential criminal-politician D. P. Yadav. Nitish had graduated from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad where, he had fallen in love with his classmate, Bharti Yadav, sister of Vikas.
Vishal and Vikas at ceremony

On the night of February, Nitish and Bharti were attending a common friend’s wedding, where Bharti’s brother, Vikas and a cousin were present as well. From there, Nitish was taken for a drive by Bharti’s brother Vikas and Vishal Yadav, and never returned.
 Nitish’s only mistake that took his life was that he agreed to go with them thinking that Vikas really wanted to talk and sort out the differences between them, and failed to sense that the hidden motive behind the drive was solely to end Bharti’s love tangles with him.
 The following morning, his body was found by the highway; he had been battered to death with a hammer, diesel poured on him, and set aflame.
“What I have been saying for 13 and a half years, that stand has been vindicated, highest court of country upheld conviction”: Neelam katara.
It's a huge relief: Neelam Katara on SC upholds conviction of all 3 accused in Nitish Katara murder case. 
 The Delhi High Court on February 6, 2015 had awarded life term to Uttar Pradesh politician DP Yadav's son Vikas Yadav and his cousin Vishal without remission for 25 years in 12-year-old Nitish Katara murder case. The court also had awarded life imprisonment to Sukhdev Pahlwan, third convict in Katara murder case.
The accused person, Vikas Yadav and Vishal Yadav, were convicted  for 30 years  and Sukhdev pahlwan, 25 years. Trio appealed in supreme court to abridge the conviction..

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